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Information categorised by subject. Please mail wizards@doc.ic.ac.uk if you know of online information not in these lists.


Free On-line Dictionary of Computing .

Unified Computer Science TR Index .
to scan a lot of technical reports.

Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
Over 300 bibliographics and 240,000 references.

Classification Society of North America .
Service Bibliography.

Computer Science Bibliography Glimpse Server
Scan 300,000 citations.

Internet Computer Index (ICI).
An easy-to-use, free service that leads Internet users to all of the information available on the Internet relating to PCs, Macintoshes, and Unix computers. You can get the most up-to-date information including pointers to all Usenet news groups, mailing lists, Gopher and World Wide Web servers, anonymous FTP sites, and other Internet-specific resources.

Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms. Acronym search system.

Non-English collections.

Electronic Library in Computing Science.
Main library index and The Directory of Computing Science Journals.

The Retrocomputing Museum. Dedicated to programs that induce sensations that hover somewhere between nostalgia and nausea. Our exhibits include many languages, some machine emulators, and a few games.

The Ada Project.
A Collection of Resources for Women in Computing.

Virtual Shareware Library
This shareware search engine (Shase) enables you to search descriptions, locate and download files from the Virtual Shareware Library which contains tens of thousands of programs.


Specialised Fields.

Algorithms .
MIT Algorithms indexes and Multigrid algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence.
Separate page.

Separate page.

Consensus Development have a service covering all facets of software support for collaboration.

Communications & Telecommunications
Separate page.

Computer Components
Chip Directory. This is a numerically ordered directory of chips.

Computing as Compression

Computational Linguistics

Computer-Mediated Communications.
The Computer-Mediated Communications Studies Centre is a non-profit, non-commercial, privately-created enterprise created for the benefit of its participants and as a public service to interested persons.

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

Computer Vision.
CMU Collection.

Concurrent Systems
Separate page.

Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy
Separate page.

Sybase Archive.
The North Carolina State University ACS Sybase Archive.
Informix Software
a leading supplier of RDBMS software on open systems.
Frequently Asked Questions.


Desktop Publishing.
Internet DTP Jumplist.

Distributed and Meta Computing.
Separate list.



Formal Methods.
Separate page.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

Graphics and Visualization.
Separate page.


Human-Computer Interaction.
Separate page.

Human Factors
McDonnell Douglas Human Modeling System (MDHMS) is a 3-D interactive modeling system providing the capability to analyze human body fit and function within a geometric structure.

High Performance.

Hypertext and Information.
Separate list. See also conferences .

Computer hacker's jargon index.

The Jargon File.

Logic Programming.
Separate page.

Mathematical Software and Papers.
Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.

Mobile and Wireless Computing
Separate page.

Separate list.

Neural Networks.

Internet newsgroups comp.* ; the Usenet .

Parallel Supercomputing.

Parallel Tools.
Parallel Tools Consortium . Information on not only parallel tools but conferences and other parallel programming related issues.


Programming Languages.
Separate page.

Rapid Prototyping.
Locana a Loosely Orthoganal Class-Activity Notation for Analysis. An object oriented CASE tool to aid rapid prototyping.

Safety-Critical Systems.
Separate page.

Separate list.

Software Engineering.
Including requirements and specifications, design and implementation and related areas.

Software Technology.
Mike Sendall's indexed hypertext information store.


Symbolic and Algebraic Computation.
SymbolicNet Symbolic Mathematical Computation Information Center.

The telecom archive at MIT.

Text Processing.
TeX documentation .

UMTK The Computer Aided Translation Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia.

Different manufacturer's manual pages; help for new users.

Voice Recognition.

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI).

Virtual Environments.

Virtual Reality.
Seperate list.

Windows (The GUI/Operating System).

The X Window System (The Graphics system).

Informal information about the operating systems from DIGITAL Computers.

World-Wide Web Development.
Separate page.

University Computer Science Departments.

Separate page.

Institutes, Centres and Laboratories.

Argonne National Laboratory.
Mathematics and Computer Science Division. Includes information on Argonne's Mathematics and Computer Science Division, which has the world's largest IBM massively parallel computer (an SP1) and is establishing a CAVE virtual reality environment.

Bell Laboratories, USA.
The AT&T; Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, New Jersey).

Center for Information Technology Integration, University of Michigan, USA.
CITI focuses on developing and integrating new computing technologies into the campus computing environment.

Computer-Mediated Communications Studies Centre, USA.
The CMC Studies Center is a non-profit, non-commercial, privately-created enterprise created for the benefit of its participants and as a public service to interested persons.

CRS4, Sardinia.
Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development. It's an interdisciplinary research centre developing advanced simulation techniques and applying them, by means of high performance computers, to the solution of large scale computational problems in various fields.

CSP, Italy.
Centro Supercalcolo Piemonte (Piedmont Supercomputing Center), located in Turin.

CWI - The Dutch National Research Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam.

European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM).
Aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry.

ECRC GmbH, Germany.
European Computer-industry Research Centre.

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

GMD -- German National Research Center for Computer Science.
A presentation of GMD its structure, its research areas, some of its achievements.
(The homepage in German.)

International Computer Science Institute (affiliated with the CS division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department U.C Berkeley.

Informatik Centrum Dortmund, University of Dortmund, Germany.
Partner für angewandte Forschung und Entwicklung in Informatik und in den Anwendungen der Informatik.

Information Systems Laboratory at Advanced Research Corp, USA.
Assesses the viability of NCSA Mosaic & NCSA HTTPD for satisfying U.S. Government information dissemination requirements including interactive documents, multimedia, database applications, & document conversations.

INRIA, France.
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique

KSL NRC, Canada.
Knowledge Systems Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada. Research in Artificial Intelligence (includes pointers to other AI servers).

Institute of Applied Computer Science (IFAD), Denmark.
IFAD collects and develops new knowledge on the application of computer technology and makes this information available to potential users.

Lateiner Dataspace, USA.
Official publications of Lateiner Dataspace Labs of Woburn, Massachussetts.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Includes not just AI work but compilers and computer architecture as well. Also MIT Laboratory for Computer Science: An index to pages and demos provided by research groups at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, USA.
Conducts basic research in computers and their uses.

National Institute for Management Technology (NIMT), Ireland.
Information about the NIMT. Server to be expanded to include summary information on NIMT areas of interest, including Executive Support Systems, Groupware, Strategic/Management Use of IT, Multi Media, Trends.

Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies (PACT), Bristol, UK.
PACT is a collaboration between Inmos and the Science Research Foundation (SRF).
National Media Laboratory (NML), USA.
Information and resources about recording systems and information storage technology. Reports describing the research programs of NML and its partners and vendor media and system information.

Olivetti Research Laboratory, UK.
Specialising in ATM networking, multimedia, and the personalisation of computer and communication networks.

The San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA.
SDSC's server provides general information about the center itself, information about research in high performance computing, services, software, education and community outreach, highlights of the science and events happening at SDSC as well as partnerships and collaborations with other institutions.

Supercomputer Computations Research Institute (SCRI), Florida, USA. at at the Florida State University.
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server, USA.
This is an experimental World-Wide Web Server running at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto, California.

Other Organisations.

Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
(Currently under developement.)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
The largest and oldest international scientific and educational computer society in the industry today.

Carnation Software, USA
Includes product information sheets for MacToPic and SBMac and a company profile. Press releases and tech tips soon.

The Colorado Internet Cooperative Association
The Colorado Internet Cooperative Association is a group of companies and individuals organized to share reliable, unrestricted, and low cost access to the Internet.

Front Range UNIX Users' Group
Front Range UNIX Users' Group is an informal group of professionals working with the UNIX system. Our purpose is to share knowledge of and experience with the UNIX operating system and related products.

The "Grex" Open Computer Conference System.
From Cyberspace Communications Inc. This server contains descriptions of the purpose, ideals, bylaws and FAQ relating to this system. Information about how to access and use the system is also present. The system provides free access to conference software (PicoSpan), and many other services to the general public. The server also contains pointers to related systems and items of general interest to the community, along with documents belonging to users which they desire to make public.

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG) (tm), UK.
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG) WWW server provides (non-commercial) information about NAG's mathematical and scientific software products and services. Information includes technical reports, availability, user notes, installation notes, demos and downloadable sofwtare. The server is also the home of the Fortran 90 Software Repository.

Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group
Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group is a group that meets once a month to learn about the Internet through presentations, information sharing, questions & answers and informal conversations.

USENIX Association The UNIX and advanced computing systems professional and technical association.
UniForum (tm).
The international association of open systems professionals.

VCOE the Virginia Center of Excellence for Software Reuse and Technology Transfer.

Particular Systems.

Acorn news and gossip. Still in developement.

Develops, markets, and supports computer software products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print, and communicate electronic documents

Alpha 7
Seven DEC Alpha's on one board with 1.16 GFlops peak performance.

Apple Computers
Information on Apple, there plans, products and related information.
Apple Support and Information Web.
The latest Apple technical information, software updates and a variety of information resources about Apple related products and services.
Apple Network Managers Association (ANMA) Contains information about joining local chapters, how to start one in your area and topics of interest related to Macintosh networking.

Amdahl Corporation
Mainframe computers, UNIX/open systems, data storage subsystems, data communications products, applications development software, and educational and consulting services.


Berkeley Systems Design, INC (BSD).
Information about the Un*x system for PC people. (See also BSDI Europe.)

BSD Information.
BSD Information on Minnie. Information about the freely available versions of 4.x BSD operation system.

Commodore 64 and 128.

Compaq Computer Corporation.
Information on Compaq products, programs and service information.

Cray Research
Super-computer manufacturer.

Dell Computers
Products, support information, press releases, online services, technical support access.

Digital Equipment Corporation.
Contains product information and demonstrations.
See also: DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society.

Fujitsu Limited of Japan

An original Transputer-based multiprocessor-multidisk architecture.


Hewlett-Packard designs, manufactures and services electronic products and systems for measurement, computation and communications. Our basic business purpose is to create information products that accelerate the advancement of knowledge and improve the effectiveness of people and organizations. The company's products and services are used in industry, business, engineering, science medicine and education in approximately 110 countries.

Also Interex - the International HP Users Group


Integrated Computer Solutions
A pioneer in the X and Motif industry.

Worldwide computer manufacturer and software developer.

Information about Intel, its products and support services.

Intergraph Online
Information about products and services, including Technical Desktop.

Informix Software.
a leading supplier of RDBMS software on open systems.

Linux is a complete, copylefted UN*X clone for Intel 386/486/Pentium machines. It includes Emacs, X11R5, gcc, TeX/LaTeX, groff, TCP/IP, SLIP, UUCP, the works.
Linux International a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation to support and sponsor the further development of the Linux operating system.
Linux Documentation Project
Links to all the main information sources for Linux.
Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Hypertext version of the FAQ.
Fintronic Linux Systems Catalog
Details of therewide range of options for a supported Linux system.

Mathematica World
Retrieve sample articles, tutorials, Notebooks and packages; preview the monthly publication. Hands on introduction to Mathematica. Monthly programming competitions.

Microsoft Corporation
One of the worlds leading vendors of computer software.

Wireless Data Group experimenal server.

Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) was a timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and still in use today.

Up to 63 Processors in one 19" rack with 3.78 GFlops peak performance.

NEC Corporation
Computer and software manufacturer includes areas such as semiconductors, supercomputers, mainframes, workstations and peripherals (Also available in Japanese.)

Network Computing Devices, Inc. (NCD)
The NCD WWW server provides corporate information as well as product and support information for NCD's three major product lines: NCD X terminals, NCD PC-Xware (X server software for PCs), and Z-Mail Enterprise-wide Electronic Mail.

Area dedicated to Newton.

Informal NeXT news and information.

Novell Online Services
Information about their software services and user information.
Also The Novell European Support Center.

QMS, Inc.
Information about various services and resources available from QMS.

The Euphoric archive

The OS/2 WWW Homepage. Everything you wanted to know.

PowerPC News.
Information about the PowerPC (and other magazines).

Popular handheld computer.
Psion hardware, software and accessory vendors.

GUI vendor.

Periphel manufacturer.

Siemens Nixdorf
Computer and Software manufacturer.

Sparc International
Information about the CPU and its uses.

Silicon Graphics (SGI).
Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF Home Page.

Southwestern Bell Technology Resources, Inc. (TRI)
APS 7800 Mainframe Storage Subsystem.

The Santa Cruz Operation.

Storage Computer
Specialists in very high performance, fault-tolerant, SCSI based storage systems.

SUN Microsystems.
Information about products and services from SUN.

Tandem Computers.
Computer systems and software.

Thinking Machines.
Manufacturer of parallel computers and software tools for parallelism.

Tivoli Systems Inc.
Contains corporate, product, and support information on the Tivoli Management Environment (TME).

Producers of the popular word processing system.

X Consortium.
The X Consortium develops, evolves and maintains the X Window System, a vendor-neutral, system-architecture neutral, network-transparent windowing and user interface standard.

Computing Related Vendors.

Adaptec, Inc, USA.
High-performance SCSI, RAID and ATM products for enterprise-wide computing and networked environments.

Advanced Network Technologies, USA.
Advanced Network Technologies offers comprehensive design and installation of LAN/WAN solutions, network support, Internet connectivity, and document imaging systems.

Artisoft, USA
Network software vendors (makers of LANtastic).

BTG Corporation.
Various products and services, including computer hardware, software, GSA Schedules, Internet services, software development, and information technology

Century Computing, USA.
Graphical User Interface development, Image Processing, Client/Server applications, and Defense and Space applications for Unix and MS Windows.

Carnation Software, Inc.
Specialists in Macintosh to host connectivity.

Internet tools providor.

Delta Computers Ltd Oy
Information networks and electronic publishing.

Clearinghouse for Digital Signal Processing Technology.

ERCorporation, USA.
QUME sales and repair, along with other products.

Developers of SystemView, a dynamic system simulator featuring comprehensive tools for analog, digital, and mixed-mode design and analysis.

Internet provider and electronic supplies and technical book supplier.

Gateway Users International
Information for Gateway 2000 users.

Harlequin, UK.
Consultants in in symbolic processing, electronic publishing and their applications.

Heurikon Corporation
Manufacturer of VMEbus boards for real time applications.
Also features a new PS Mueller cartoon each day!

Ideas International.
Home of Competitive Profiles, computer systems information, benchmark data, and various topical free information.

Information Dimensions.
Information Dimensions are working with document management systems in a client/server environment. They have support for all the PC document formats but also supports SGML and HTML through their WEBserver.

PC teaching, training, learning, testing, and technical support.

Interactive Software Engineering Inc.
Eiffel and related information, including object oriented programming. Also Business Oject Notation for object-oriented analysis and design.

JSB Corporation.
A software vendor providing, network connectivity solutions, terminal emulation, X servers, multiple windowing applications under Windows and Unix, and transport level development tools.

Software localization and translation agency.

Lightbulb Factory.
Information and customer support for the Lightbulb Factory, a Macintosh, Unix and Newton Software Company.

Magnacom Data Products, Inc.
Vendor of many popular software and hardware product lines.

Mazama Software Labs, USA.
Advanced Internet applications for the Linux operating system. Including the Mazama Packet Filter, a Linux based firewall.

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.
Includes information about their automation and robotics, CASE and simulation work.

Micro Computer Systems, Inc.
UNIX, Windows and Windows NT based network systems.

Memorex Telex.
Corporate overview, a products and services section, country sales contacts and company news. In networking, SNA-based environments, information storage.

Net Guru Technologies Inc.
Leading provider of hands on training in the network and client-server systems areas.

The Online Computer Market.
Facilitates the promotion and purchase of computer products and services through a family of integrated electronic commerce tools.

SoftStream Development.
Expertise in developing applications for the Microsoft Windows platforms. In depth knowledge of SAP systems R/2 and R/3 on Unix platforms is also available.

<-- Jon Ives, Jon.Ives@Software.com -->

Software.com, Inc.
Developer of "post.office", a newly developed mail transport agent for the Internet community, is designed as a secure and easy-to-use.

SonicPro International.
SonicPro is affordable high-tech protection, offering computer burglar alarms, to protect laptops, desktops, peripherals and other valuable equipment.

Speedware Corporation.
Client/server solutions for rapid developend, accounting and reporting. Systems reseller for HP, IBM and Bull.

Software vendor and Internet providor.

Storage Computer Corporation, USA.
Presents: Very high performance, fault-tolerant, OPEN, SCSI standards-based, enterprise-wide storage systems.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.
Connectivity software for electronic messaging and VAX-to-IBM networking. Includes product and company information.

3K Associates.
Internet-compatible software for (Hewlett-Packard) HP3000 Computer systems. Mail/MIME and gopher. Also the HP3000-L FAQ.

Tippecanoe Systems, Inc.
Fast indexing www server, barcoding for Word, Access and Wordperfect.

ATM and LAN/WAN developers, from Newbridge Networks.

White Pine Software, USA
Developer of multiplatform desktop connectivity roducts, serving corporations, government and educational institutions

Computing Related Magazines, Books and Videos.

Amiga Format
Magazine about Amiga computers, from Future Publishing, UK.

Amiga Shopper
Non-games magzine about Amiga computers, from Future Publishing, UK.

Amstrad Action
Magzine about Amstrad computers, from Future Publishing, UK.

AT&T; Newsletter Trial
24 technical and management newsletters it produces for its internal business units and AT&T; Bell Laboratories. Trial running April 1 to May 31

CD-ROM Today
Multimedia magazine for PC owners, from Future Publishing, UK.

Internaut Books.
Internaut an online magazine with links to Internaut's books.

Internet World
Adverts and previews of the magazine, from Mecklermedia.

Magazine for Macintosh owners, from Future Publishing, UK.

Selected top stories from the latest MacUser, reviews from past issues, contact information and more.

Selected top stories from the latest MacWEEK, reviews from past issues, contact information and more.

National Computer Tectonics
National Computer Tectonics magazine is now available on the World Wide Web, featuring over 400 pages of news and reviews.

The new directory to the electronic world, from Future Publishing, UK.

PC Magazine.
Current information, breaking stories, interesting web sites.

Information about current issues, software, benchmark programs, an fast searches of previous issues.

Technology Review
Technology and its implications, edited at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

University Video Communications
Information on a wide range of videos for teaching computing related subjects.

Web developers newspaper, from Mecklermedia.

Conferences and Exhibitions.

Fall Internet World 95

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