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Pre-Draft / Free Agency Expectations for 2003 Redskins
Win NFC East
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Crash and Burn, Fire Spurrier and Relocate to Guam
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Click here to signup for the Contest! Congratulations to Kyle... the inaugural winner of the "The Man" contest. Kyle was near the top of the standings virtually the entire year before taking over the top spot late in the season for good.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the contest a huge success. It proved to be an entertaining sidebar to an otherwise dreary season for the Redskins. The contest was a lot of fun and we intend on improving the software to further enhance the experience. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Wear the crown well Kyle. It is a great accomplishment to finish atop a field of 200+ diehard Skins fans. Is a repeat in the cards? We'll see next year. Stay tuned.

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Redskins: Skaggs Among Five Redskins Headed to NFL Europe Posted by: [rskin24] on January-30th-2003 @ 05:18 PM

Skaggs Among Five Redskins Headed to NFL Europe

By Jason Gould
The Redskins announced Wednesday they will allocate five players to play in NFL Europe during the 2003 offseason. The...
Read More 0 votes -  average

Wuerffel May Not Return - WP Posted by: [phishhead] on January-30th-2003 @ 02:18 AM
By Mark Maske
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 30, 2003; Page D02

Washington Redskins officials are leaning strongly against re-signing free agent quarterback Danny Wuerffel this offseason, sources close to the situation said yesterday.

Club officials previously resolved to...
Read More 0 votes -  average

WP: Follow the Leader by T. Boswell Posted by: [bubba9497] on January-28th-2003 @ 05:55 PM
Follow the Leader

By Thomas Boswell
Tuesday, January 28, 2003; Page D01

After the Super Bowl, every NFL team that didn't get to San Diego looks in the mirror. They've seen what the latest champion looks like, as well as the teams that came close to the Lombardi Trophy. They also know...
Read More 0 votes -  average

WP: Alternate plan puts Samuels in the Pro Bowl Posted by: [Hauss] on January-22nd-2003 @ 07:06 AM

Alternate Plan Puts Samuels in Pro Bowl

By Mark Maske and Leonard Shapiro
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, January 22, 2003; Page D10

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 21 -- Washington Redskins left...
Read More 0 votes -  average

WP: NFL Players Assail Bill for Redskins Posted by: [Hauss] on January-22nd-2003 @ 06:58 AM

NFL Players Assail Bill For Redskins
Va. Assembly Lobbied On Workers' Comp Bill

By Michael D. Shear
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 22, 2003; Page B01

RICHMOND, Jan. 21 -- The head...
Read More 0 votes -  average Jansen selected as 'Unsung Hero' Posted by: [blakman211] on January-21st-2003 @ 11:26 PM
Redskins Select Jansen as 'Unsung Hero'
By Jason Gould
Redskins offensive tackle Jon Jansen was selected by teammates and fans as Washington's recipient of the Unsung Hero Award, an honor bestowed...
Read More 0 votes -  average

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 2003 Schedule
TBD Cowboys FedEx
TBD Giants FedEx
TBD Eagles FedEx
TBD Saints FedEx
TBD Buccaneers FedEx
TBD Jets FedEx
TBD Patriots FedEx
TBD Seahawks FedEx
TBD @ Cowboys Away
TBD @ Giants Away
TBD @ Eagles Away
TBD @ Falcons Away
TBD @ Panthers Away
TBD @ Bills Away
TBD @ Dolphins Away
TBD @ Bears Away

  NFC East '02
Eagles 13-5
Giants 10-7
Redskins 7-9
Cowboys 5-11

 2002 Schedule
8/3 @ 49ers W 38-7
8/10 @ Carolina W 37-30
8/18 Steelers W 35-34
8/24 @ Bucs W 40-10
8/29 Patriots L 14-28
9/8 Cardinals W 31-23
9/16 Eagles L 7-37
9/22 @ 49ers L 10-20
10/6 @ Titans W 31-14
10/13 Saints L 27-43
10/20 @ Packers L 9-30
10/27 Colts W 26-21
11/3 @ Seattle W 14-3
11/10 @ Jaguars L 7-26
11/17 @ Giants L 17-19
11/24 Rams W 20-17
11/28 @ Dallas L 20-27
12/8 Giants L 21-27
12/15 @ Eagles L 21-34
12/22 Texans W 26-10
12/29 Dallas W 20-14

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