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L. Ray Smith exposes anti-scriptural teachings of TV personalities

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Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Covenant Does God require you to give 10% of your income to a church or preacher of your choice?
Is HELL the 'Lake of Fire'?  part 1 new 
      part 2 coming February 12
A scriptural journey through the "Lake of Fire" and the "Second Death"
What About Those Who Have Never Heard? A total travesty of theological scholarship by Dr. James Kennedy
Is God a Closed Trinity or an Open Family? A Scriptural Refutation of the Trinity Theory
Lazarus and the Rich Man - Updated Lazarus and the Rich man has been updated with added material for booklet publication
Exposing Those Who Contradict
The complete text (big 410k - both letters)
An open letter to TBN critiquing two sermons by: James Kennedy Ph.D. and Dr. John Hagee
"Exposing Those Who Contradict" by section
      Letter to Dr. Kennedy
      Hell, Body, Spirit and Soul Will God burn the flesh of unbelievers for all eternity?
      God's Love for the Wicked Dead God's forgiveness knows no bounds.
      Free Will and Responsibility Who's really in control of your eternal destiny - You or God?
      Good and Evil and The Origin of Satan
      and Free Will vs. God's Intention
Satan never was Lucifer. Satan was never good.
Man's will cannot thwart God's will.
      Theology of Einstein
      God Creates and Uses Evil for Good
Evil is temporary. Good is eternal.

      Letter to Dr. John Hagee

      Eons or Forever Proof that "forever," "ever and ever," "everlasting," and "eternal" are all unscriptural words.
      Hagee Sermon On Hell Perhaps the most unscriptural sermon ever preached.
      Parables - Lazarus and the Rich Man Biblical proof that Lazarus did not go to Heaven and the Rich Man did not go to Hell.
      Time Vs. Eternity
Exposing the SECRET RAPTURE Theory
(big 400k)
The Rapture is a divisive, unscriptural doctrine that has deceived millions!
PAUL’S "Splinter in the Flesh" A Scriptural Explanation
Ray is a Cult - Florida Bible College professor Ray answers professor at Florida Bible College. Find out if Ray has "followers" and what church he supports.
God's Sovereignty versus Man's "free" choices
by Michael Vinson   new  (big 242 k)
Ray highly recommends everyone read this Scripture-packed paper by his good friend
Free Will - Who is Responsible? new One of Ray's readers does another in-depth study on free-will and the Sovereignty of God.
What is the UN-Pardonable Sin? new Ray answers a young man who is concerned he committed the Unpardonable Sin

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