Jul 19, 2000 - 14:47 EST

EZ328Simm - design related tools.


Quick reduction / orientation of the uCsimm/bootlogo.h penguin into QVGA size, with additional text.


Perl scripts to translate between monochrome XPM graphic files and a C language struct filled with BYTEs. Suitable for replacing bootlogo.h files.

EZ328Simm - design related PDF files.


This HOWTO details the setup of a development environment, building a kernel + romfs image, and programming the new image into the EZ328SIMM Flash memory.


MUST READ THIS!!! Little known design problem for the PLL clock bias, don't burn your precious MPU chip out!


Corrections to the MC68EZ328UM user manual on the Motorola website. This is from an engineer at Motorola Tech Support.


Technical details of migrating between the MC68328(DB), MC68EZ328(EZ) & MC68VZ328(VZ) DragonBall devices.


AMD datasheet on the 4mBx8 FLASH.


Micron datasheet on the 4mBx16 EDO DRAM.


Dallas Semiconductor SPI bus clock chip.


Maxim Semiconductor switching regulators for the +5 & +3.3 volt supplies.


Linear Semiconductor high voltage boost switching regulator used for the +35 volts of the LCD bias.

Other open hardware types of projects.


"Linux Advanced Radio Terminal (LART), a general purpose computing element developed by Jan-Derk Bakker in the MMC project." (Jan has released the Gerber files under a generous License).


"The Itsy prototype offers considerably more computing power and memory than other PDAs, enabling demanding applications such as speech recognition." (Gerber + assembly data available under License).

Software resources


Central distribution site for the uClinux sources of the embedded port of Linux which allows Linux to run on processors without an MMU (Memory Management Unit).

ColdFire port of uClinux

This is the main site of the project to port Linux to the Motorola ColdFire family of embedded processors.


Gdbserver patches from Kwonsk. This patch allows you to use xgdb to do source level debugging of the applications built for the MC68EZ328 (possibly other uClinux derivatives) processors. (Follow the link of CPAN).

Microwindows and NanoGUI

"Microwindows is an Open Source project aimed at bringing the features of modern graphical windowing environments to smaller devices and platforms." (Looks to be a promising small footprint GUI system).

Hardware resources

Earth Computer Technologies

Retailer of used / new LCD panels of all sizes. This is where I got the Epson EG9013F-NZ-1 display and the Dyna-Pro 95659 Touch Panel.

Sharp LM32019 LCD

Manufacturer PDF formatted data sheet on the Sharp LM32019 LCD display. This display is a QVGA (320x240 mono), Blue-White contrast, CCF backlight and measures approx 110x170mm.

Epson EG9013 LCD

Manufacturer PDF formatted data sheet on the Epson EG9013 LCD display. This display is a full VGA (640x480 mono), Black-White contrast, CCF backlight and measures approx 130x195mm.

Information resources


"Surface Mount Zero Defect Check List" produced by AVX (the capacitor people). Excellent discussion of some of the problems, and solutions, encountered when designing for surface mount manufacturing.

Phillips Semiconductor Article

Online article from Phillips Semiconductor website detailing the considerations that must be observed when mixing 5v & 3v logic in a board design.