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.....wednesday, february 5

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day four.
the toxins are exiting the body. things are looking up. feeling a bit better.

+ 02.28 the izzys @ mercury lounge $8
+ 03.10 mooney suzuki @ bowery $15
+ 04.04, 05 the walkmen @ bowery $13
like..get your tickets and stuff.

oww! they're sooo turning glamorama into a movie. fuck, i wanna see that.

i may venture out of the house today, to see some roooooooney. stop laughing.


.....tuesday, february 4

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the hipster handbook



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ugh. help me.
i feel like shiiiiiiiiiit. someone needs to come over and bring me some soup. i'm going to burn a cigarette later and let it sit in the ashtray, you know..incense style. just so i don't go insane.
pictures now up from the stills show.


.....monday, february 3

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hi hi hi hi.
yeah so, i'm still very much sick! home alone, can't even smoke, coughing my life away and no d4 to brighten my day! i'm sorry about the 93 million missed calls, i needed some midday rest! jesus christ, i haven't had a cigarettes in 2 days. that's like, a record. this is bad timing to get sick! i promise i'll be better by wednesday. i hope. by thursday, the latest.

loretta young silks



1:14:37 AM :: link ::

oh boyyyy! well, i have certainly not seen these before.

completely unrelated..but, i am watching a datsuns video right now..and as it happened so many times before, it is downright odd seeing them on tv. hell yeah.


.....sunday, february 2

10:41:17 PM :: link ::

oh god.
i'm not sure how it happened, but somewhere between last night and waking up this morning afternoon, i've gotten very sick. disgustingly sick. sick, like i might not even make the d4 tomorrow. sick, like..just kill me, i feel awful. i was feeling the beginnings of this yesterday, but i thought it'd go away. well, it didn't. it's very much here, infecting my head. horrible.

so. yeah.
tiswas last night. although i recall having lots of fun, details are hazy. we got there early. mmhmm. we skipped jupiter project. we watched elefant from afar. there was a lack of interest after some guy had told us "see that guy? that's the singer. and THAT is the haircut. he's gonna bring that haircut back. he's going to single handedly revive that haircut." although, that may sound just wasn't. elefant sounded goood from afar. hmm..i think anything would've sounded good at that point. we ditched the elefant devotee and found gerry from aerial love feed. then, i think we watched some elefant closer up. i think.
it's been a million years since last seeing laura. i sorta miss watching a band next to her, with her attempting to "whisper"..although i can hear every word crystal clear OVER the music playing which is often inches away. good times.
the inevitable breakups were certainly nothing special. a rivers cuomo like singer, an asian guitar player, a hot bassist and a non existant drummer. i don't recall seeing him. it was catchy, nice..i suppose. whatever..what's REALLY important is..

the stills!the stills. and how the time it took them to set up..the crowd moved up..literally, physically, etc. as in..people moved up to the front of the stage. what a rarity. there's few places, let alone don hill's..where people will move all the way up to see a somewhat unknown band. i do remember thinking.."why is my finger touching the stage? should i even be this far up?" but looking behind me, it was nice and packed..people were all about the stills.
i do want to hate canadians, trust me, i do. but on rare occasions, those damn canadians hit you with a one, two..and you're like wha! (i'm really sick.) i enjoyed the songs i recognized. i enjoyed the songs i didn't recognize. i enjoyed it all! i'm all about the stills. jesus, i have no way of describing this band with more complicated words..with more imagery, or whatever you'd like. i hardly remember the color of their hair, let alone what atmosphere they provided or what emotions they invoked. (BLASPHEMY!) but what's important is..i was really excited to see them, which i vocally expressed quite a bit..and i wasn't let down.
PLUS, how did i manage to take 50+ pictures? cos i don't even recall taking my camera out of my bag.
after it all ended, we actually figured out who the familiar face was. my "never forget a face" bullshit is pretty creepy. indeed! you know how i get around dancey that's when i'm usually out the door. we zoomed back to the east side, felt much more at home again, and got to 7b. and things got interesting from there. i know susna and abby eventually showed up, after coming from rooney @ maxwell's..but i don't remember seeing them. time flew by pretty quickly. i was talking to random cartoonist bartender for such a long time..about the most bizarre things..but i was thoroughly intrigued. when they closed..the conversation still seemed to be we went over to manitoba's. when they closed..we walked, w/ roopa in arm..and then everything got somber. after leaving us at a ridiculously late felt so late. the bad kind of late! just take me home..put me to bed, and let me feel better. the hours after that are a total blur. but i wonder..if i will ever talk to this dude again.

we had a good time at tiswas..and after tiswas. but there's something bigger that taints everything..and doesn't allow a simple 'good time' to be enough. it's never enough. maybe that's why we go to tiswas, and the million other places we do..and do the things we do to ourselves. i'm just thinking, i'm sick..and i need to get to bed..and i really want to talk to that guy again.
so, d4 then 7b?


.....saturday, february 1

3:46:35 PM :: link ::

..i think i liiiiiike the nightlife!

BUT, i feel absolutely awful right now. i'm tired and my throat is so scratchy, and that won't even stop me from smoking. the only thing keeping me going is the stills tonight, which i'm super excited to see. i woke up in a complete daze w/ the phone ringing and my mother rambling "i'm in a record store, i found these manics cd' you have this? do you have this?" if i wasn't so exhausted, i would've actually found that really sweet.

so last night, was one of those 2 shows in one night things. roopa and i headed over to rare..which was an absolute pain finding..despite it being 2 decimeters from filter 14..(i had no idea!). it's kinda nice in there..i like it. i'd see more shows there. yes, so we saw the star spangles. as we first walked in, we saw a group of kids getting down to beach boys hits. i guess i knew then, it was gonna be one of those nights. after star spangles finished, things were emptying up a we left for 7b. stayed briefly..and then over to arlene grocery..where we bumped into susna and abby on the way. poor susna! couldn't even go to the show, but laid out money for the other two so they could. we make fun of susna but we really love her! yet another id it was just down to roopa and i again.

within 5 minutes of arriving..there were 2 odd sightings.
one: the little man in the hat.
two: ladies and gentlemen, mr. kevin mcginnis.
yeah, and it was pretty damn packed.

after making our way up, we saw 2nd to last band, jonny lives. after a bit of hesitation, we decided we kinda liked this band. just watching them set up, i made the prediction that they'd probably pretty catchy. god, i am good. claudio on drums, brian on bass..and the very very pretty jonny on mic. jonny likes to skip around the stage in his little cowboy boots. jonny likes to make eye contact. jonny likes to play his guitar. alot. jonny likes to lay down on stage and play. jonny may or may not like it when we stare at different "things" during the course of the show. (it couldn't be helped.) jonny likes his hair. no, that's us. jonny's got better hair than most girls i know. dirty blonde w/ highlights..and bouncy as fuck. he must condition like mad. and that is why we like jonny. alot. i wanna go see jonny lives again! i'm so happy finding new stuff to like. listen to some'll dig it.

not to mention, reuniting with my favorite person in the world after not seeing him in a million years! nice, very nice, very nice indeed. tsk tsk.

next, was the band we had come to see..aerial love feed. wow! primal scream fanatics..this one is for you. this band is loud. the sort of loud that doesn't pain your ears..the sort of loud that you crave. they fill every crevice of the room with this massive noise that you can't help but dance to. the last time i had seen this band was two years ago, since i somehow passed up the chance to see them everytime after despite repeated attempts from people, asking me to go. i was impressed, to say the least. you've got a drummer, tracy..who's so fascinating to watch (don't i always say that about girl drummers?), and so adorable..she makes meg white look like a little monkey. she twirls her drumsticks, smiles ALOT..and is just so cute. singer, wade..tall & blonde, adorned with black sunglasses gyrates around the stage and clutches his mic close to mouth, belting out vocals like a shoegazers dream! with the lights extremely dim, and only 2 strobe lights watch them perform going in and out of a daze you don't want to come out of. so, in short..if you haven't seen aerial love feed at least probably should. hot.
because of the darkness, it is unbelievably hard to photograph this band. if you're going can't see anything. it's so much darker than normal. there's not even an option to not use flash. flash = must! i'm not crazy about all flash pictures..but they did come out quite nice.

the end of the night went downhill when the only 3 ghetto kids in the whole place decided to talk to us, endlessly. but you can't knock free drinks.

DUDE..the new video on for brigitte bardot was taken from their show @ the village underground last march. MY VERY FIRST DOPO SHOW. i pressed play and let out a big "awwwww!" i haven't even seen any pictures from that's so cute, i remember how enamoured les and i got that night. the beginning of the end, so to speak.
plus..please, oh my god..please, look at the new gallery. photos from the video shoot for postcard. some noteworthy bits.

  1. our attraction for jordan has been slipping lately. since he's hot and cold and always pissy! right? right. renewed faith.
  2. i'm not sure if i'm happy, sad, or concerned that dave makes for a..hmm..interesting looking woman. we're not really surprised. in the back of our heads, we always knew dave could pull it off.
  3. doesn't adam look absolutely handsome? not hot, the most used word in our english language..but very handsome.
  4. japa hungry? le sigh.

so, needless to say..we MUST see this video. we'll be keeping an eye out in april. hopefully.

we don't like to see boyracer unhappy!

it was fun while it lasted...
Our venue, The Pod, has ceased operations & is locking its doors for good fri @ midnite.
thanx to everybody for coming out & supporting the night.

boyracer, brett, & howie.

* new thurs. rock party @ uncle mings, 225 Ave B w/ dj boyracer & pals, beginning thursday 2/6. 10 pm FREE!

what else could you possibly want to see?!


.....friday, january 31

11:17:40 AM :: link ::

shinky called me last night to bid me farewell. the fact that he said "i'm calling to bid you farewell" was retarded, but so much like him. he's off to amsterdam for a few days..which got me thinking how nice it'd be to visit amsterdam. being decadent in nyc is probably what 10 year olds do over there. i don't know..just a guess.

so julian and albert were on krock?! how come i didn't know? did anyone hear thissss? tell me!
ah, i'm so behind.

and with all of that, i will see you tonight @ star spangles..and for someone else, i will see you tonight w/ some hot hot heat. rarr.


.....thursday, january 30

5:09:00 PM :: link ::

FINALLY, i found out where rare is! fuckin a! i was worried we were going to have wonder the streets aimlessly screaming out names of spangles.

so..looks like, we'll be seeing a carson taping yet again! monday..we're all going to see the d4..w/ ashanti and a baseball player.

and, new realistics dates!

  • february 13th @ pianos
  • march 7th @ mercury lounge w/ the witnesses
  • march 8th @ mercury lounge

wow. could they have picked 2 dates that could be any worse? man, i'd love to go..being that i missed new years' shows and i've been wanting to see them again, but i'm soo going to interpol w/ raveonettes. not much can keep me from going to those shows. after that, the realistics are headed to SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND, and DENMARK. what the hell is going on? the realistics take the cake when it comes to playing at the most unlikeliest locations. well, at their current status. i just find it funny. in 6 months, you're going to go their site and see.."next month, we head to madagascar for 3 sold out rockin' shows!"

courtesy of crashin' in, a a realistics interview, and LOOK! it's the izzys!
i think you're just swell!

from the longwave list:

...Before the band plays NYC at the Mercury Lounge, next Thursday they will be doing a long interview with MTV for a "You Heard It First" segment which will run in March on MTV and MTV2. We'll alert you when this runs. The Longwave video for "Everywhere You Turn" is currently available at and is being submitted to MTV next week.
We're relaunching the web site. Hopefully this will be complete next week. By mid February the store will be up where you'll be able to pre-order the Longwave album "The Strangest Things" and merchandise.
A few weeks after the band finishes touring the UK they begin a US tour, of college campuses on a bill with the Ravonettes, Mooney Suzuki, and White Light Motorcade. The tour billed as the CMJ (College Music Journal) tour starts at the music convention South By Southwest in Austin on March 13. Dates are being worked out. While most shows are on college campuses many of
the shows are open to the public for a very low (5 dollar) ticket price. Further good news is that the shows will be 18 and up. We are very concerned that we're not playing enough all ages shows and we've let our booking agents know that we really prefer playing these. The tour ends in early April in Southern California, and the band will do dates to work their way back East. Dates will be available as soon as we get them at

and, from the okgo list:

A group of fans in Dallas have organized a Ping Pong tournament with OK Go. It takes place tomorrow afternoon (1/31/03) at a coffee shop near the venue. Capacity is limited, but if you'd like to watch OK Go humiliate a bunch of upstarts in a head to head duel, send an email to with DALLAS PING PONG! in the subject line and please include your name.

i thought that was just soo cute!

everyone and their momma has been so entertained by fab & drew! i think it's kinda creepy they're being, on the street. why has fab stopped wearing ratty clothes? this is not the fab we know!

that is all!

face it, you need someone. when you're wasted, it could be anyone.



3:23:06 PM :: link ::

RIA SAYS HI! there's a tiny bit to talk about today.

from what i hear, an episode of third watch was being filmed on avenue a on tuesday. the street was awfully lit up.
yeah so, we all saw dopo at northsix on tuesday. good times, as always. it was good times from the very beginning..with the opening band, the burden of man, singing acoustic little ditties that involved using the word "HONEYSUCKLE" a little too much.
then we saw the izzys, and we were very amused! personally, i quiiite liked them. it was an unstoppable toe tapping, ash flicking on your own shoes good time. i can confirm laura was indeed accurate about the freakishly tall guitar players. but, then again..when have we ever knocked down skinny white boys with great hair? exactly. 2 thumbs up for the izzys! we shall see them at pianos on v day..god knows we got nothing else to do then. boohoo. was all about, surviving through this band, fool (falling out of love). they weren't very good, musically speaking..but they DID have a hot model as a singer which kept you watching them, but again, not very good. THEY'RE NO IZZYS. the alcohol was flowing. i was ready for dopo.
much like the last show @ fez..kevin was looking HOT. is this a new admiration sparking for kevin? uhm, whatever. jordan..well, isn't it always the same now? he was sick? depressed! what's new? miss domino wasn't there..which i thought she would've been..she was kinda growing on me. matt WAS there..but my lovely friends helped me out with my cardiac arrest that he induces. we talked briefly, but it's all the same. blank stares, struggling for words..i am indeed a wreck. ANYHOO..niiice show! roopa danced around, waving cd's above her head while jordan mumbled "rooooopa"..a very useful selling technique.
the place was emptying a bit..but we stuck around for ambulance ltd..cos i had to see them again, i think i'm the only one who likes them. i wish i knew any of their names..but i still don't, so i have to say things like the "lead singer" got really scruffy, and the "guitar player"..(is his name even benjamin?) is indeed..a short valensi w/ psychotic mouth movements..that scared the bejesus out of susna and myself. it's one thing when a drummer's mouth goes a little nutty cos their whole body is moving quite a bit. but this little dude would be standing fairly still and his mouth would contort itself in the ODDEST positions. i make fun, but i love them. yay ambulance!

true romance<=== see full pic

we all got our hands on the long awaited album..true romance. it was agreed that everyone in this picture looks really odd. very unlike themselves. except for jordan perhaps. mcginnis who looks as if he's been stung by a bee or something! yes well..everyone's wearing green velour and saying "i love you" in different languages..and maybe now you'll understand why i love this band so much! go look at some pictures from the show if you want..and a little video clip of the end of the ambulance set, or THE ANGEL AS HE SLEEPS.

moving on..after the show ended, we were trying to figure out how to split one cab with 6 people to back into the city. didn't work. 4 of us dashed into one cab, left the other 2 stranded..but they did end up following right behind us. our cab driver was QUITE the interesting one! we all pleaded with him to go back and get the other two..and he just wouldn't have it! but then the conversation moved onto butt smacking, kinky girls and chez brigitte. it was somewhat scary, but the insane amounts of laughter were good enough. we got to 7b, and just killed alot time. roopa and i went home later and stayed up way too late playing delirious games with music channels. oh yes, and of course..we sampled new dopo..(most of it isn't new)..and we love it!

i had went to bed panicking that i was NEVER going to wake up, or wake her up in time to get out to nbc. luckily, we both woke up pretty early..and had a chance to open our eyes and eat before the day's french kick goodness. the three of us made front row..which was kinda nice. we even saw we walked into the studio. this struck me as a big surprise. why? cos when you're going to see a taping of carson tend to forget the world of finer things, ie big hassle. so, who was on..bridget moynahan, whom may i say..has FREAKISHLY LONG LEGS. perhaps, it was because we were a few inches away..or maybe because of the chairs they sit on. whatever the reason..they were some long legs, i tell you. also david cross, fuckin funny as usual! next, a comedian..greg giraldo who wasn't quite as comical our comedian last week at the interpol taping.
and ah yes..the french kicks come out..and we're all happy. but ask yourself..why do 5 people come onto the stage? then you might ask yourself..why is the drumkit so far back on the stage? THEN, you might ask..why is SOMEONE OTHER THAN NICK STUMPF checking the drums!? and then, you may get very nervous. we've been waiting one whole week to see his happy bouncing head of hair drumming his little heart away..and then our nightmares came true..because NICK DIDN'T DRUM. the dynamic was gone! after all, drummers are the new singers! i watched them perform thinking "who is this band? cos this certainly isn't the french kicks." but, we sorely missed the bright and bouncy singing drummer.
for a second, i thought they were going to play piano, which would've delivered me from the evil of nick just standing there. but no. wrong side and then the cutest cover i've heard since travis did a britney spears song. indeed..they covered be my baby by the ronettes. the cameraman the kneel near the very front were quite fond of our..region. i fear at least one of our faces will make camera..ouch!

we left there..and the short train ride to 2nd ave was PAINSTAKING. laughing til we cried, i mean..cried. simply reflecting on susna's oddities. the little things she does that are outrageously funny. you know..the little things, like the way she runs, talks, and walks. susna is the original matt romano. susna is an old jewish lady. and that is why you love susna. we came up with an idea to document "a day in the life of susna"..for our own pleasure. we'd have enough material to make a documentary and then have some deleted scenes on the dvd. mwahhahahaha! even the susna is the original, the classic one..SUSQUATCH and SUSSY are growing on us. oh dear, how we love our sussy!

we got to 7b after some dinner..and that was interesting! everyone got way too messed up, including miss sussy who was laying on the icy sidewalk by the end of the night. i got harassed by some man who called me arrogant but invited me back to long island for a time "that would rock my world". susna got harassed by three men who wanted back massages for free cigarettes..which eventually led to sexual favors just to get a light. there's nothing quite like susna squealing "I HAVE CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME" while massaging strangers. it was a good time, man. pictures.

spangles this friday!

_______________________________________________________ playing

the kills ...
cat claw
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+ calla televise ...

+ dopo yume true romance ...

+ the donnas spend the night ...

+ simian we are your friends ...

+ idlewild the remote part ...


.....soon playing

@ village underground $10

longwave w/
white light motorcade
@ mercury lounge $10

the donnas w/
okgo & longwave
@ irving plaza

hot socky
@ arlene grocery

supergrass w/ palo alto
@ bowery ballroom
very sold out

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.....always playing

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