Lands Grants in the Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal, 1608 A.D. All notes on leases and tenants from Hill's "Plantation of Ulster"

Lands Grants in the Precinct of Liffer barony of Raphoe and county of Donegal 1608 A.D.

1. Henry Clare, of Stanfield Hall, Norfolk Co.
2. William Willson, of Bolton, Sufolk Co.
3. Edward Russell, Esq., of London (sold his patent soon thereafter to John Kingsmill.
4. Sir William Barnes, Knt. (sold his lands to Edward Russell,Esq.)
5. Capt. Ralphe Mansfield
6. Sir Thomas Cornewall, Knt., son of Thomas Cornewall, Baron of Burford, in Salop.
7. Sir Thomas Remyngton, Knt. (disposed of his lands to Sir Ralph Bingley)
8. Sir Maurice Barkeley, Knt., of Somersetshire (soon sold his lands to Sir Ralph Bingley)
9. Sir Thomas Caoch, Knt.

Land Grants in the Precinct of Portlough, barony of Raphhoe and county of Dongal 1608 A.D.

1. Duke of Lennox, i.e., Ludovic Stuart, 2nd duke of Lennox
2. Sir Walter Stewart, Knt, laird of Minto
3. Alexander McAula, of Durlin, gent. (sold his land to an Alexander Stewart).
4. John Cuningham, of Crafield or Crawfield, son of Sir James.
5. William Stewart, laird of Dunduff, of the parish of Maybole, in Ayrshire.
6. James Cunyngham, laird of Glangarnocke, a descendant of Sir Edward Cuningham of Kilmaurs.
7. Cuthbert Cuningham, of the same family as James Cunyngham.
8. James Cuningham, Esq. Uncle of Sir James of Glengarnock.
9. John Stewart, Esq.

Lands Grants in the Barony of Boylagh, county of Donegal

1. Sir Robert Macklellan, laird of Bomby (7th Earl of Bombie, Scotland
2. George Murraye, laird of Broughton, of Whithorn, in Wigtonshire.
3. William Stewart, Esq.
4. James McCullock, gent., of Dummorell, Scotland.
5. Alexander Dunbar.
6. Patrick Vaus of Libragh, gent. (parish of Kirkinner, in Wigtonshire), son of Sir Patrick Vans or Vaus, of Barnbarrock.
7. Alexander Coningham of Powton, gent.,( parish of Sorbie, in Wigtonshire.)