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A Deafening Silence
Finding Zuzu's Petals
In the Interest of Science
Into the Mystic
Je T'aime
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Korena, Korena
Matthew 19:14
Sweet Dreams
A Texas History Lesson
This Could Be Heaven,
or This Could Be Hell
Your Soul In My Heart
Bête Noire
The Eyes of Texas
  Mayan Mask Welcome!
You've found the home of X-Files Fanfiction by Katvictory. The story menu is listed to the left. You can always return here to the main index by clicking on the mask image, at left. Keep reading (below) to learn more about this site.
M & S The Damascus Files Series
The capstone of Kat's work is The Damascus Files. In this apocalyptic saga Mulder has become something more while enduring physical and emotional trials that would kill a lesser man. The end is near, and these changes to Mulder will facilitate his part in what is to come.
  Skinner Kat's Other Stories
Kat has built a large body of work beyond The Damascus Files. A few are short, but most are ambitious endeavors. All Kat's stories are listed here.
  Krycek Collaborations
In the midst of all her other work, Kat has collaborated with some of fanfic-dom's most respected authors, such as Laurie Haynes, Laura Castellano and Xenith. These are all external links.
Other Links
Kat wants to share her favorite X-Files related places with you. Her favorite sites are listed under Kat's Links.

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