Nine Men's Morris; A Game for 2 Players

Equipment needed:

2 Sets of nine playing pieces, playing board (click to get Nine Men's Morris board diagram to download)

Examples of pairs of pieces: Peas, Beans, Pennies, Dimes, Rocks, Stones.

Rules for Nine Men's Morris

Each player has nine men. The players take turns putting their pieces (one at a time) on the board at places where lines meet. Each player tries to get three of his pieces in a row while preventing his opponent from doing the same. When a player gets three pieces in a row then he may take one of his opponent's men off the board. After both players have put all of their men on the board a piece is moved by sliding it from its space to a neighboring empty space. Players keep trying to get three pieces in a row so they can take away an opponent's man. When a player has only three pieces left, then he can move to any empty space on the board. The game is over when one player is left with two pieces.

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