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The first ever "Gotta Dance" w/Doug & Jackie Miranda happened Jan 31 - Feb 2 - San Bernardino, Ca. schedule of dances  taught by each instructor. 133 dancers were taught 19 line dances in 3 simultaneous workshops, one room was devoted to the new dancer w/beginner - easy intermediate dances presented by all instructors. All dances, with the exception of the advanced Liverpool Fling (Stephen Sunter) were repeated teaches. Karen Jones demo'd Liverpool Fling in Hawaii, taught it to Marques Dredd and then performed a duo for us! It was scheduled for Sunday morning ...2 dozen die hards were on the floor concentrating hard when Doug peeked in ...our brains were drained and our feet tired, but we there to learn one of the hottest dances of the moment in the UK and Karen  worked hard to teach us ...Bob, Trish and Lynn are up to speed, I hope to get there!
Age group at this event was 14ish to 83 dancers were seen in many a workshop and they were successful in learning not  because the dances were easy, but because the caliber of instruction was high! A GOOD instructor can teach anyone easy steps, a new dancer just knows NO line dances.
Brand new to Event teaching were: Bracken Ellis and Jeremy Oldham ...these two young adults are experienced instructors and beautiful dancers. Bracken is a patient teacher and dances with flow and grace; Jeremy is a laid back teacher but so smooth on his feet in keeping time to the fast beat of Heaven (Dance Remix) by DJ Sammy, he seemed in slow motion! His steps precise but so unhurried ...I couldn't think fast enough to the music let alone execute the steps!
Jeremy and Jodee's Dancing In Heaven has pretty easy steps, great flow ...and Don't Stop Til You Get Enough sung by The Jacksons is one great song ...Jeremy's choreographed pelvis thrust in Don't Stop ...too much fun ... 20+ year olds on the dance floor ...rejoice!
DQ Johnson teaches cuttin' edge ...Simon's Determination is catchin' on in Oz right now; and Love's Calling is on the UK charts. She is a diehard dancer whose feet you can follow on the dance floor and one calm, observant instructor!
Bottom Line: All wood floors, request socials w/JP Potter til midnight, great Saturday nite buffet including pecan pie (impromtu singing & clowning around by Joanne, Bill and Grant were bonuses), impeccable hotel room and service, and tons of restaurants (including a Mexican one w/fabulous dessert) within walking distance and a perfect host and hostess ...Doug and Jackie plan to always include workshops for the new dancer at all their events ...and just added to their Memorial Day Weekend Bonanza Bash ... Instructors Bob & Trish Boesel and line dancin' comedienne/instructor Joanne Brady who will be bringin' a breath of fresh laughter to us on May 22-25, 2003 at the Double Tree Inn in Ontario, CA
newest original steps + streaming mp3
Cheeseburger - Sheila Bernstein (two partners circle beginner mixer dance just for fun) 
Dancing In Heaven - Jeremy & Jodee (linked to their J and J website)
Determination - Simon Ward
Don't Stop - Jeremy Oldham 
Keep Smiling - Terry Hogan
Latin Rhythms - Terry Hogan
Liverpool Fling - Stephen Sunter (advanced sequence)
Love's Calling
- Steve Yoxall
Stole - Simon Ward
Wait On The Corner - Evelyn Khinoo
You Gotta Dance - Bob Boesel (inter+ w/restarts)

LINE DANCE EVENT- Doug & Jackie Miranda host Bonanza Bash - May 23-25 - Line Dance Instructors confirmed - Maggie Gallagher, Charlotte Skeeters, Evelyn Khinoo, Bob and Trish Boesel and Joanne Brady 

LINE DANCE EVENT -Charlotte Skeeters hosts Golden Gate Classic - Oct 3-5 flyer registration form - Line Dance Instructors confirmed -Terry Hogan, Simon Ward, Bill Larson, Peter Metelnick, Michele Perron, Chris Hodgson, John Robinson, Dottie Wicks, JP Potter, Doug & Jackie Miranda, Rob "I", Trish Boesel, Michele Burton, Michael Barr, Evelyn Khinoo and Mike Sliter MC - Knox Rhine; DJ- John Burton & others; Roving Entertainers - Doug Miranda and Rob "I" -> NOTE: Dinner/Dance is limited to 200 ~ 100 already signed! We are wearing vintage prom dresses!

Charlotte Skeeters taught line dance instructors' training workshop her
Singapore & Thailand Report

Line Dance Lessons: Instructors by San Francisco Bay Area  City  
Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Country Quick Steppers
Socials:  Heart Dance -> Keep on Dancin' -> Menlo Pk Lodge -> Moose Pacifica -> TGIF Campbell -> Y

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Michael Barr - Boggie Til The Cows Come Home - March 22 flyer & registration
Soul Man, No Bad News, Bar Isn't It,
Heeeerrre's Johnny, A Waltz In Time, Backroads, Black Dresses, TTS Boogie, Hey Bruce, What's Your Name, All-Right-A, Midnight Rendezvous

Bob & Trish Boesel Finally Friday, Teacher and The Preacher, My Home, You Gotta Dance, If That Ain't Country, Only Dreamin'

Michele Burton American Pop, Callin' From The Heart, That's All She Wrote, I See It Now, This Woman, This Man, One Cherokee Boogie, Midnight Rendezvous (partner),

Charlotte Skeeters - Golden Gate Classic Oct. 3-5, 2003
River of Dreams, Heal The World, Voila, Just BobFill My Life, Pencil Thin Mustache, Begin The Beguine, Mama's Lil' Baby, Does Your Mother Know?, Tuxedo Junction, Hasta Manana, Strangers In The Night, Play It Again, Sam

Doug & Jackie Miranda ~ Cool Country March 14-16, 2003 ~ Bonanza Bash May 23- 25 Memorial Day Weekend 2003 ~ Cool Country September 26-28. 2003
Tiggeriffic, Enya's Time, Queen of my Heart, Sugar, Sugar, Dreams to Share, Ever After, No Matter to Me, Sometime When, What A Night, Jacaranda, The Believers, Burning Up!,
Circle Of Life, Seal Our Fate, Kiss The Girl, Buttercup

JP Potter - 2003 Crush Country Fall Fling - Nov 14-16
Candlelight, D�ja Vu, Everlast,
Crush, Bye, Bye, Bye,

Neil Hale Cruisin, A Fanfare To Brittany, Linda Lu, Un Deux Trois Waltz Mixer, Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua, Whole Lotta Peppas, Storybook Endings, One Toke Over The Line, Prancin' Pony, Mustang SallyRibbon Of Highway, Cruise Control, Diamonds Are Forever, The Beaujolais Waltz, Arumba

Terry Hogan (Terry Hogan's line dance Journey w/video clip) - West Texas Waltz, Too Much Fun, Two Shades of Blue, Alright Already, Alligator Shoes, Cuban Heels, Along For The Ride, Straighten Up & Fly Right, Completely, Promises, Your Love Amazes Me, Zydeco Rhythm, Walking The Floor, Baja Cha Cha, Rock 'N' Country, Wait For It!, No Turning Back, Rodeo Moon, Latin Rhythms, Keep Smiling

Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson @The Hop, Rolling Mist, music for Husbands and Wives Husbands and Wives, Wasn't That A Party, Best Friends, Runaway, Dance Away The Night, Rose Colored Glasses, Carmel Cha Cha, It Never Rains,  Livin' It Up, Train In Vain , Castaway, Letter 2 U, Blues About You, Sneaky Freaky

Evelyn Khinoo Wait On The Corner, Silk & Satin, That's My Hat

Chris Kumre Rednex Stomp Perhaps, Cherokee Boogie, Shake It

Peter Metelnick Destination:Dancefloor, And They Danced, Back At Ya, Body In Motion, Passport To Party, Rainbow 66, On The Straight & Narrow 

Mike Sliter Dancin' Moon , Cajun Girls & Gumbo, San Antone Rose, Roll Of The Dice, I do,

Simon Ward Like It or Lump It, A New Day Has Come, Shakira, Larger Than Life, Shimmy Shack, Titanic, Powerade, Breathless, Misery, Determination, Stole

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