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Hooded RIbbed Jacket

This pattern has been aroundfor many years, and
my mom is not sure where she got it from. The orginal copy is badly typed, with no picture and somewhat vague instructions. My mother has made it many times as a shower gift. She always has one on reserve in a neutral color in case of an emergency baby shower! This is Kourtney my niece a few years ago showing off her Hooded RIbbed Jacket that her Grammy Knitted for her. Though it can't be seen in this picture the hood comes to a nice point at the end.

Hooded Ribbed Jacket

Sizes: Directions for 6 months, change for size 1 and 2 are in parentheses.
Body Chest Size: 19 (20”, 22”)
Finished Chest Size: 26 ½ (27”, 28)
Materials: American Thread Dawn Orlon Sayelle, 2, 4oz skeins.
14” Knitting Needles No. 6 and 9, Crochet Hook Size C, Five Stitch Holders, 3 Buttons
Gauge: 4St. =1”; 8 rows or 4 long k St. = 1” on 9 needles.

Pattern (multiple 2 stitches) To knit 1 in row below next St.
Insert needle from front to back through hole below next St.
on needle, yarn around needle, draw through St.: slip St.
above off left needle. St. will open up and lie across working strand.

Row 1: P1, K1 in row below, repeat from * cross end P2. Repeat
this row for pattern.

Body: Beg. At lower edge of fronts and back with No. 9 needles
Cast on 102 (106, 110) St. Work in ribbing of P1, K1 for 1 row
Work in pattern of P1, K1 below for 6” (6 ½”, 7).

Divide work: next row (mark this row as right of work) work for
24 St. (25, 26). Put St. on a holder for right front: bind off next 3 St.
for right underarm, Work next 48 St. (50, 52 ) put on holder for back,
bind off 3 St. for left underarm, work 24 (25, 26) for the left front.

Left Front: Shape armhole: keeping pattern Dec. 1 St. at arm side every other row for 3 times- 21 St. (22, 23) Put on holder.

Back: Shape armhole: SL Sts. from holder on to No. 9 needle.
From wrong side join yarn at left back underarm. Keeping to
pattern Dec. 1 St. each side every other row 3 times, ends on wrong
side 42 St. ( 44, 46 ). Put on holder.

Right Front Side: Shape Armhole: SL Sts. from holder to 9 needles from wrong side. Join yarn at right front underarm, Work as for or like left front.

Sleeves: Make 2: Beg. At lower edge with No. 6 needles, cast on
32 Sts. (34, 36). Work in ribbing of P1 K1 for 2”. Change to No. 9 needles,
work in pattern until piece measures 6” (6 ½ , 7 ) from beginning.

Shape Armholes: Keeping to pattern Dec. 1 St. each side every other row
4 times end on wrong side 24 Sts. (26, 28). Put on holder.

Yoke: From wrong side SL Sts. No. 9 needles as follows:
Left front, One Sleeve, Back, 2nd Sleeve, Right front—132 St. (140, 148)
Row 1 and 2: Knit
Row 3 (right side): K 2(1, 0), K 2 Tog, K 3---25(27, 29) times,
end K 2 Tog, K 3 (2, 1 )—106 ( 112, 118 ) Sts.
Row 4: Purl
Row 5-7: Knit
Row 8-12: Work in pattern for 5 rows.
Row 13 (right side): K 2 (1, 0), K 2 K 2 Tog. 25 (27, 29) times,
end K 2 Tog K 2 (1, 0 )--- 80 ( 84, 88) Sts.
Row 14-15: Knit
Row 16: Purl
Row 17-19: Knit
Row 20-24: Work in pattern for 5 rows
Row 25 (right side): K2 (1, 0), K2 Tog K1---25 (27, 28) times,
End K2 Tog. K1 (0—K2 Tog)---54 (56, 58) Sts.
Row 26-31: Repeat rows 14-19, Bind off.

Buttonholes Note: Buttonholes are made on left center border for Boy’s Jacket: Right border for Girl’s Jacket. With pins mark position
Of 3 buttonholes on border—1st one at start of Yoke, last one ½” below neck edge.

Buttonholes: *K Tog within 1 St. of marker, bind off next 2 Sts. repeat from* Twice, finish row. Next Row: Cast on 2 Sts. over bound off Sts.

Center Border: From right side with No. 6 needles, pick up and
K 55(57, 59) Sts. On left front edge for Girl’s: On right for Boy’s.
Work in garter St. (knit each row for 8 rows) Bind off.
Note: Sometimes it is better to pick less St. as the border is too full. Pick up 50(52,54). Work left side border placing the buttonholes on the 4th and 5th rows.
Hood: Beg. At front edge with No. 9 needles, cast on 60(62, 64) Sts.
Work in P1 K1 ribbing for 1 row, then work as follows:
Row 1-5: Work in pattern
Row 6-8: Knit
Row 9: Purl
Row 10-12: Knit
Repeat rows 1-12 once. Then work in pattern until piece measures
7” (7 ½”, 8”) from start, bind off.

Finishing: Fold in half, on bound off edges meeting, weave back seam. Turn 1” at front edge of hood to right side for brim, sew in place. Sew sleeve and underarms. Sew hood to neck edge with double strand of yarn. Crochet a chain 20” long with pom poms on ends if desired. Sew on buttons. Sew pom pom on top of hood.

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