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Half-Filled Objects:
This is a list of all objects that are still have room for others to sign up.
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1. Anything Oriental!
(1 out of 10 spots filled)
I need contributions ASAP (before Valentines Day!!) I want to deco a few things for my brother... see more

2. End of My Journey Here
(1 out of 30 spots filled)
I have decided to leave nervousness. This object is for those that want to keep in touch. See descritption for more details. see more

3. angels for an angel...
(4 out of 25 spots filled)
help me surround my aunt with angels... see more

(6 out of 20 spots filled)
tell me how you show you're gay, or keep it quiet see more

5. secret music swap
(2 out of 5 spots filled)
music you keep secret..that old barrymanilow or brittany spears song you lpove?? fess up!! Will trade cds with you. see more

6. Unity zine comp- part two
(3 out of 50 spots filled)
A body postive (all body types) zine. see more

7. Veggie Recipes
(10 out of 20 spots filled)
Send me your favorite vegetarian recipes. I will copy them and turn them into a veggie cooking magazine :) Everyone will get a copy. see more

(5 out of 10 spots filled)
Fill a notebook with tales/pictures/collages/whatever of your rock star experiences. see more

(0 out of 15 spots filled)
an ATC swap that is themed "BIG CATS". send some and recieve some. see more

10. The Fresh Sound...
(4 out of 10 spots filled)
Have a local band you love? Want to hear some local music from other places? This is the place... see more

11. Virgin Suicides Art
(1 out of 15 spots filled)
Send me something you wrote, drew, made, anything that reminds you of the fabulous movie and book The Virgin Suicides. see more

12. wedding ideas*online
(2 out of 30 spots filled)
online wedding ideas see more

13. Decorated Notebook/Journal
(4 out of 10 spots filled)
SIGN UP DEADLINE FEB 9th 2003 I need a new journal/diary, But I don't want something boring! Do you need a new one too? see more

14. Selfportrait
(4 out of 20 spots filled)
An edited photograph, a painting, collage, whatever! As long as it's you... see more

15. ~~International~Event~Calendar
(1 out of 50 spots filled)
please send me a list from events in your town, province, state/country (like parades, music and theater festivals, mardi grass, and habits and customs) which recurrent take place there. please write a little about the history from the events and include newspaper articles ( or when you have photos) too. let us celebrate together~~~~~~~~ see more

16. Do you love Lucy?
(0 out of 20 spots filled)
My little sister looooooves "I Love Lucy" - and she's graduating high school this year, so I'd like to do something cool for her. *no feedback required* see more

17. design zine
(3 out of 25 spots filled)
A zine of design work. Anything you want. Text. Graphics. Drawings. see more

18. Traveling Scrapbook...take 2
(14 out of 25 spots filled)
An empty scrapbook needs your love! see more

19. This is a box...
(15 out of 30 spots filled)
Not a box.A blank notebook. see more

(2 out of 50 spots filled)
can you knit? can you take pity on a boy who is now attending a boarding school with a much colder climate? if so, HELP!! see more

21. NIX THE EX!!!
(0 out of 50 spots filled)
send me a rant about the most wretched ex-girl/boyfriend you've ever had!! see more

22. the letter unsent
(0 out of 50 spots filled)
finally do something with those letters you don't quite dare send! see more

23. seed exchange
(6 out of 10 spots filled)
Send in 3 types of seeds (herbs/flowers, annuals/perennials), get 3 different types in return. *no feedback required* see more

24. A Knit Hat Experiment
(4 out of 9 spots filled)
everyone sends me yarn remnants, i send em out, we each make a hat and send it to someone else... (xposted to knitting on livejournal, we have about 5 participants from there so far!) see more

25. Mona's Moustache ATC Swap
(3 out of 20 spots filled)
Make ATCs with your own "spin" on classic works of art see more

26. Funky, Chunky, Warm Wool Yarn
(3 out of 10 spots filled)
Are you tired of looking at the same old yarn, and wish that you could have a bit of variety without a large monetary impact? This swap is for you! see more

27. big book of pet peeves
(24 out of 30 spots filled)
i want to send out a journal and let people let loose on what REALLY gets under their skin. tell me what bugs the heck out of you. see more

28. {Traveling wishes}
(5 out of 10 spots filled)
Not a journal, nor a collection.. a family!>>sent out. still traveling<< see more

29. *Doodle ATCs #2*
(13 out of 20 spots filled)
do you doodle? do you make ATCs? well then come here & sign up for this LMAO! see more

30. Flag ATC'S
(5 out of 10 spots filled)
Make atc's that look like flags see more

31. music to blog to
(4 out of 5 spots filled)
send me a CD of the music you have mentioned in you online journal w/ the addy to your journal....get 5 different CDs and 5 different blog addresses in return see more

32. musique!
(8 out of 15 spots filled)
this journal is all about music! add a mix disc/tape, write in lyrics, make collages, anything dealing with what rocks your world.going out feb 7 see more

33. Reindeer in need of a holiday
(4 out of 15 spots filled)
A good friend who is obsessed with receiving post is feeling a little down, and is in need of a little winter warmth - so I'm sending her cuddly reindeer on holiday *around the world* to find some(and possibly some snow) and send photos back. If you live in a city with famous landmarks,or can take/send it there,I'd be ever so grateful. see more

34. Picture your song ATC's
(6 out of 20 spots filled)
Make a picture/collage of your favorite song title. see more

35. Luv Sux
(0 out of 20 spots filled)
Do to your ex what you've always wanted to! see more

36. 100 Dreams
(26 out of 50 spots filled)
A book with one hundred pages, to be filled with one hundred dreams; not the kind you have when you sleep, the kind you want for someday. Maybe you want to visit the edge of a volcano in Figi. Or maybe you want to raise your own goats and make cheese. Tell me about it in words, pictures, anything that fits on two facing pages of a notebook (OK, there are a few restrictions. But they're not bad). see more

37. Recipes within the Peace Tr
(1 out of 30 spots filled)
send me by post, or email, recipes that are your favourites, or that are associated with a ritual of some kind. Include information about this ritual if possible.. for instance the National Dish of countries around the world, or the whole fish eaten at the changeover of a Chinese New Year. The Peace Train needs a Dining Carriage too. see more

38. magnets and such
(6 out of 20 spots filled)
i'm moving into a new apartment for the first time and i have a whole new kitchen to redecorate. its a really large place, so large its got 2 refridgerators (there are also 4 roomies though) send me some magnets for my (and my roomates) new kitchen and i'll send you some goodies like maybe some local boston rock or some fun postcards. thanks! see more

39. WAR is not healthy!!
(5 out of 50 spots filled)
write poems, feelings, essays on why war is not healty for children and other living things, just anything!!!!!for the anti-war effort see more

40. Wedding Bells!
(1 out of 50 spots filled)
I'm getting married! Send me ideas! See inside... see more

41. Card Shower-
(2 out of 50 spots filled)
I would love for you to please help out a family in my town. The O'donell family. James (the father died today) and he was a really big part of my town and community. I would really appericate it and so would the family if you could please send it to Odonnell Family 316 S 5th St Hannibal, MO 63401 see more

42. I *Heart* Portland, Oregon!
(3 out of 15 spots filled)
This one is for you Portlanders (?) in Oregon. I'm debating whether or not I want to move there in the future.. help me decide! (your submission=free zine) see more

(11 out of 30 spots filled)

44. Summer Memories
(9 out of 10 spots filled)
This is just a fun traveling notebook where you can reminisce about the past summer or a favorite summer years ago. Bright, cheery fun! see more

45. {asian journal}
(3 out of 20 spots filled)
another traveling journal with an asian theme. >>sent out. still traveling.<< see more

46. Random Acts of Decos
(11 out of 25 spots filled)
Randomly send decos to users signed up + receive random decos! Sent 2 packages of decos today (veow + zmom) 02/06 see more

47. Image Transfer Swap
(3 out of 7 spots filled)
A swap of image transfers! Send collage materials made with a transfer technique any techniques (polaroid, solvent, inkjet, packaging tape, acrylic medium, or?) Also if you want to send a little info about your process, that would be great. I know a few techniques but would love to know more. see more

(6 out of 7 spots filled)
Decorate chopsticks.. send to me... and get one back see more

49. {The Water is Wide: a journal}
(7 out of 10 spots filled)
an art journal about a traditional folk song. see more

50. kitty kitty
(10 out of 15 spots filled)
a notebook to be sent around for u to darw or add photos and stories of ur cat. see more

51. Help an ATC newbie
(5 out of 15 spots filled)
I've never seen an ATC! Please, someone show me what they are. see more

52. Birthday Calandar
(7 out of 50 spots filled)
A collection of birthdays...Send me a card(postcard, note card, whatever) with your name, nness name, birthday, addy, and anything else you want to add.... I will create a "calendar" of birthdays so that we can send each other cards. PRESIGNUPS WELCOME!!! see more

53. Scratch Out My Eyes ZINE
(5 out of 50 spots filled)
Scratch out my Eyes Zine. Issue 2. CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED! poetry, drawings, short stories, photography, funny stories, ramblings..etc.. anything goes. see more

54. Tearjerkers & hankies
(2 out of 5 spots filled)
This is a book RR with a twist. Choose your favorite book that made you cry the first time you read it, and send it,along with a vintage or handmade hankie to the next person on the list... see more

55. Peice Book
(3 out of 10 spots filled)
Do you like graphiti? Send pictures or create your own graph peice. When I receive all, I'll create peice books and send out to all participants. see more

56. Fight WAR, not WARS
(12 out of 15 spots filled)
A notebook to add your thoughts and feelings on the upcoming war. see more

57. Boardum on Cruise
(1 out of 5 spots filled)
only for usa ppl please.thanks... see more

58. Daydreams and Nightmares
(19 out of 20 spots filled)
What do you want the most? What are you afraid of? see more

59. The Letter
(3 out of 50 spots filled)
The one letter that changed your life, the love letter you never sent, the letter you never should have written. Send me this letter by email and tell me what it means to you. I will send the complete file to all participants. see more

(8 out of 15 spots filled)
I was born on Febuary 29th.. LEAP YEAR.. it only comes ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS!! This year.. I don't have a birthday!! AND I'M GOING TO BE 19.. HELP MAKE THIS A SPECIAL YEAR FOR ME PLEASE!! see more

61. Cheese Dough #2
(10 out of 50 spots filled)
A collection of stories relating to DIY projects, thrifting, yard sales, going to auctions, pen paling, DIY & penpaling website & zine reviews, etc etc etc. This is going to be the next issue of Cheese Dough #2. see more

62. Fonty Fonts Fonts
(19 out of 50 spots filled)
You send me your handwriting & a small present for me, and I'll make you a Windows only font just for you!! see more

63. Talk To The Tape - ressurected
(2 out of 8 spots filled)
Instead of a notebook, its a "blank" tape... you get it, you talk to it for a few minutes, listen to what other people said if you want, and send it on! :) (You must have a tape recorder of some kind to join!) ** You MUST have at least 20 feedback points to join ** this was kept for a few months at one point and I don't want that to happen again :) see more

64. V-Day Mix CD- Songs needed!
(6 out of 10 spots filled)
An online lmao. I'm making a cd for my new boyfriend for V-Day and I need your help! see more

65. Help start a zine community!
(5 out of 50 spots filled)
I'm starting a zine library because the zine community around here is 99.38% non-existant. Send in your unwanted and bulk zines and receive something special for your valued contribution! see more

66. Black writers
(14 out of 15 spots filled)
*ONLINE ONLY* Do you know of any good African American writers? see more

67. Random Valentine's Goodness II
(14 out of 20 spots filled)
PART II: Sign up ... choose one or more of your favorite nervousness folks (or choose someone completely random!) and send them a surprise goodie for Valentine's Day! see more

68. Chinese New Year Mail Art
(4 out of 7 spots filled)
for more information log onto: http://www.new-year.co.uk/chinese/year.htm or http://www.afk.com/resources/tenideas.tmpl$search?db=AFKStore.db&cart=302250303156961 see more

69. What you see in Frida
(3 out of 10 spots filled)
Paint, draw or whatever an image of Frida Kahlo! see more

70. Mandala ATCs
(17 out of 20 spots filled)
Create 5 ATCs with a mandala, or circle, as the main motif. Draw, paint, computer generate, photo, whatever -- within the circle. You can utilize the background also. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Send to me, I'll redistribute to all. see more

(7 out of 15 spots filled)
Create 5 ATCs with images of flamingos on them. see more

72. pink, blue and purple paint!
(5 out of 8 spots filled)
We're going to make handpainted handmade postcards with blue, pink, and purple paint only :) (You can use black, white or silver if you need to outline or draw something but mainly blue, pink and purple) Send me your postcard you painted and I'll send you one back! When I get them all I'll post a picture of what everyone did! see more

73. SciFi/Fantasy Bookbox
(5 out of 15 spots filled)
A big box of paperback books, registered at bookcrossing.com. Take what books you like and replace with an equal number of books that are registered at bookcrossing. with bubbles (#1) see more

74. wish thacornerstore well
(21 out of 50 spots filled)
tiffanie's father died yesterday; please send her some well wishes. see more

75. ~~~van-Gogh Impressions~~~
(2 out of 25 spots filled)
spring and summer will coming soon. please try to take a van-Gogh inspired photo. fields, poppies, sunflowers etc. I will include a leaflet from the van-gogh exhibition, which I visited last week. see more

76. ~~~ Central Stations~~~
(3 out of 25 spots filled)
please take a photo from interesting central stations. see more

(3 out of 50 spots filled)
my great love are steam locomotives and old historical trains. please help me to make a guide about this trains in the world. when you have old or museums trains in your town/state/country please send me leaflets from the museums and photos (postcards) from the engines . I SEND YOU A STEAM LICENSE DOCUMENT WITH YOUR NAME BACK see more

(6 out of 10 spots filled)
please, paste a photo from you as bride in the book. memories from great days. see more

79. an 80's time warp
(4 out of 5 spots filled)
Add some lyrics, pictures, or whatever about your favorite bands and fads from the 1980's. see more

80. Addictions
(15 out of 20 spots filled)
A journal for you to write, draw, or do whatever in, themed around addictions. see more

81. Celebrate a 5 year Anniversary
(2 out of 15 spots filled)
see more

(3 out of 15 spots filled)
Send me any number of your fave 60's-70's hippy/groovy/anti-war songs, and I'll make a mix CD and send out to all participants! see more

83. Monthly Letter LMAO #2
(4 out of 5 spots filled)
Women, 39yo and up, who want to write and receive letters once a month and get to know a small group of other women. see more

84. The Marriage Book
(4 out of 7 spots filled)
This is for preferablly newly weds but anyone married can apply. see more

85. Hippie ATCs
(10 out of 15 spots filled)
Create 5 ATCs with a Hippie theme (or, you know, 60's-70's). Tye-Dye, Peace signs, the whole bit -- and get 5 different ones sent back to you! Deadline is 1 month from today, February 27th. see more

86. Picture Yourself
(3 out of 10 spots filled)
Sketch youself the way you see yourself. see more

87. songs that remind you of them
(2 out of 5 spots filled)
Send 5 get five different ones back see more

88. the zine about you
(2 out of 10 spots filled)
Ok, so do you think you're an interesting person? UPDATE: 1/27 see more

89. Re: My Forum Deco Question
(3 out of 5 spots filled)
As per the Forums Post New Forum Thread THANKS, THIS LMAO IS NOW FULL.please make sure you log in to the "The New Forum Thread", (see above for the link). see more

90. Book of Hope
(11 out of 25 spots filled)
Quotes about Hope, your thoughts on Hope, what is it, where does it come from, your own Hopes for the new year, for life in general. Draw, paint, collage, embroider, stamp, prose, poetry... however you best like to express yourself is fine with me. Take a two page spread, fill it up and pass it on. I will send copies to the participants when it gets back to me. Please observe the 10 day time frame. Feed Back is low to give newcomers a chance to show us what you can do. The book of Hope will be mailing out on Monday see more

91. Oh Canada!
(17 out of 20 spots filled)
A notebook to be filled with all things Canadian. Canadians (or former residents of Canada) ONLY! see more

(4 out of 10 spots filled)

93. Mail Art: Lovers
(9 out of 20 spots filled)
send a mailart of any form with the theme LOVERS see more

94. journal-ism
(6 out of 7 spots filled)
a small spiral bound notebook for you to fill with pieces of journalism to inspire me for my future career.with no. 1 see more

95. The Nervousness Date Book
(4 out of 50 spots filled)
I was reading the forums earlier and people were chatting about other people and when their birthdays are so they would be able to send birthday cards and other fun goodies to them. Also, anniversaries and other special days. see more

96. Photo Scavenger Hunt
(28 out of 30 spots filled)
Participants help determine the items to be found and then set out to collect photos of them all! see more

97. Long live the Queen ATCs
(13 out of 15 spots filled)
God Save the Queen...Its good to be Queen...The Queen has spoken....Get out your crowns and scepters and practice your most queenly wave (in Nebraska its a Rodeo Queen wave) and create 5 to 10 Artist Trading Cards that are fit for a queen, Send them to me and I shall send everyone a set. see more

98. The Joys of Pez
(3 out of 10 spots filled)
An awesome reward for finding the cutest, coolest pez dispenser on earth.2/1 Update! see more

99. Forums Invite (esp. newbies)
(4 out of 50 spots filled)
I'm reasonably new to the Forum section of Nervousness but am quickly finding out why it's such a great place to visit. Are you a seasoned Forum'er? Or maybe not but would like to take a look? Read on to find out what this LMAO is all about....(online LMAO) see more

100. Tea Bag Folding
(5 out of 20 spots filled)
No, this isn't taking your soggy teabags and creating art from them. It's a "new" type of paper folding. see more

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Recent Updates:

glass bead swap
mailed 01.25. recieved 02.06. thanks for the beads, they're beautiful!
From bloodflame (2003-02-06 19:23:46)

Random Acts of Decos
Is it ok to simply pass along those that don't interest/inspire you? I'm not interested in porn, nor even nudity especially; and not the Disney/Sanrio/Anime sort of thing either. But I'm happy to give a look at most anything, and more often than not can find something interesting to do!
From zmom (2003-02-06 19:18:51)

End of My Journey Here
i'm sorry that i never got to exchange mailart with you while you played in the nervousness world. please keep my address for the record, in case you want to exchange some art. i'm always a prompt responder. be well.
From neosho (2003-02-06 19:18:48)

Song Slam
Recieved today, 1/21, ready to send whenever the next person ok's it ^_^
From cutepsychokitty (2003-02-06 18:26:38)

Turn Blank to Art!
received and in progress...:o) *working*
From jenngbob (2003-02-06 19:16:11)

Blank Funky Journal
I''m working on this now. Will contact the next inline to send it out asap! heard from next in line- will send this out friday. sent out 08.30.02
From lessherger (2003-02-06 19:09:12)

ArtistTradingCards - Teach Me
I got my cards in the mail today. Interesting that you would send me the hearts suit- I often use that as a metaphor for my feelings etcc.. in journals and things.. I may use that as a starting point.
From lessherger (2003-02-06 19:05:58)

1000journals-esque book #3
I've got the book. I'm adding to it and when I'm done I will send it home to Measi.
From lessherger (2003-02-06 19:03:51)

Tactile Treasures
Finished ATCs (hope it's okay that I've posted jpgs here!). *DONE*
From jenngbob (2003-02-06 18:59:56)

Veggie Recipes
From schmetterling (2003-02-06 18:57:34)

Random Valentine's Goodness :)
Postcard sent today; another goes out tomorrow...*DONE*
From zmom (2003-02-06 18:55:03)

Hippie ATCs
Tie-dye and flower-power! On their way tomorrow...*DONE*
From zmom (2003-02-06 18:51:46)

magazine clippings round robin
From Redandpinkdaisy (2003-02-06 18:47:51)

Alternative Beauty Journal
#20........ LOOOOOOOOOOOONG wait.
From Redandpinkdaisy (2003-02-06 18:44:57)

Plan Your Own Funeral
waiting....#18. with #4.
From Redandpinkdaisy (2003-02-06 18:44:07)

From Redandpinkdaisy (2003-02-06 18:42:40)

Received my 5 in return--what a neat collection! Thank you Mary, and all you artistes! :o) *DONE*
From jenngbob (2003-02-06 18:39:50)

The Fresh Sound...
when is the deadline?
From invisiblehero85 (2003-02-06 18:38:34)

Feline Ownership
Recieved today, I'm about to work on it!
From cutepsychokitty (2003-02-06 18:27:29)

Song Slam
Recieved today, 1/21, ready to send whenever the next person ok's it ^_^
From cutepsychokitty (2003-02-06 18:26:38)

note to self: I am #16 and waiting
From jocelynb (2003-02-06 18:20:44)

World's Most Wonderful Men
From queenofthehighway (2003-02-06 17:52:16)

Little Quote Book
From queenofthehighway (2003-02-06 17:51:25)

Everyone is Unique & Beautiful
From queenofthehighway (2003-02-06 17:50:22)

haiku deco thingy
From queenofthehighway (2003-02-06 17:49:38)

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