In a flash you can become the savior of Gotham City.
One moment you are touring the magnificent mansion of Bruce Wayne, alias Batman. The next moment you join the Batman Adventure to battle against the fiendish Penguin. You’ll pursue the gangster in a death defying chase in a flying Bat-module. When it’s all over, you’ll be relieved that the mad chase only took place in a flight simulator. If you’d rather keep to your seat and just watch, don’t miss the Batman Thrill Spectacular.
Batman Adventure
Join Batman on a breakneck chase through Gotham City.
Min. height 1.10 meter
Prepare yourself for some turbulence in the flight simulator!
Riddler’s Revenge
When Batman's puzzling adversary turns everything on its head, you'd better hold tight. Not for weak nerves.
Min. height 1.40 meter, max. height 1.95 meter
Cartoon Theatre
Meet the famous Warner Bros. cartoon heroes here - great fun for the whole family.
Batman Thrill Spectacular
Batman and his old enemy Two-Face guarantee thrilling battles with action that will determine the fate of Gotham City.

DC Comic Universe
Paradise for comic fans. Even without the big screen, our comic heroes are a huge success here.
Batman Shop
Gotham City Snacks
Pick up a burger and fries for sustenance, and you'll be ready to stand by Batman against the meanest of villains.
Gotham City Ice Creams