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What's next for "Gigantor"? The next generation

-- Gigantor G3! --

a great departure from "the Space-Age Robot" of old! -- for Gigantor G3 is more than a robot,- he's a meld of robot and cyborg. Driven by a complex neuro-system, Gigantor G3 is a roborg!


  GIGANTOR G3, the latest Gigantor -after the Original Gigantor and the New Gigantor- powering up to zoom into action!

Fred Ladd's Official Gigantor Website
Fred Ladd's Official Gigantor Website
Fred Ladd's Official Gigantor Website
THE OFFICIAL GIGANTOR PROGRAM GUIDE AND COMPENDIUM by Fred Ladd. Everything you want to know about the original GIGANTOR. Full synopses and illustrations of all 52 Programs in the classic Series! Plus intimate, never-before-seen 'behind-the-scenes' stories revealed here for the first time-- a Must-Have for the true GIGANTOR Collector and Fan!

And, to add to your GIGANTOR Collection--great Videos, Limited-Edition Animation Cels,
T-Shirts, and more:
  Gigantor 302 Space Age Robot Tshirt
Gigantor Cel #1 [Flying Robot]
Gigantor Cel #2 [Characters in Hall]
Gigantor Laser Disc (D) [Episodes 1-4]
Gigantor Retro/30 Vol. 1 (D) [Eps 10-11]
Gigantor Retro/30 Vol. 2 (D) [Eps 12-13]
  Gigantor Retro/30 Vol. 3 (D) [Eps 14-15]
Gigantor Retro/30 Vol. 4 (D) [Eps 16-17]
Gigantor Retro/30 Vol. 5 (D) [Eps 18-19]
Gigantor Volume 1 (D) [Eps 1-3]
Gigantor Volume 2 (D) [Eps 4-6]
Gigantor Volume 3 (D) [Eps 7-9]
For more about Fred Ladd's impact on anime, read "Fred Ladd: An Interview"
by Harvey Deneroff.

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