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   Electrical top not working on convertible
  Author: Randall
  Date: 09-02-2002, 2:55
I recently acquired a 1966 Mustang convertible. It is in great shape, being almost completely restored. I was raising the top recently and the motor for the top just quit before the top settled in the hooks. Is it likely this is a blown fuse? Where would the fuse be located? Or is it likely it would be the motor for the top? It worked perfectly prior to this incident. If it is a motor gone bad, where would I be able to find one? Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

  Author: jake arnaud
  Date: 10-02-2002, 1:55
I have a 67 convertible and too experienced the same problem with the top motor. It turns out the brushes in the motor were burned out. After beating it with a hammer to get it to work for months,and losing my patients I broke down and bought one.
National Parts Depot is the North America's largest Vintage Mustang Parts dealer. I bought mine motor through them. You can find them on the internet. While your there sign up for a free catalougue it will be sent right to your house.

Good Luck.Jake

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