Hummingbird Pattern
designed by Kathy Lowe

Skills needed: Split ring, padded tatting

R: Ring
C: Chain
SR: split ring
S1: Shuttle 1
S2: Shuttle 2
+: join
sj: shuttle join
-: very small joining picot
= 1/8" tall picot
p: picot
btw: between
SS: switch shuttles
W: wing
B: Body
H: Head
N: join under core thread of adjacent chain

Colors: Green, Red, Yellow, Black

The original hummingbird was done in size 80 thread.
Rings have been numbered.  When refering to joining to a different section I.E. joining to ring 14 of the wing, it will be noted as (middle picot of WR14).


WING:  (2 shuttles)

WR1: (S1)  4=4-4-4
C: 2-3
WR2: 4+ (last p of WR1) 3-3-4
C: 3
WR3: 5+(last p of WR2) 6-4-2. SS
WR4: (S2) 4=4=4=4. SS
C: (S1) 2
WR5: 2+(last p of WR3) 4+ (next p of WR3) 6-4-2
C: 3
WR6: 2+(last p of WR5) 4+(next p of WR5) 9-4-3
C: 1. SS
WR7: (S2) 4+(last p of WR4) 4=4=4. SS
C: (S1) 2
WR8: 2+(last p of WR6) 4+(next p of WR6) 12-4-4-3
C: 4
WR9: 2+(last p of WR8) 4+(next p of WR8) 4+(next p of WR8) 16-4-4-4-4
C: 1. SS
WR10: (S2) 4+(last p of WR7) 4-4-4. SS
C: (S1) 2
WR11: 4+(last p of WR9) 4+(next p of WR9) 4+(next p of WR9) 4+(next p of WR9) 22-4-4-4-4-4
C: 4
WR12: 2+ (last p of WR11) 4 +(next p of WR11) 4+(next p of WR11) 4+(next p of WR11) 4+(next p of WR11) 50. SS
C: (S2) 2 sj(1st p of WR10) 4 sj(2nd p ofWR10) 2
WR13: 4+(2nd p of WR7) 2=2
C: 4
WR14: 4+(2nd p of WR13) 4+ (2nd p of WR4)4=4
C: 6
WR15: 4+( last p of WR14)4=4=4
C: 6-2sj (last p of WR15) 1-6
WR16: 4+(middle p of WR15) 4+(1st p of WR4) 4+ (p of C btw WR1 & WR2) 4
C: 1=5
Join base of WR1

Done in 2 parts, outside and inside.

Outside (shuttle and ball)
BR1: 6-3-3
C: 5
BR2: 3+ (last p if BR1) 3-3-3
C: 3
BR3: 3+ (last p of BR2)3-3-3
C: 3
BR4: 4+(last p of BR3) 3-3-3
C: 4
BR5: 4+(last p of BR4)4-3-3
C: 5
BR6: 4+(last p of BR5)4-4-4
C: 6
BR7: 4+(last p of BR6)4-4-3
C: 6
BR8: 3+(last p of BR7)4-4-3
BR9: 2+(last p of BR8)4-4-3
C: 6
BR10:3+(last p of BR9)4-4-2
BR11: 2+(last p of BR10)4-4-3
BR12: 2+(last p of BR11)4-4-3
C: 6
BR13: 4+(last p of BR12)4-4-3
C: 5-5 sj (last p of BR13) 3-3
BR14: 4+(2nd p of BR13)4-4-4
C: 3-3
BR15: 4+(last p of BR14)4-4-4
C: 3-3
BR16: 4+(last p of BR15)4-4-4
C: 5-5 sj (last p of BR16) 6
BR17: 4+(2nd p of BR16)4-4-3
C: +(p of C btw p's of WR15) 2+(p of C btw WR15 & WR16) sj (last p of BR17) 3
BR18: 6+(2nd p of BR17)4-4-3
C: 2+(p of C bet WR16 &WR1) 3
BR19: 4+(last p of BR18)4-4-3
C: 2+(1st p of WR1) 2
BR20: 2+(last p of BR19)4-4-2
C: 2
BR21: 2+(last p of BR19)4-4-3
C: 2+(2nd p of WR1) 2
BR22: 4+(last p of BR21)4-4-4
C: 4+(2nd p of WR2) 3
BR23: 4+(last p of BR22)6+(middle p of BR3) 5-5
C: 5
BR24: 4+(last p of BR23)4+(middle p of BR2)6
C: 5 sj (1st p of BR1) 4=3
BR25: 3=3
C: 2=3
Join base of WR1

Inside (2 shuttles)
BR26: 4-4+(2nd p of BR 14) 4+(2nd p of BR12) 4
BSR27: 4+(2nd p of BR11) 1+(2nd p of BR10) 3/4-4
BSR28: 4+(2nd p of BR9) 3/4-4
BSR29 3+(2nd p of BR8) 3/3-3
BSR30: 2+(2nd p of BR7) 4+(2nd p of BR6) 2/4-4
BR31: 3+(2nd p of BR5) 4 +(2nd p of BR4) 1+(2nd p of BR22) 4+(2nd p of BR21) 2
BSR32: 5+(2nd p of BR20) 2/3+(last p of BR30) 2+(last p of BR29) 4
BSR33: 4+(2nd p of BR19) 4/4+(last p of BR28) 3+(last p of BR27) 3
BR34: 4+(2nd p of BR18) 5+(2nd p of BR15) 4+(last p of BR26) 4
Tie and cut

Note: The tail is entirely a chain.  Use a needle as your shuttle to join under the core thread of the adjacent chain.  All picots join the opposite picot of the chain except where noted.

j to p of top C btw BR1 & BR25
4-4-4-4-4-4-8+4+4+4+4+4+1+(p of BR25)1-3N1-3N1-3N1-3N1-3N1-8+4+4+4+4+4+1+(P of BR25) 4 j to p of bottom C btw BR25 & BR1
Tie and Cut

Bottom portion: (Shuttle and Ball)

HR1: 4-4-4-4
C: 3+( C btw BR16 & BR15) 3
HR2: 4+(last p of H1) 4-4-4
C: 3+( C btw BR14 & BR13) 3
HR3: 4+(last p of H2) 4-4-4
C: 5+(1st C of BR13) 4 sj (last p of HR3) 3
HR4: 2+(2nd p of H3) 4-3-3
C: 3
HR5: 2+(last p of H4) 4-3-3
C: 3
HR6: 2+(last p of H5) 2-2-2
C: 3 sj(last p of HR6) 1-2-2 sj (2nd p of HR6) 2-2 sj (2nd p of HR5) 3
HR7: 3+(2nd p of HR4) 3+(2nd p of HR2) 4-3
C: 1-3 sj (last p of HR7) 1-3 sj(2nd p of HR1) 1-3 sj(1st p of HR1) 1-3sj (p of 1st C of BR16) 5
Join base of HR1

Eye: (Shuttle only)

R: 1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1
tie and cut

Top portion: (shuttle and ball)

HR8: 6-4-2
C: 2+ (C btw p's of HR1) 2
HR9: 2+(last p of HR8) 4-3+(p of eye) 2
C: 1+(p of C btw HR7 & HR1) 5+(p of 1st C after HR7) 2
HR10: 3+(skip 2 p's of eye, j next p) 1+ (next p of eye) 2-3-2
C: 2+ (p of C btw HR5 & HR6) 3
HR11: 2+(last p of HR10) 2-2-2
C: 1+(p of C btw 1st & 2nd p of HR6) 2-3 sj(last p of HR11) 3 sj (2nd p of HR11) 5
HR12: 4+(3rd p of HR 10) 2-2
C: 4
HR13: 3+(last p of HR12) 1+(next p of eye) 1+(next p of eye) 1-3
C: 4
HR14: 2+(last p of HR13) 2+(2nd p of HR9) 4
C: 7 sj (p of last C joining HR1) 3
Join base of HR8

Beak: (Shuttle and ball)
Note: The beak is entirely a chain.
Threads are added along the core thread to increase the size of the beak as it gets closer to the head then are dropped as you work back along the length to the tip. You will be adding 5 extra threads along the core.
Joins are to the opposite picot of the beak

A: add a thread to the core
D: drop a thread from the core

4-2A2-2A2-2A2-2A2-2A2-4 sj (p of C after HR6) 2sj (p of C after HR11) 4+2D2+2D2+2D2+2D2+2D2+4
tie and cut