January 31st , 2002 


Super Brawl Super Stars
"Egan Inoue Returns"
Airs in Prime Time!

Press Release: A one hour special featuring an in depth look into the life of Mixed Martial Arts fighter Egan Inoue will air 5 times in the next week. Hawaii local WB affiliate, K5 will be airing Super Brawl Super Stars "Egan Inoue Returns" on Saturday night at 9pm, immediately following the much anticipated University of Hawaii basketball game versus rival Tulsa. K5 will also air this special on Wed. night at 9pm. The show will be repeated Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday night at 12:30pm.

The one hour show will feature interviews, lifestyle segments on Egan Inoue, as well as three complete fights including the never before aired battle between Egan Inoue v Martijn De Jong. The show will also have a short feature on Super Brawl Super Star, Falaniko Vitale.

All airings should help fill the Blaisdell Arena on Saturday night, Feb 8, when Egan Inoue will fight Japan's Yukiya Naito.

Watch MMAWeekly TV today and listen what Egan had to say "IN THE CAGE"

A REAL FIGHT PART II by Will Hammond

Josh Haynes is the Full Contact Fighting Federation HWT Champ! He has stepped in to a MMA cage and walked out with the championship belt. THAT WAS EASY, compared to the fight he is in every single day, you see 6 months ago, Josh's 16 month old son Thor, was diagnosed with brain cancer. He immediately had to have a tumor removed from his brain, a cancerous growth 1/2 the size of man's fist was taken out, and Thor fought through it. Thor Haynes is a fighter just like his Dad, and so far has fought off the cancer, and continues to fight through the chemotherapy on a regular basis.

I met Josh Haynes in the locker-room the hours before we both made out debut fights, even though we are both heavyweights who were likely to face one another someday, we became fast friends. Josh has insurance, but even with insurance his share of the bills is already well over $300,000. A small price to pay for your son’s life, but a huge mounting bill none-the-less.

Anthony Hamlett (Former Hook & Shoot 145lbs Champ) has organized a fighting promotion to assist Josh's family through this financial hardship. "Fighting against Cancer" will be held February 15th at the Boys and Girls Center in Portland Oregon. 10% of the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club, all the rest will go to the Haynes family. All fighters, judges, workers, etc. will be donating their time and their efforts that night.

We are looking for sponsors and donations, we have a charity fund set up, and donations can be made through the PAY-PAL account ThorHaynes@charter.net All donor/sponsors over $100 will be recognized on a banner the night of the event!

If you are TIRED of hearing all the bad things about our sport, then this is a time to pull together, and give young Thor Haynes a chance to win a fight that we have all been lucky enough to avoid!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Fight on!

Will "BIG Medicine" Hammond


Being the last day of January we thought we would show you the rankings from this past month. Remember these results were before the UCC event featuring Jens Pulver and Duane Bang Ludwig.

If your new to the poll, MMAWeekly.com is proud to present the MMA Top 10 Fighters and Broadcasters Poll. We have some great polls out there, but never before has one poll involved the fighters. The fighters fight some of the best out there and who should know better than the fighters themselves of who is the best in the business. Here are the results from January.


1. Minotauro Nogueira - 108 Points - (9 first place votes)

2. Josh Barnett - 95 Points (2 first place vote)

3. Ricco Rodriguez - 83 Points

4. Randy Couture - 69Points

5. Emelianenko Fedor - 57 Points

6. Heath Herring - 45 Points

7. Vladimir Matyushenko - 34 Points

8. Pedro Rizzo - 24 Points

9. Mario Sperry - 20 Points

10. Tim Sylvia - 19 Points

Others receiving votes - Igor Vovchachin 14 Points, Gan McGee 12 Points, Semmy Schilt 10 Points, Mark Coleman 6 Points, Wes Simms 1 Point


1. Tito Ortiz - 104 Points (8 first place votes)

2. Chuck Liddell - 102 Points (3 first place vote)

3. Vanderlei Silva - 86 Points (1 first place vote)

4. Ricardo Arona - 65 Points

5. Dan Henderson - 57 Points

6. Jeremy Horn - 47 Points

7. Vitor Belfort - 38 Points

8. Murilo Ninja Rua - 35 Points

9. Kevin Randleman - 33 Points

10. Quinton Jackson - 20 Points

Others receiving votes - Evan Tanner 14 Points, Marvin Eastman 9 Points, Vernon Tiger White 6 Points, Rich Franklin 5 Points,


1. Murilo Bustamante - 109 Points (10 first place votes)

2. Matt Lindland - 89 Points

3. Phil Baroni - 78 Points

4. Anderson Silva - 69 Points

5. Kaz Sakuraba - 57 Points

6. Pele Landi - 41 Points

7. Dave Menne - 32 Points

8. Paulo Filho - 29 Points

9. Ivan Salaverry - 28 Points

10. David Loiseau - 23 Points

Others receiving votes - Renzo Gracie 15 Points, Phillip Miller 13 Points, Jorge Riviera 12 Points, Tony Fryklund 7 Points, Jermaine Andre 6 Points, Dustin Denes 2 Points, Amar Suloev 2 Points,


1. Matt Hughes 110 Points (10 first place votes)

2. Carlos Newton - 99 Points

3. Sean Sherk - 86 Points

4. Pat Miletich - 40 Points

5. Hayato Sakurai - 39 Points

6. Frank Trigg - 36 Points

Tie - Robbie Lawler 36 Points

8. Nathan Marquardt - 26 Points

9. Dennis Hallman - 17 Points

10. Tetsugi Kato - 16 Points

Others receiving votes - Jason Black - 15 pts, Shonie Carter - 14 pts, Gil Castillo 13 pts, John Alessio 12 pts, Tony DeSouza - 3pts, Aaron Riley- 3 pts, Robbie Arum - 2 pts


1. Jens Pulver - 102 Points (7 first place votes)

2. Takanori Gomi - 99 Points (2 first place votes)

3. BJ Penn - 98 points (1 first place vote)

4. Caol Uno - 64 Points

5. Matt Serra - 48 Points

Tie - Genki Sudo - 48 Points

7. Din Thomas - 42 Points

8. Javier Vasquez - 36 Points

9. Dokonjonosuke Mishima - 17 Points

Tie - Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro - 17 Points

Other votes - Josh Thompson - 10 Pts; Ryan Bow - 8 pts; Yves Edwards - 7 pts; Rumina Sato - 5 Points, Hermes Franca 2 Points, Rich Clementi - 2 pts, Alberto Crane - 1 point

Fighters who voted - Chris Brennan, Pat Miletich, Matt Lindland, Steve Berger, Evan Tanner, Sean Sherk; Din Thomas; Dan Henderson, Yves Edwards, Pete Spratt, John Alessio, David Loiseau. If you are a fighter who wants to vote and has fought in the UFC ,Pride,Hook N Shoot, Shooto, Pancrase or UCC please email media consultant ryanbennett@mmaweekly.com

Broadcasters who voted - Eddie Rolon - Commentator for King of the Cage; Jeff Osborne - Broadcaster on Hook N Shoot and UFC; Ryan Bennett - Has worked with UFC, IFC and World Extreme Cagefighting, Monte Cox - Extreme Challenge, J.T. McCarthy - UCC and Joe Ferraro UCC.

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MMAWeekly’s Tim Spagnola is back with another installment of “Names in the Game” and this week we feature current Hook n Shoot Champion Jorge Rivera. The former street fighter talks about his MMA background, victory over UFC Heavyweight Tim Sylvia, and drive to be the best in the sport. With an impressive 10-1 record and powerful striking ability, most feel it is only a matter of time till fans see Rivera in the Octagon. MMAWeekly is proud to spotlight Jorge Rivera as this week’s Name in the Game.


Okay Jorge, thanks again for taking the time to speak with MMAWeekly. Can you tell us a bit about your MMA background? What first got you involved with the sport?


My MMA background is pretty simple... I was watching the UFC and loved it, and thought if only I could do that. I met Jason Delucia shortly after that through a mutual friend and began training with him.


And today? Who are you currently training and working with?


I currently train at the Massachusetts Submission Academy with Keith Rockel, Pat Barberie and Doug Colenda amongst others.


Now going back to something you mentioned earlier. What was it like to have the insight in learning and working early on with someone like UFC veteran Jason Delucia?


Training with Jason was intense. He is an intense individual and took his training serious, so for the most part, most of the times training with him was no joke.


Now you have fought in several good promotions, including HooknShoot, USMMA and Fightzone, but your last fight was in Cage Warriors Fighting Championships in London. How was that overall experience?


Fighting for all of these organizations has been a pleasure and I'd do

it again. London was great... Doug Trueman is a great guy and promoter and is trying to make things happen over in the U.K. He is definitely on the right path and I'm looking forward to possibly visiting there again... we'll see.


That is great news for U.K. MMA fans. Now you defeated Andy Lagden with the submission, but most fear your powerful strikes. Would you say that this is your biggest strength at this stage of your training?


The knockouts have been cool, but I train for everything. I've just been fortunate enough to win by the KO or TKO.


What is the one area of your game that you are really focusing on to improve?


The whole thing needs improvement and lots of it. I am nowhere near where I'd like to be, so there is plenty of work to be done everywhere.


You currently hold the Hook n Shoot Light Heavyweight title, does

that add any extra pressure going into a fight?


No not really because the titles don't fight for you... you fight for them. The nerves and butterflies are always there, but pressure?...No not yet.


Now UFC President Dana White, HnS Promoter Jeff Osborne, and countless fans have all been talking on the Internet about seeing you in the Octagon. When can fans expect to see Jorge Rivera in the UFC?


You'll have to get with them on that one. I would like to be there in the near future...we will see.


I mean you look over your weight division and there are a lot of impressive names out there. We asked fans if they had any questions for you Jorge and most were interested on your thoughts of your competitive and exciting light heavyweight division.


I'll be fighting at 185lbs. When I'm training for a fight my weight doesn't go over 195lbs. I'd just rather fight at 185lbs. I think it would benefit me better.


So any thoughts on names like Bustamante, Baroni, or Lindland?


All of the above are great fighters and I enjoy watching them fight.


Speaking of the UFC, MMA fans might not be aware of the fact, but early in your career you had a win over Tim Sylvia right? Any thoughts on his upcoming fight for the title?


Tim is an awesome guy with a big heart and I wish him the best. That would be cool to see him with the title. Just to think that we started at RIVT cracks me up some times. What up Tim?


So any word on upcoming fights? HnS title defenses??


No, not now.


Well like most fans, I look forward to your next fight. Before we let you go, what are your goals overall in this sport?


To be the best that I can be.


Well said. Lastly, anything you would like to say to your fans?


Thank you for your love and support. I look forward to the next one.

Take care and God Bless.


Thanks for taking the time again to talk with MMAWeekly Jorge.


Tim, thanks for your time and effort, and for having an interest in me.

Anytime man...take care