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A beginner's course in the principles of 2D animation...


What follows are the funadmentals of 2D animation, as I was taught them when I began my apprentiship in animation many years ago... standing nervously at the desktops of some of the best animators that ever were. Click here to read about my past. Apprentiships are very much a thing of the past in this day and age, so it is hoped that this course will go a little way in bridging the divide between those who know and those who want to know.

Although the following is essentially about 2D animation, the material covered will present to 3D, Web and Games animators the solid foundations upon which their own art was founded... and, as a result, will provide tried and tested knowledge and methods that can be adapted to suit their own particular needs. The lessons will be presented on a weekly basis, whenever possible, and will ultimately expand into more valuable material that will appeal to ALL animation disciplines, extending beyond the strictly 2D world.

Commited visitors to this site can communicate with me via my forum on (when my time permits), which will also cover the material presented here. Please let me know if this material is useful to you, or if you can add to it with your own experience?

Also, you can click here to read about the traditional process of animated film production... click here to learn about "tracebacks"... or else click here to learn more about sound software for animation and basic doping & charting.

Oh, and finally.... "GOOD LUCK" with your studies!



Lesson 001 ("Keys & Inbetweens")

Lesson 002 ("Keys & Inbetweens" cont.)

Lesson 003 ("Keys & Inbetweens" cont.)

Lesson 004 ("Keys & Inbetweens" cont.)

Lesson 005 ("Charts & Breakdown Drawings")

Lesson 006 ("Slowing-in" & "Slowing-out")

Lesson 007 ("Key Points")

Lesson 008 ("Superimposition")

Lesson 009 ("Flipping")

Lesson 010 ("Arcs")

Lesson 011 ("Head Turns")

Lesson 012 ("Eye Movements")

Lesson 013 ("More on Eye Movements")


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