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This document contains references to material culled from a number of different sources on computing in the UNIX environment.

The resources in this document are divided into the following classes: General, Texinfo Pages, Applications, Programming, IBM AIX Systems, HP-UX Systems, Unix for PCs, Sun Systems, X Window System, Networking, Security, Humor.


GNU Texinfo pages

The following is a fairly comprehensive view of the info pages available over the WWW. They are collected from a number of different sites.

AFS An introduction to the AFS distributed file system
AUC-TeX A much enhanced LaTeX mode for GNU Emacs
Autoconf Generating automatic configure scripts
Babyl The format of ~/RMAIL
Bash The Bourne-Again SHell
Bison Yet Another Compiler Compiler
Bbdb A rolodex-like database program for Emacs
Calc RPN-based numeric and symbolic calculator for Emacs
CL Partial Common Lisp support for Emacs Lisp.
Cpp The GNU C compiler preprocessor
CVS Concurrent Versions System manual
CVS tutorial Concurrent Versions System tutorial
Configure Cygnus configure
Deja GNU A regression testing system
Diff GNU diff package
Dvips A DVI-to-PostScript translator
Ed A text editor
Elib Emacs Lisp library
Elisp-manual GNU Emacs lisp manual
Emacs18 The extensible self-documenting text editor
Emacs19 The extensible self-documenting text editor
Eplain Expanded Plain TeX
Fileutils A set of file utilities
Find Finding files
Flex A Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator (GNU lex)
Font Font utilities
Forms-mode Emacs mode to work on plain-text databases in forms-oriented manner
G++ The GNU C++ Compiler
G++FAQ FAQ list for The GNU C++ library and compiler
G++int G++ compiler internals
Gawk GNU awk replacement
Gas GNU assembler
Gasp GNU assembly preprocessor
Gcc The GNU C compiler
Gdb The source-level C debugger
GDBint The GDB debugger internals
Gdbm GNU's rendering of the venerable dbm/ndbm library
Gmp The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
Gnuplot An interactive plotting program
Gnus Emacs-based Usenet News Reader
Gperf The perfect hash function generator utility
Gprof The GNU profiler
Gzip GNU LZ77 compression utilities
Indent GNU Indent
Info Documentation browsing system
Ispell Correct spelling of words GNU v4.0
Jargon Computer jargon - foo, bar, etc.
Kathsea The path searching library used by TeX, dvips, et. al.
LaTeXinfo Like Texinfo, but for LaTeX
Ld The GNU linker
Ldint The GNU linker internals
Libc The GNU C library
LibG++ The GNU C++ library
Libio The GNU C++ Iostream Library
M4 A simple macroprocessor
Make Program Recompilation and Project Management Utility
Octave High-level language for numerical computations
Octave FAQ Octave FAQ
Oleo The GNU spreadsheet program
Pcl-CVS A CVS Emacs mode
Perl The Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl5 The Practical Extraction and Report Language
Python Python library reference
Readline The GNU readline library
Satire Satire of crackpot religions, etc.
Scheme The MIT Scheme system reference
Scheme-user The MIT Scheme system user manual
Screen The virtual terminal manager
Smalltalk An object-oriented programming language
Sml Standard ML of New Jersey
Tcl the programming language
Template Description of a template/boilerplate-based editing mode
Texinfo Use a single source file to produce both on-line and printed info
Tput Portable terminal control for shell scripts
VIP A VI-emulation for Emacs
VM The VM mail reader
W3 A WWW browser for emacs
Wdiff A word difference finder
Zsh The Z Shell


Also check the texinfo pages.


Computing Languages Virtual Library

Also check the texinfo pages.

IBM AIX Systems:

HP-UX Systems:

Unix for PCs:

Sun Systems:

X Window System:



UNIX Humor:

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