An Immune Antibody Test


Saliva is the frontline of the immune system.

The Saliva Test measures the mucosal antibodies present in the entire body, including the prostate, which reflect antibodies created by the immune system to deal with specific issues, in this case, Mercury in the tissues. It is not a direct reflection of only what is in the mouth.

It is an antibody test, has nothing to do with the amount of amalgam or mercury in the mouth. It measures the antibodies released/created by the immune system to deal with the mercury in the body tissue. It is not a measure of the amount of mercury present in the body tissue.

Some patients have a mouthful of amalgams, but no antibodies Others with little or no amalgam in the mouth have high antibodies, indicating a compromised immune system, from Mercury in the tissue..

Interestingly, some people who still have amalgam in the mouth have strong immune systems unaffected by the Mercury, and the test so reflects. Others have immune systems that are compromised in varying degrees, as reflected in the test report. People react very differently to the presence of Mercury; some can be unaffected for years, but in time it seems to affect everyone.

The test is based on a scale of 0-20, wherein 0 reflects an ideal, perfect immune system; 20 reflects a marginal immune system and over 20 reflects a compromised immune system. Some people with serious illnesses are testing at 50-60.

The test is inexpensive and easy, so it represents a new opportunity to monitor detoxification and rebuilding of the immune system, essential to all real healing. It also serves to measure a patient's ability to handle medical and dental treatments, such as chelation, amalgam removal, bone grafts or implants.

This is a real breakthrough from the premier immune laboratory, Immunosciences Laboratory, Inc.. Never before has this kind of testing been available. It is now available exclusively from http://www.mercurytestkits.com. .

This test is in contrast to the conventional DMPS/DMSA challenge to force Mercury into the urine for analysis.. This is still the current standard, but as an extrapolation of Mercury levels in the body, it has proved to be less than reliable and does not even attempt to measure the affect on one’s immune system. Some people can be loaded with Mercury, yet their immune system is unaffected. Others have low Mercury levels, but their immune system is severely compromised.

You may want to make your dentist/practitioner aware of this new test, by printing out the home page of http://www.mercurytestkits.com.