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Development Team

The current core team is:
Team Member    Position    Location
Richard Morrell    Founder / Project Manager    UK
Lawrence Manning    Development Team Leader / Author    UK
William Anderson    Worldwide Online Team Manager / Web Manager    UK
Dan Goscomb    Architecture Team Leader / Core Developer / Perl Guru    UK
Paul Tansom    Worldwide Community Liaison    UK
The current development team is:
Team Member    Position    Location
Gordon Allan    Translation Manager    UK
Alex Collins    UK Support / Mailing Lists Admin    UK
Bob Dunlop    The Guru's Guru / Code Magician    UK
Nigel Fenton    Development / Testing    UK
Mathew Frank    Support / Testing    Australia
Pete Guyan    Technical Testing & Input    UK
Steve Hughes    Graphics & Concepts    UK
Toni Kuokkanen    Original Logo Design    Finland
Luc Larochelle    PPPoE Team Member    Canada
Pierre-Yves Paulus    Belgian Team Leader / PPPoE Guru    Belgium
John Payne    DNS & Tech Contributor    US
Guy Reynolds    Documentation Manager    UK
Kieran Reynolds    IRC Patrolman    UK
Chris Ross    Chief Wizard    UK
Hilton Travis    Australian Team Leader    Australia
Jez Tucker    Polar Bear Concept & Testing    UK
Bruno Valentin    French Admin    France
Lucien Wells    Testing and Documentation    Australia
Adam Wilkinson    VPN Assistance    UK
Nick Woodruffe    LCD Development / UK LUG Liaison    UK
Simon Wood    UK Support / Mailing Lists Admin    UK

There are other team members, but they haven't submitted any biographical information or pictures! Folks, submit those bios and pics to neuro now!

A full list of team members is available from the credits page on every SmoothWall installation (just click on the SmoothWall logo on the main web admin screen).
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