Jusenkyou Waters

Crazy teachers, Vicious friends, Mixed-up Fiancées and Cursed Springs

Just how you remembered your teenage years...
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Shampoo says hello!Jusenkyou Waters is a Role-playing PBeM dedicated to the anime spirit prevalent in Ranma 1/2.

Based off the world of Rumiko Takahashi's RANMA NIBUNNOICHI, Jusenkyou Waters is a place where characters mix and mingle in a neighbourhood that is filled with insanity. Nerima, Japan is a small suburb just outside of Tokyo, where psychotic skaters, shape changing lost boys, perverted martial artists, hydro-morphic men and homicidal tomboys make up your typical day.

However, Jusenkyou Waters is a bit of a trip outside of your standard day in Nerima. The characters that make up this Nerima don't exist in Takahashi's world and made up from the hearts and sometimes crazy minds of the players.

Welcome to a place where Martial Artists battle to the death for the heart of the fiancée of their choice. Where having fun with water can take on serious meanings. Where the world is filled with crazy Amazon warrioresses, near-sighted ducks, egotistical kendoists, and the best martial arts rhythmic gymnastics team this side of the International dateline.

Welcome to the world of Jusenkyou Waters!

GM: Nox Thanatos (ameai@hotmail.com)

Yahoo!Groups Location: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jusenkyou


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Well, I'm back from recovering from surgery - slight pain, but I can get back to updates, character reviews and most importantly - the story itself. Gambatte Mina-sama!

Well, things have been busy as of late, no? Did some 'house cleaning' as it were with some characters, and things are moving along at a nice pace. The website will undergo minor constructive surgery over the next little while (as to be expected.) I send greetings to all our most recent applicants. ^^

Well, the issue of how we proceed is on the table, I expect some replies ladies and gentlemen. Minor fixes to the site have been done. Will be cleaning house with characters, and of course the issue to begin from the top. ^^