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Cover Art Miles Davis
Sketches of Spain
Rating: 10.0

How cool was Miles Davis? Cool enough to create jazz music so powerful it moved even anti-jazz consumers. His music is considered some of the most striking and inventive in history. Just five years after his death in September of 1992, his music is regarded with as much respect as Bach's or Beethoven's and will be remembered for just as long.

Sketches of Spain has finally been re-issued on CD in its original form with one previously unreleased track, "Song of Our Country" and outtakes of the album's centerpiece, "Concierto De Aranjuez," whose Spanish style brass, harps, bassoon and percussion encapsulate the essence of Spain and magnify it to such extremes that you feel as if all you've ever known is Madrid.

One in the award-winning series arranged and conducted by the then underrated Gil Evans, Spain is a beautiful recreation of the country of the same name.

-Ryan Schreiber

10.0: Essential
9.5-9.9: Spectacular
9.0-9.4: Amazing
8.5-8.9: Exceptional; will likely rank among writer's top ten albums of the year
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