An inexpensive, lighted, handheld microscope can be used to examine active skin lesions for fibers and other anomalies. A good magnification to view lesions at is 30X The correct kind of handheld microscope is meant to examine the top surface of things, like skin, coins and stamps. The incorrect type of microscope is meant to look through things, like prepared microscope slides. A good example of a handheld microscope which will work well, can be found at
Edmund Scientifics
Catalogue # CR30350-01
Price $10.95
Phone # 1-800- 728-6999
Place microscope over lesion, with light on, use focusing knob to focus on the lesion, taking note of any fibers or filamentous structures present.


CREATING DIGITAL MICROSCOPIC IMAGES: The microscope used to create the digital images of patients' lesions on the Morgellons website is the Intel Play QX3 Microscope. This microscope is equipped with both still and video digital imaging. This is a remarkable and user-friendly scientific tool. Unfortunately, production of this microscope has been discontinued by Intel Play, but some distributors have remaining stock. One internet source of this microscope, priced at $44, can be found at: http://store.yahoo.com/7-24outlet/inplayqx3mic.html Some local Toys R Us and Walmart stores have remaining stock of the QX3.


Microscopic images created with the Intel Play QX3 can be emailed as attachments . Feel free to send your images and or microscope questions to us at the address below, and we will do our best to help you. Morgellons@aol.com