Silver Amalgams? Concerned about Mercury's Effects on Your Health?

Now you can measure the effect mercury has on your immune system - by measuring Antibodies generated by the immune system, present in the saliva

A NEW Easy-to-Use Saliva Mercury Test Kit

NEW BREAKTHROUGH -- Saliva Test measures the effect of any mercury in the body on your immune system, by measuring antibodies. It does not measure mercury in the saliva, only antibodies created to fight the mercury present in the body tissue. It does not reflect the amount of mercury in the body, only the immune systems response to any mercury that is present.

We are proud to introduce a new, mercury test which uses the cutting-edge technology of saliva testing. (Saliva tests have been increasing in popularity in many areas of medical testing, often because they can measure antibodies present in the saliva that are not measurable in the blood).

Our break-through Home Mercury (Hg) Test Kit has just become available as a product patients can obtain directly or through their Dentist/Physician/Practitioiner. The test simply involves depositing a small amount ( 2 ml) of saliva in the test tube provided and sending it off to:  Immunosciences Lab, Inc, in Beverly Hills, California, in the postage paid box that is supplied.  You and/or your Practitioner receive the results by email within five days. If you do not have an email address, the lab will fax or mail the results.

Immunoscieces is widely considered to be among the most reliable laboratories in the World.

The test can be repeated as often as desirable to monitor progress of Mercury Detoxification

Kits will be shipped the same day. Pricing is as follows:

I kit $95

5 kits $250

10 or more kits $45 each