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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Rappers Ruin the Fun
Universal has canceled it's plans for a post-Grammy bash out of fears that it would turn into a shootout between rival rappers. This is all 50 Cent's fault... his recent violence triggered Execs to make a stupid decision. (courtesy Gawker)
posted by Jon 1:54 PM

Latinos Hip-Hops Biggest Supporters
The largest purchasers of rap music in the US are Hispanic/Latinos. This revelation was made last Wednesday [Jan 15th] in NY during the Media and Advertising panel at Jesse Jackson's 6th Annual Wall Street Project. We win!
posted by Jon 1:47 PM

Kevin Johnson's School Reform Plan
Former Phoenix Sun's guard K.J. wants to turn his diverse, inner-city alma mater Sacramento High School into a charter school, which is a special kind of public school free of most state and local education regulations. His nonprofit foundation, St. HOPE, would run the school according to a plan approved and monitored by the school district's board of trustees. The foundation intends to teach the state's academic standards with a curriculum designed to "develop a foundation of basic skills as well as cultivate higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills." Good man Charlie Brown.
posted by Jon 1:44 PM

Bllng Bling
Introducing a new era in "bling bling" hip-hop, these Asian divas are sure to take the hip-hop world by storm.
posted by Jon 1:40 PM

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Freddie Foxxx: White People, Eminem And Racism
Freddie has some great one liners in his editorial on racism over at AllHipHop.
"... 'fuck that motherfuckiní cracker,í heís not in hip-hop! We talking about motherfuckers like old Bill OíReilly ... not talking about his skin color [but] talking about his ideology."
"Racism in hip-hop is not in the circle, itís on the outside of the circle. Itís poking in through certain individuals."
"How many times can a motherfucker rhyme that heís in the hood, selling crack, he wanna get this car, his chain is big. How many times can you tell that story?
posted by Jon 7:24 PM

Space Shuttle Columbia Lost
Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, William McCool, Laurel Clark, David Brown, Michael Anderson, and Ilan Ramon died heroes early this morning. This sad news that can be found on every major television station and news site will not be found on major hip-hop sites anywhere. It's likely that key influences in hip-hop's culture will treat this the same way MTV treated the September 11 attacks over a year ago. Because they didn't know how to handle it, they rarely addressed the issue and played non-stop music videos. When coverage was had they simply interviewed a few younger New Yorkers and deemed the event "this generation's Pearl Harbor". It's likely that the major sites will just go on about their business. By no means is this as tragic as 9.11, but there are still stupid people asking stupid questions and saying stupid shit.
posted by Jon 4:52 PM

Blog Universe
For feedback's sake, HHA has been added to a very small blog directory called Blog Universe. If you've visited this site at least twice, please visit and give some sort of a response. You might have to click on the link back to actually give a rating... any further feedback as to why "we" suck would be greatly appreciated. Please send inquiries to Thanks!
posted by Jon 12:07 AM

Friday, January 31, 2003

Lil' Pimp
Ludacris, Lil' Kim, and Mystikal will be featured in a cartoon movie set to release October 24 of this year. Described as a hip-hop version of South Park, Lil' Pimp is a comedy about a nine-year old who "hustles his ho's around the neighborhood." With his pimpin' pals Fruitjuice and Nagchampa and of course his loveable pet gerbil Weathers (Ludacris), who has Tourette's syndrome, this very well might be a modern day version of Bebe's Kids.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 9:08 PM

Besides plenty of Minneapolis-based events posted, MC Paul Barman will be playing in Chicago on February 27.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 9:08 PM

posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 9:06 PM

The Olsen Twin's Fragrance
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen , 16, will have their first fragrance line out April 1. The scent will be a fresh, vanilla-based formula that "will be perfect for active teenage girls." In related news, R.Kelly has bought the first 10,000 bottles.
posted by Jon 8:58 PM

Bloodmoney Anti-War Benefit
One more Rhymesayers note... what do David Cross and Atmosophere (let alone hip-hop) have in common? They're doing a benefit concert February 8 bitch! If you've never heard of David Cross or Mr. Show, you're missing out on one of the funniest mothers on the planet. This benefit show should make for a very interesting experience.
posted by Jon 7:07 PM

Dre Day Celebration
Rhymesayers Entertainment artists will be putting on a Dre Day Celebration on February 18 at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. The date marks the birth of Andre Young (Dr. Dre) and the Tenth Anniversary of the album release of The Chronic. Atmosphere emcee Slug will be hosting the event, along with "participation" from Dillenger 4, Nikoless Scratch, and Aaron Money. They should declare this a National Hip-Hop Holiday so that way anyone hating the 14th of the month will have something to look forward to...
posted by Jon 6:56 PM Goes WAY Mainstream
Isn't this a bitch... of the Black Eyed Peas will be hosting his own show on MTV where he plans to freestyle introduce each hip-hop video. The show is due to start in April when it just so happens that Elophunk will be released, which features artists such as... get this... Papa Roach and Blink 182.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:36 PM

Hip-Hop Woodstock
Def Jam Records CEO Russell Simmons plans to launch the first annual Hip-Hop Woodstock this coming April 12 and 13. The two-day festival will be held at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA. It will coincide with the Second Annual Hip-Hop Summit, which will take place the day before at Morehouse College.
Some of the event's profits will go to charity. Simmons stated, "Just as music played an important role in the changing of our culture after the original Woodstcok, we are again at a turning point here." He's so modest.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:29 PM

Suge Knight Assists Families of Two Murdered Children
Suge Knight is coming to the aid of a California family of murder victims even though he is currently in jail. On January 20, two-year old Osvaldo Martinez and seven-year old Horace Ray Ferguson, Jr. were killed in two separate incidents in Compton, CA.
"I really feel for these families, and when I heard the news my heart went out to them" said Knight in a statement. "Violence in any form is terrible, but violence directed at children is especially horrible. I grew up in Compton, and I know Pomona, and there are good people in both neighborhoods. These kids should never have been killed, but I hope that by helping their families I can set some small example that we must all work together to take care of one another and end such senseless brutality." (courtesy
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:11 PM

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Q-Tip and Nicole Kidman?!
It's true... Tom Cruise's ex-wife has been spotted with the likes of rapper-actor Q-Tip, formerly of A Tribe Called Quest. The pair was sighted in December at a movie premiere and again while sucking face at a flashy sushi restaurant. Tom would be proud. Here are a few articles based on Page Six:
Nicole Using a Q-Tip? Not What We Ear
Q-Tip Hooks Up With Nicole Kidman
Kidman's New Rapper Boyfriend
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 7:39 PM

Zion I News
Zion I (pronounced zion-eye) will be releasing their newest album Deep Water Slang on February 18. Last Monday the duo's track master Amp Live said they are about to hit the road for album release parties in a week or so, hitting up New York first then everywhere else. For more information visit their website.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:34 PM

Roy Hargrove
Common and Q-Tip will be featured on jazz musician Roy Hargrove's coming album to be released May 20. The album, entitled Hargroove, will also include Common's main woman Erykah Badu. (courtesy
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 12:46 AM

KaZaA fights back
The owners of the KaZaA file-sharing network are suing the movie and recording industries, claiming that they don't understand the digital age and are monopolizing entertainment.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 12:35 AM

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

War of the Words at Hip-Hop Magazines
The neverending battle between XXL and The Source has heated up so much that there is press coverage. Interscrope Records pulled ads from The Source and Eminem is on the latest cover of XXL. Nelson George, the author of Hip Hop America, described the feud as "the Algonquin round table gone berserk."
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:27 PM

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Jay-Z Flirts With Retirement... Again
Jay-Z is claiming once again that his next album will be his last. He plans on writing an autobiography as well.
He stated, "I'll make The Black Album and release a book with it at the same time. It'll be autobiographical. I'll be working on writing it. Writing's tough, though. I've done basically everything, and it's time to take on new and different channels. I feel that I'm at that point in my career."
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:37 PM

Ja-Rule Cries Set Up
After having been booed for his halftime performance of last week's NFC Championship game, JaRule only stated that he was set up and that Philly has always been known for booing.
"I mean, I laughed about it, you know?" Ja Rule said of the incident. "Plus, you know, my buddies over at Fox, they kinda set us up with the old, you know, 'fazool'--putting us in Tampa's come-out spot and, you know, then my DJ had the red-and-black jacket, so it's little things the crowd spotted and ain't like...It's like that, but Philly is just known for that."
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:35 PM

Big 'pot' stash was only Hay
Two poor fools in Chicago were transporting a truckload of hay from a church when they were stopped by officers because of an anonymous tip given. Police officers assumed the 220 pound load was marijuana and booked both for drug trafficking. The truth was revealed only after field tests on the substance were made. One officer stated, "Somebody must have seen these two big bales, saw the men were Mexican and made an assumption."
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 2:32 PM

Monday, January 27, 2003

A Brief Explanation
Being that this is quite possibly the only blog around devoted only to hip-hop (unless you consider Davey D), this site has been slowly slutting around the blogosphere world. Because there was not one before, a very stupid explanation is given if anyone gets confused. Please still send questions about the site by contacting. Thanks and Happy Monday.
posted by Hip Hop Anonymous 12:17 AM



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