Children are in the same or next room in 90% of domestic violence incidents (Hughes, Violence Update'92)

Children are affected by violence - even if they witness the violence and are not directly abused.

The longer children stay in a violent situation, the more likely they are to be affected by violence. If families are to stay together, it is essential that the violence stops. Often children will still need counselling to help them deal with what they saw in the past and reaffirm their safety.
Particular issues for teenagers living in violent homes can be the risk of alcohol and drug use, early sexual activity, teen dating, violence and dropping out of school.

Eighty percent of runaways said problems at home contributed to their running away, with physical violence the most common reason (Times Educational Supplement 1999).

Indicators of children who are exposed to violence:
Indicators can range from acting out behaviour such as aggression that is out of control, withdrawn behaviour, learning difficulties at school, getting into fights more than is usual, being prey to bullies on a consistent basis, chronic bedwetting, to name a few.

Young children's learning progress can be affected when exposed to violence which can lead to delays and difficulties in development.

Often children who live in violent homes can be depressed and demonstrate this either by extreme irritability or sleeping and/or eating difficulties as well as being withdrawn or 'shut down'.

It is important for children who have been exposed to violence to have a safe place and a safe person with whom to talk about the violence, or even to draw pictures to help them deal with the overwhelming feelings and burdens related to what they have experienced.

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