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Laura Moriarty / Headache



Kevin Killian/ Probability Zero

Cydney Chadwick/ Irritants

Karen Kelley/ Scotoma

Barrett Watten/ Screen Saver

Chris Stroffolino/ Headache

Leslie Hanson/ Catharsis

Noah de Lissovoy/ two poems

Robert Glück/ Brainfood for Headache

Standard Schaefer/ two poems

Norma Cole/ Married To The Mob

Stephen Ratcliffe/ from Calculus

Linda Russo/ the 'WORLD'/ache

Henry Gould/ One Square Mile

Dodie Bellamy/ from The Letters of Mina Harker

Carrie Etter/ Ache

Aaron Shurin/ from Involuntary Lyrics

Jono Schneider/ A Blow to the Head

Amanda Kim/ from Thermal Beings


Fran Herndon / heads

Spencer Selby/ from Wonder Book Outside


Joe Safdie/ On "Against Pain" . . . for non . . .

Jono Schneider/ Rebecca Letters by Laynie Browne

Norma Cole/ On the Verge of Transitivity: Tod Thilleman's The Corybantes

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