{late jan '03}

SayAnything has officially signed to Doghouse Records as of 1/27/03. Rad.

Max & Coby leave on thursday to go record some demos for their album, which is due out in september, on doghouse.

In feb they go to boston to try out some different producers for the album.

on another note, all old news has been archived. & the new mailing list can be reached here. a join thing will be added to the site once i figure it out..


none right now
    Menorah\Majora EP

1. A Walk Through Hell              mp3
2. You Help Them                     mp3
3. Try to Remember, Forget       mp3
4. By Tonight                           mp3
5. Baseball, but Better              mp3
6. I am a Transylvanian             mp3
7. I Want to Know Your Plans    mp3

( click the song title for lyrics and "mp3" to download the song. }
**note: "baseball, but better" is a new version, as of 10/16

**-note: the songs above are dorm-room recordings. take hint.

band & booking: sayanything

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