The FS-102 Refractor by Takahashi©

The FS-102 is a state-of-the-art fluorite apochromatic refractor. It is capable of delivering ultra sharp high contrast images over the entire field of view. The images are totally free of chromatic aberrations. Stars appear as tack-sharp points of light on a jet-black background. The instrument is perfect for photo/visual studies of the Moon, the planets and is also a phenomenal wide field astrograph. Using the dedicated focal reducer, the FS-102 becomes a wide field astro camera with an amazing 5-degree field of view! Perfect for use with a 35mm camera or a medium format custom vacuum back 6x7 roll film holder (a Takahashi© exclusive). The FS-102's standard 2.7" focuser makes this possible.

The Standard mount for the FS-102 is the EM-10, but an optional EM-200 mount may be used for added stability and accuracy. Both mounts are all electric with built-in polar alignment telescopes and leveling bubbles to permit 2-arc minute alignment on level or uneven ground in a few minutes. An autoguider connection is standard.

Price As Shown: $ 6595
Product # TSS1032

*Suggested retail price of system as illustrated. This is for comparison purposes only. Please contact your authorized Takahashi dealer or Texas Nautical Repair Inc. for exact price and availability. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.*

SPECIFICATIONS for the FS-102 (Tube assembly only)

Optical System Fluorite Apochromat Doublet
Coating Front Full-Multi-Coated
Aperture 102mm
Focal Length 820mm
Focal Ratio F/8.0
Light Grasp 212x
Resolution 1.15"
Limiting Magnitude 11.8
Image Circle Ų50mm w/reducer
Photo Field 4.8° w/reducer
Tube Diameter Ų114mm
Tube Length 930mm
Weight 5.3kg (11.7lbs)
Finder Scope 7x50 6.3°


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