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Arrow American Society for Deaf Children
ASDC offers information and resources for parents of children who are deaf.

Arrow Captioned Media Program
The Captioned Media Program is a FREE video lending program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and administered by the NAD (National Association of the Deaf). The program provides videos which are "open-captioned," meaning they will display the English text of the soundtrack with any TV/VCR. No special decoder-device is necessary.

Center for Demographics and Assessment - See Gallaudet Research Institute.

Arrow Central Institute of the Deaf
Affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis, MO, CID is a school for hearing impaired children as well as a clinic for treating and researching hearing disorders and deafness.

Arrow Closed Captioning Web
Offers a thorough overview of closed captioning.

Arrow Cochlear Implant Association Inc.
CIAI is a non-profit organization for cochlear implant recipients, their families, professionals, and other individuals interested in cochlear implants.  The Association provides support and information and access to local support groups for adults and children who have cochlear implants, or who are interested in learning about cochlear implants.

Arrow DeafWeb Washington

Arrow Deaf World Web
"The Deaf World Web is the largest and leading multi-purpose deaf-related Website, providing information on all subjects from Socio-Cultural Resources to References around the world."  A great portal to international deaf resources on the Web!

Arrow Deafness/Hard of Hearing Links -
An GuideSite™ that features links to information of interest to members of the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Maintained by audiologist Robert J. Olsson, M.D., this site offers information on audiologists and hearing aids as well as other issues of importance to people with hearing problems and their friends and family.   Check out the hearing aid selection pages that walk you through the key questions you need to answer when deciding which hearing aid best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Arrow Focus on Hearing
An informational site with links and othr resources for deaf people, their parents and family members, and their friends.  The site was founded by a parent of two deadf children, and it advocates changing the laws on insurance coverage for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Arrow Florida Association of the Deaf
A not for profit organization for the welfare and advancement of the Deaf. Organized in 1917 and chartered in 1951, the association is a cooperating member of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD).

Arrow Gallaudet Research Institute (GRI)
The research arm of Gallaudet University (see next resource), GRI researchers gather and analyze data concerning the demographic and academic characteristics of deaf and hard of hearing populations, primarily to provide information needed by educators in the field.   The site offers GRI's publications for sale and you can learn more about the Institues's activities.

Arrow Gallaudet University
The world's only university for deaf and hard of hearing undergraduate students. Graduate degree programs and continuing education courses are available to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students.

Sponsored by Audiotech, a hearing healthcare firm, provides information on products for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The site also has a variety of other resources including a links page and a listing of books and videos.

Arrow is an online community where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can come to exchange of ideas and information on hearing loss.  It offers several information resources including an "Ask the Expert" forum where people can ask questions on such topics as special education and parenting; an events calendar with local and national conferences; and an area where users can post their resumes and potential employers can review them.  The site also offers news items on new products and other issues concerning the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Arrow Hearnet
The award winning site from H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers), a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels. 

Arrow Independent Hearing Aid Information
From audiologist Dr. Robert Olsson, this site advertises itself as " the only fully independent hearing aid information site on the Internet."  Full of useful information to aid in the buying decision for a hearing aid.

Arrow Info to Go - National Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse
Fomerly known as the National Information Center on Deafness, Info to Go "is a centralized source of accurate, up-to-date, objective information on topics dealing with deafness and hearing loss. NICD responds to a wide range of questions received from the general public, deaf and hard of hearing people, their families, and professionals who work with them. NICD collects, develops, and disseminates information on deafness, hearing loss, and services and programs related to people with hearing loss."  Info to Go is part of the National Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse at Gallaudet University.

Arrow Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation MassRelay (MA Relay Service)      

 Relay Numbers

Universal Access
TTY 900 Relay
International Relay Access

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation National Association of the Deaf
NAD's homepage is a good place to catch up with some of the latest news relating to the deaf community.  You can also explore the resources that NAD has to offer its members and the general public.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation National Fraternal Society of the Deaf
". . . the only life insurance/social service organization in the world run exclusively by deaf and hard of hearing people for deaf and hard of hearing people and their families."

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
One of the National Institutes of Health (NIH),the NIDCD conducts and supports biomedical and behavioral research and research training in normal and disordered processes of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech and language. The Institute also conducts and supports research and research training in disease prevention and health promotion and the special biomedical and behavioral problems associated with people having communication impairments and disorders.  Don't forget to explore all of the information resources like The NIDCD Information Clearinghouse and the The NIDCD Directory of National Organizations of and for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Arrow  The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Hearing Enhancement - Lexington Center for the Deaf

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Remote Realtime Online Captioning Service
The North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities make available this service which offers accommodation for people with a wide variety of learning, language, and hearing disabilities. The remote realtime captioning system needs no third party software, encoders or dual phone lines to work.  Everything is transferred over the Internet with specially designed software.  The speaker (teacher, lecturer, presenter) uses a wireless lapel microphone which transmits audio to a computer. The computer digitizes the audio and transmits it over the Internet to a remote captionist who transcribes it and sends it back to the presentation location where it is projected on the user's computer screen.  Price information is available at the site.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. (SHHH)
SHHH is a consumer, educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of those who cannot hear well, their relatives and friends.   They offer some very useful on-line information and a wide variety of publichations (see below).

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation TDI (formerly known as Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.)
TDI (formerly known as Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.) was established in 1968 originally to promote further distribution of TTYs in the deaf community and to publish an annual national directory of TTY numbers. Today, it is an active national advocacy organization focusing its energies and resources to address equal access issues in telecommunications and media for four constituencies in deafness and hearing loss, specifically people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, or deaf-blind.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation U.S.A. Deaf Sports Federation
The organizer of the Deaf Games is an “umbrella” organization representing about 20 affiliated deaf national sports organizations.  USADSF was formerly known as the American Athletic Association of the Deaf and is affiliated with the U.S. Olympic Committee.  This site doesn't offer much information on the Federation but you can keep up with the latest deaf sporting events.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Persons Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (RT-31)
Funded in 1981 by NIDRR, RT-31 conducts research and training designed to enhance the rehabilitation outcomes of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. RT-31 provides training and technical assistance to state agencies, community-based programs, and consumers. Center faculty also maintain a continuing involvement in the preservice training of rehabilitation graduate students by overseeing two Masters of Science programs, supported by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). These two long-term training projects are designed to prepare graduates with knowledge and expertise in the provision of vocational rehabilitation/independent living skills training with deaf and hard of hearing persons.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Where do we go from Hear?
A site designed specifically for the parents of deaf children by a parent of a deaf child.




Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation ABLEDATA Informed Consumer's Guide to Assistive Technology for People with Hearing Disabilities.  

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Deaf Life
A nonprofit magazine produced by deaf people for both deaf and hearing people.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation DeafDigest
Barry Strassler's Deaf Digest covers issues affecting the deaf comunity.  It is a free weekly e-mail newsletter.  Some content from the current issue is available online.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation The Frat
From the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf, this quarterly newsletter updates people who are deaf or hard of hearing on insurance issues.  This link goes to the benefits page of the Society's website from which you can access and Acrobat (.pdf) version of the latest issue.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Hearing Health
A bimonthly magazine "designed for people who experience any degree of hearing loss, tinnitus, or other ear disorder."  Check out the "Assistive Devices" section in each issue.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Hearing Loss
The major publication of SHHH, Hearing Loss is a bimonthly journal containing regular columns and feature articles on a variety of topics of interest to people who live with hearing loss.  As of May, 1999, there was little on-line content, but there is a good description of the regulare content, and they do say that they will be adding on-line content soon.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation HiP Magazine
A bimonthly magazine "for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids and their pals."

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation NAD E-zine
A monthly magazine that contains excerpts from the NAD Broadcaster print magazine from the National Association of the Deaf.  This goes to a page that contains archives of the e-zine.  From this page you can order e-mail copies of the latest issues from NAD.


Books and Other Publications

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) established the Hereditary Hearing Impairment Resource Registry (HHIRR) to become an educational resource, as well as a resource in the study of genetic hearing impairment and deafness. The HHIRR offers two publications pertaining to hearing impairment:

For more information about the organization and the newsletters, contact:

55 North 30th Street,
Omaha, NE 68131-9909.
Phone:  800-320-1171 V/TT;
Fax:  402-498-6331;

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Silent Word Update:   is distributed by Silent Word Media Resources, Inc. which provides Christian education and communication resources for people who are deaf and hard of hearing and is an advocate for the needs of people who are deaf and hard of hearing with the church and society.  Contact:

Silent Word Media Resources, Inc.
7400 W Augusta Blvd. #24-s,
River Forest, Illinois 60305-1499.
Phone:  800/651-8292 V/TTY .
Read it online at

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Publications Catalog
SHHH offers various types of books, journals, resource guides, videos, etc. relating to hearing loss.

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation The Metropolitan Washington Telecommunication Directory for the Deaf, Inc. (MWTDD) publishes a comprehensive directory of resources for people in the deaf and hard of hearing community.  It is the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Yellow Book and it made its debut in February 1996.  This book identifies all national, state, and local agencies, associations, clubs, educational institutions, government agencies, organizations, and publications serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  The directory includes phone numbers - TTY and voice, fax numbers, electronic bulletin board and e-mail addresses, as well as listing of publications, editors and information on advertising.  The pre-publication price is $29.95 including shipping and handling.  Contact:

MWTDD, Inc.,
814 Thayer Ave., Suite 303,
Silver Spring, MD 20910.
TTY:  301-585-DEAF [3323]
Fax:  301-585-3324

Arrow linking to Seven Hills Foundation DEAFology 101 - Deaf Culture As Seen Through the Eyes of a Deaf Comedian

Deaf comedian Ken Glickman has produced several books which offer humorous insights into deaf culture.  You can order the books from his site.



ALDS, Inc.
Assistive Technologies UK
Audiology Products
The Caption Center
Communication Products & Equipment Company

Communications Unlimited
Contact Assistive Technology
CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
The Deafworks Co.
E.A.R.S. USA Inc.
HARC Mercantile Ltd.
Harris Communications, Inc.

Independent Living Aids, Inc.
Krown Manufacturing Company
Micro Audiometrics Corp.
National Assistive Device Center
NFSS Communications
Nxi Communications, Inc.
Phoenix Managements, Inc. - Hatis Systems
Phone-TTY Inc.
Phone Merchants
Phonic Ear, Inc.
Positron Industries, Inc.
Potomac Technologies
Sennheiser Electronic Corp.
SoundBytes: Hearing Enhancement
Technology Assessment Program/ Gallaudet Univ.
Trinity Software
TTY Technologies



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