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Use Lovingly and NEVER in Anger

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Ordering a Paddle

Joey often parks along busy roads and puts out his sign for FREE Paddles. If you live close enough stop by and visit him. He will give you a paddle with instructions. Unfortunately most of us don't go by that way so he found that he could send a paddle anywhere in the United States for only $5.75. Some deliveries may cost less. Any difference will be applied when more postage is required..

To order a FREE Paddle send a check or money order payable to for $5.75 along with you Name and address to:
P.O. Box 827
New Kensington, PA 15068

Your Paddle will be rushed to you by priority Express Mail. Please allow one week for handling and delivery.

Donations of suitable wood or already made paddles will be appreciated. Please contact Joey before shipping any donated materials.

My friend, Leonard My friend, Sparky My son, Bobby Joey

My friends volunteering on another batch of paddles.