McGinnis Genealogy

I'm interested in any MCGINNIS's, ancient or current and welcome any information!

Current McGinnis Database Statistics
As of 1/28/2003
34,220 Individuals
11,381 Families
48,821 Events
11,114 Sources
40,115 Citations
8,024 Places
436 Members In List

A few tidbits on the Origins and history of the McGinnis name.

Several people are also researching the MCGINNIS name. Here is our current list. If you wish to be listed, please let me know. The information in the database of researchers contains addresses and phone numbers which will be published only on request, your MCGINNIS lineage, a MCGINNIS query and your web site if you have one.

McGinnis List E-Mail

Only the e-mail addresses of the list members reachable on the net. Suitable for cutting and pasting into your e-mail program.

Contact me via email for this list.

Descendants of some MCGINNIS families including: 

We're looking for information on these MCGINNIS's. Please check them out and help us if you can! If you wish to post a query, please let me know.

Some biographical sketches of McGinnis as found in turn of the century county and township biographies.

Books I have, books I'm looking for on MCGINNIS

Places and Events

I've removed the link to this file and pulled the file from the web site. As the database grows, this file gets larger and larger. As soon as I find an easy way to segment this list, I'll put it back. In the mean time, if you're looking for MCGINNISes in a specific location, drop me a note and I'll look.

McGinnis in the US

A graphic map of the United States - click and find out what's what! It's under construction so things may not work like I think they are supposed to!

(Notice how this page hasn't changed since I posted it?)

McGinnis Links

Links to other McGinnis related sites.

My MCGINNIS Database

Over 17,000 entries on-line

Check out my MCGINNIS database exported to HTML using Gene Stark's GED2HTML program. This information is based on all the information I have collected on the MCGINNIS families throughout the world. For privacy, information on individuals still living or assumed to be living is suppressed. If you find this not to be true, please let me know.

This is new and there are going to be problems. If you encounter a problem, please let me know!

NOTE: My database is a compilation of information from various sources and may not be accurate, either due to errors in entering the data or to errors in the source.

McGinnis Obituaries

Last updated 04/15/2001

A collection of obituaries, death notices and general notes regarding MCGINNIS and related lines.

Note that because the pages are generated from my database, females are most likely to be listed under their maiden name!

About the database

I use several databases to maintain the information on the MCGINNIS's.

The primary database is Family Origin for Windows, version 8.

A second Microsoft Access database maintains tables of other information, such as over 10,000 SSDI records, birth, marriage, divorce and death records from various states, sort of a staging area. This database allows custom queries and corelation of data from the various tables. In addition, the Access database generates the obituary pages as well as the pages for the McGinnis List. provides a wealth of information for genealogical research and some of the newest material is exciting such as the Historical Periodicals and most recently, the 1930 Federal Census.

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