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My Peoples
Ficha Técnica:

Estúdio: Walt Disney Feature Animation
Diretores / Director: Barry Cook
Estória / Story: Barry Cook
Canções originais / Songs: Ricky Skaggs

Vozes/ voices:

Hal Holbrook..... as a Folk art puppet version of Abraham Lincoln / como uma versão em fantoche de Abraham Lincoln
Dolly Parton ...... an Angel / um Anjo
James Carville ... An off-the-wall hillbilly
Lily Tomlin ........ ?
Lou Rawls ......... ?
Travis Tritt ......... ?

Lançamento: 2005 (Tentative)

As Origens do Projeto

O projeto "My Peoples" foi ouvido pela primeira vez em março de 2002, quando diziam que os projeto estava já em desenvolvimento visual e de storyboards. Na época, um rumor dizia que este seria um remake da velha lenda do Kentucky entre os Hatfield & Mcoys, mas isso foi negado depois. Originalmente, fontes diziam que o próximo projeto dos Estúdios Disney de Orlando após "Bears" seria "Selkies", mas o projeto "My Peoples" foi aprovado primeiro no início de 2002.
"My Peoples"' será beseado numa idéia original de Barry Cook (que foi o co-diretor de "Mulan", primeiro sucesso do estúdio da Flórida), que também será roteirista e diretor do filme. Segundo contam, vários animadores ligados a este projeto estariam aprendendo a usar o programa Maya já que boa parte do animado será digital.
Em abril de 2002, um artigo na Times citou que "My Peoples será uma "combinação de 2D/3D". Em maio, o presidente da divisão de animação da Disney, Thomas Schumacher, confirmou que "My Peoples" estava em desenvolvimento e o descreveu como sendo "a bluegrass musical of 2-D characters in a 2-D world that you watch transform and become 3-D."  Nativo do Kentucky, Ricky Skaggs deverá ser o compositor da trilha bluegrass do filme.

'Michael' wrote (in May/02):  "last week I was on the Animation Tour at Disney/MGM in Florida to see if they were working on anything new. To my surprise they were quite visibly working on Bears in all the guest areas. I spoke with the tour guide to ask about its release date, and wound up having a long conversation about upcoming and past features. The guide was really knowlegable and a great guy, and he wound up bringing up My Peoples. I was surprised as I had never heard any real confirmation of the project, and didn't really know what it was about. He said that it would be a 2D/3D project and would feature Dolly Parton. This was news to me, as I had only heard her name as a possible for Sweating Bullets [aka Home on the Range]. Anyway, he assured me she was on My Peoples."

O filme será ambientado em Apalachia e terá brinquedos em CG formados por botões de camisa, e outros objetos comuns. "My Peoples" é um projeto aparentemente muito elogiado internamente pelos artistas. Uma parte do animado terá animação tradicional e os designs e backgrounds estão sendo bem elogiados.

 'Sir Farticus' commented on August 10, 2002 that "people seem to be excited about My Peoples which is the feature to come after Bears. It's a completely CG film, not too sure about the story or anything else... but people are saying it's looking to be an interesting developement. It'll be another departure from the Disney stereotype. You gotta give'em a hand for trying!"

An Animated Movies spy visited Disney's feature animation department in California in August 2002 and reported that "there is some work on 3D, and everything else is in traditional animation. The characters are toys made of shirt buttons, plates, pens, thimbles, threads... As if a magnet had attracted all these on one object. Very elaborate backgrounds, and beautiful human characters. I saw images from a scene in a car where a little girl realizes the toys are alive."

Foi confirmado que um político democrata americano fará (para irritação de muita gente nos EUA) a voz de um dos personagens.

 In August the Drudge Report stated that Democrat political star James Carville had been offered a high-impact role in the movie. "While producers in Burbank are worried about Carville's lack of acting experience, Disney filmmakers have become convinced he has the perfect vocal qualities for the part: an off-the-wall hillbilly, studio sources reveal. Ricky Skaggs is doing the music; Dolly Parton is set to play the voice of an angel. Lily Tomlin, Travis Tritt, and others--including Washington's favorite 'Ragin' Cajun'--are also in the Appalachian animation. The characters in Disney's high-budget brew My Peoples are made of shirt buttons, plates, pens, thimbles, threads and an old push broom. The backwoods bluegrass musical will feature 2-D characters that interact with 3-D props and settings, written and director by Barry Cook [Mulan]. 'The movie has got a lot of laughter and a lot of fun,' says a source. The Bluegrass Blowout is set for release in '05."

USA Today confirmed officially on August 22, 2002 that "CNN's James Carville joins Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Lou Rawls and Travis Tritt in providing voices for a new animated Disney movie, working title My Peoples. An Appalachian tale with bluegrass music, it's set for release in 2005. The characters are toys made of found objects such as buttons, plates and pens."
James Carville himself confirmed to the Washington Post that he had read for a role in a Disney animated film. "I'm interested in having fun," Carville told us. "With a 7- and 4-year-old daughter, what dad wouldn't want to do that?" Carville, with his ragin' Cajun accent, would play a hillbilly. "It's about all these characters who are thrown out and come back to life," Carville said. "It's going to be a respectful movie about Appalachian culture." A Disney spokeswoman could not confirm Carville's involvement at press time.


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