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DAoC Player Wishlist


Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot Player Wishlist pages. The list, which has been running since Beta 3, is a resource for DAoC players to air their ideas and wishes for the game in a way that provides Mythic with concise statistical data.

The list is not just about specific wishes but also about the general trends in what the players want. It provides Mythic with numbers to crunch rather than threads to read. Flaming is the exception rather than the rule meaning that the list is more signal and less noise.

Unlike the message boards, on the list it is the number of votes a wish gets rather than the number of times someone posts the same wish. This makes finding useful information from the list ever easier.

Once a week a summary report of the list gets presented to Mythic; the list has had a discernible impact on the evolution of the game.

Feedback on these pages and the list is always welcome, whether you like or dislike. Either use the comments section at the bottom of each page or email me.

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Dark Age of Camelot Official Strategy Guide

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5 Most Voted Wishes (7 days)
Transfering Exp to a new... 6 -5
Stealth/Cloak Ability for... 6 -17
Fireworks gandalf! 6 -5
Pets and XP 'stealing' 5 -6
speed buff potions !! 5 4
Top 5 Voters
Aldric 624 98
cjorgens 623 111
Parkus 623 110
Belcharo 620 47
Mileg 606 249
Top 5 Hot Discussions (7 days)
Pets and XP 'stealing' 2 -6
Add a Bazzar where players... 1 5
Add a Bazzar where players... 1 4
Transfering Exp to a new... 1 -5
Nerf Bone Dancers or... 1 -3

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