World's largest pajama party

You're in a midtown hotel in your pajamas sipping tartinis with strangers and you're all being webcast to three other cities. And you're paying for it! It's the "World's Largest Pajama Party." ("Recommended age group: 21 - 35."—frightening that they have to specify.)
Pajama party [via 601am]


Lane Bryant show

The Post's Jared Paul Stern says the fat girls at the Lane Bryant show weren't fat enough. Kelly Osbourne? Not fat enough. Rosanne? Fat enough, but she wasn't walking. (Or "waddling," as Stern puts it.) It's all about context, really. If, for example, Stern were to walk a few of the Super[size]models over to the Vogue editorial office, I think space and time would collapse as soon as they crossed the Conde Nast threshold. Anna Wintour would collapse, at any rate. FAT PEOPLE IN MASS MARKET CLOTHING!! AIIEEEE!!! (It's Anna Day at Gawker.)
Bryant Park's faux fatties on runway [Post]


To-Do List Thursday

1. Catch experimental string quartet Ethel at the Miller Theater.
2. Hear Pico Iyer read from his latest novel, Abandon, at the Asia Society.
3. Try the Portuguese sardines at Branzini.


Phoning Monaco

601am's Aaron Bailey: "Next time you need to ring Prince Albert or your billionaire friend who has his yacht docked in Monte Carlo, pick up a yellow payphone. Verizon has ads on the subway touting 25-cent calls to, among other places, Monaco from payphones placed around NYC."
Phoning the Grimaldis []


Rapper "50 Cent" on having a job

[More from the NYT rap department, yo] Queens-born rapper "50 Cent" to NYT reporter Lola Ogunnaike: "I can't even identify with you when you tell me that you've got to get up and go to work in the morning. I hope I never have to."
Amid much anticipation, a rapper makes a debut [NYT]


WTC plans: THINK vs. Libeskind

The NYT's Herbert Muschamp needlessly dichotomizes the WTC constituencies into hawks and doves—the Libeskind plan being the obvious work of warmongers, and THINK a pacifist creation. Muschamp, clearly pro-THINK, writes of Libeskind, "why, after all, should a large piece of Manhattan be permanently dedicated to an artistic representation of enemy assault? It is an astonishingly tasteless idea. It has produced a predictably kitsch result."
Balancing reason and emotion in Twin Towers void [NYT]


Jack Welch and the Trump Tower

Welch on why he lived at the top of the Trump Tower: "because every time he looked out of the window at night and saw the lights of Manhattan, 'I felt I had the world by the ass.'"
A New York City party moment [Times]


DOJ can now arrest Martha Stewart

DOJ officials believe they have "a solid criminal case" against Martha Stewart. According to a WNBC poll, 49% of women and 66% of men believe Stewart did something illegal.
DOJ has enough evidence to arrrest Stewart [WNBC]


WSJ in turmoil

An email from a staffer: "To say that morale is low here is an insult to companies with bad morale. I think you'd be hard pressed to find an employee happy to be here. We receive our 'bonus' checks for being unceremoniously dumped here in Elba ... oops, I mean South Brunswick, N.J., on Thursday, Feb. 13. It will be truly interesting to see how much of the staff gives notice on the 14th. There are people here who would rather quit and take their chances than spend another minute under such blithering boobs."
Some bonus [Page Six]


Gossip roundup

Martin Scorsese· Dominick Dunne, distressed over the Gary Condit lawsuit, cancels public appearances. [Page Six]
· Vogue is featuring plus-size model Mia Tyler in its April issue. [Ed. note—"plus-size model"? Are we sure Anna knows about this?] [Page Six]
· The pot haze at Guastavino's was pretty thick on Sunday, but Presidential cousin Billy Bush swears he didn't inhale. [Page Six]
· Weinstein and Spielberg call a truce to support a "Best Director" Oscar for Martin Scorsese. [Page Six]
· Pete Hamill's New York novel, Forever, is being optioned and former Tri-Star Pictures Chairman Mike Medavoy and his wife Irena are suing Botox maker, Allergen. [NY Daily News]


New York City guide

MediaEater's guide is a general assortment of hand-picked NYC resources.
MediaEater NYC guide


Anna Wintour documentary

Boss Lady, a documentary about Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, will air on the WE network next week. The documentary provides a peek into the everyday life of the woman otherwise known as "Nuclear Wintour." The film features a cameo by socialite/Vogue staffer Plum Sykes, who explains "the importance of appearance," for Vogue employees, and mentions that she was ordered to get herself appropriately waxed, manicured, and coutured upon taking the job. (Ed. note—Hey, as long as Si's footing the bill...)
The haute and hard world of Vogue's Anna Wintour [Cleveland Plain Dealer]


Glenda Bailey and Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar Editor Glenda Bailey's head may not be on the chopping block just yet. Newsstand sales for the second half of 2002 were up. Subscriptions, however were down 2%. A Hearst spokeswoman dubiously insists that the drop occurred because they're managing circulation and "the dip was by design." (Elsewhere in Manhattan, AOL execs are slapping their palms against their foreheads and saying, "Why didn't we think of that?")
Union blues at Bloomberg [Keith Kelly - Post]


Neighborhood wars

My 10009 trumps your 11211.
Those stickers


Miramax's box-office numbers

The Observer reports, via the LA Times, that Miramax has been boosting numbers for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Gangs of New York by adding "free sneak previews" of Chicago to ticket purchases.
Keeping mama hot [Observer]


"The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"

We've been trying to avoid mentioning reality-TV in any shape or form, so as not to encourage the networks, but now we must. Just this once. NBC and Bravo are putting together a reality series called "The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," in which "trendy gay men" makeover "real-life hapless straight men." Casting tapes can be sent to: Barbara Barna Casting, 335 Court Street, PMB #195, Brooklyn, NY 11231. (718) 855-9522.
Keep it gay [Observer]


To-Do List Wednesday

Tony Smith Louisenberg series1. Get your copy of Kingdom of Fear signed by Hunter S. Thomspon at the Union Square Barnes & Noble.
2. Hear Henry Rollins at Town Hall.
3. View Tony Smith's "Louisenberg" paintings at the Michell-Inness & Nash Gallery.


Greg Gutfeld on Art Cooper

Stuff Editor Greg Gutfeld: "That thing about [GQ Editor] Art Cooper coming out against Iraq and people calling him ‘daring,’ that’s just bullshit...That’s just an example of how idiotic journalists can be. I was going to buy him a ticket to Baghdad, but I’m too cheap...If he were to come out in favor of war in front all those left-wing editors, that would have shown real balls." Cooper responds: "I just think this guy shouldn’t criticize real magazines when he edits—however you want to define whatever junky little thing he does."
At the Journal, identity crisis on page one [Observer]


Restaurant week

The Black Table's Will Leitch: "It was Restaurant Week, and it brought out all kinds. At least we had bathed."
Even swarthy minions must eat [The Black Table]


Gossip roundup

Christopher Hitchens· Christopher Hitchens on the possibility that Al Gore or NY Senator Hillary Clinton might run for President: "I just hope they all get some sort of wasting disease before they can run." [Page Six]
· D.A. Pennebaker is doing a documentary on Al Sharpton. [Page Six]
· Lucy Sykes is pregnant. [Page Six]
· Billy Bush (the President's cousin and an "Access Hollywood" correspondent) was buzzed, stoned and dancing with six girls at once at Guastavino's Sunday night. Said one model, "Isn't that the guy from 'Access Hollywood'?...What a dork!" [Page Six]
· WSJ executive Karen Elliot House brags that she can get coverage for Personal Journal from Charlie Rose because she used to date him. Husband and Dow Jones Chief Peter Kann fires back, "Oh yeah. I dated her at the same time, but I won out." [Page Six]
· Greek socialite Taki Theodoracopulos's greeting to familiar faces at Swifty's: "Darling, here I am—the only heterosexual in this joint!" [Liz Smith]
· Elizabeth Taylor's response when asked what she was doing at Liza Minnelli's wedding: "I really have no idea!" [Liz Smith]
· Richard Gere at a fundraiser at Cipriani for fighting AIDS in Africa: "I'm sorry, Sen. [Hillary] Clinton, but your husband did nothing about AIDS for eight years." [NY Daily News]


Manhattan user's guide

Charlie Suisman's newsletter about Manhattan resources and entertainment is now online.
Manhattan user's guide [via Nuggets]


Gawker contraband

Black market Gawker! Get your black market Gawker! (We feel so violated... we kind of like it.)
The official bootleg counterfeit Gawker gear store [via Frankenstein]


To-Do List Tuesday

City of God1. View the photography of Thomas Struth at the Met.
2. Hear Bem Le Hunte discuss her book, The Seduction of Silence at the Astor Place Barnes & Noble.
3. Catch Fernando Meirelles' film, City of God, at the Angelika.


Restaurants with fireplaces

The NYT has a short list of restaurants with fireplaces, which should come in handy when the temperature drops to miserable levels again tonight.
Hearth throbs [NYT]


Vin Diesel breakdancing

Or maybe not. If not, the resemblance is uncanny.
Vin Diesel breakdancing [iFilm via Frankenstein]


Two WTC plans chosen

The LMDC, not surprisingly, picks THINK and Libeskind.
Two proposals for Ground Zero are picked as finalists [NYT]


Unsilent Night meets Santacon

Blogger Mike took his video camera to Phil Kline's annual production of "Unsilent Night" in Washington Square park and witnessed the performance as it was being crashed by Santacon, "a bunch of Burning Man types in santa costumes,shouting HO, HO, HO, and bar-hopping to oblivion." Says Mike, "it was a great New York moment."
Unsilent night meets Santacon 2002 [GammablaBlog via East/West]


Joe Dolce and Brandusa Niro

Fashion Wear Daily founders Joe Dolce and Brandusa Niro are running competing mags— Dolce at Us Daily under Bonnie Fuller, and Niro at 7th on Sixth/IMG's new rag, The Daily. Niro says that The Daily will focus more on fashion talent than celebrity. (Ed. note—there's a difference?)
Fashion statements [NY Magazine]


NY Mag's "50 Best Bars"

Lockhart Steele on NY Mag's "50 Best Bars" edition: "which makes us cringe more, their picks or their prose? (Sample line: 'If New York is a martini, then alcohol is the olive.')"
50 best bars [Lockhart Steele]
50 best bars [NY Magazine]


Pierre Rougier

The NYT profiles Pierre Rougier, who is temporarily one of the most powerful men at Fashion Week. Mr. Rougier, a publicist whose clients include Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere and Proenza Schouler, determines who gets into several of the more exclusive limited seating events and consequently, who's in and who's over. One of the hottest tickets this year is Proenza Schouler's February 12 show at the National Arts Club, which is limited to 120 guests. (Side note: the article also mentions that Marc Jacobs is doing an ad campaign with Winona Ryder after noticing that she looked so cute in one of his little black-and-white dresses on Court TV.)
Insider's insider, for the best seats [NYT]



NY Mag's Vanessa Grigoriadis covers a "take-out" party at Idlewild where single women and couples pay for what party promoter Palagia calls "sensual liberation." A scene from one such party: "...guys had their polo shirts hanging open, and women had nothing on top except for the itsy-bitsy flowers painted on their nipples by a man in a white feathered hat. With one hand, he applied sparkly aquamarine to the areola of a blonde in a striped skirt. The other he put up her skirt."
Let It All Hang Out [NY Magazine]
Take-out parties


Publishing, schmublishing

Michael Wolff says book publishing is as dead as the trees upon which its bestsellers are printed. Wolff speculates that the industry has a tendency to hire people that need to be around books and that this results in publishing companies full of bibliophiles who failed at other pursuits.
Book review [NY Mag]


Musto on the Oscars

Musto handicaps the Oscars. Nothing new here: The Hours and Chicago come out on top. Musto repeatedly uses the word "twat." Yawn.
La Dolce Musto [Village Voice]


Courtney Love arrested

This just in: Courtney Love's recent spree of bad behavior just culminated in an arrest at Heathrow after she was verbally abusive to the flight's cabin crew. Okay, Courtney. We know you're a bad girl and a big rock star. And getting arrested—very scandalous. We're all shocked. Shocked. So can we stop now?
Courtney Love arrested after flight [AP]


Gossip roundup

Leona Helmsley· Leona Helmsley fires her flak, Howard Rubenstein. [Page Six]
· London's Daily Mail reports that Jude Law and Sadie Frost are expected to split any day now. [Page Six]
· Ben Elliot launches his new concierge service, Quintessentially, tomorrow night at Sotheby's. [Page Six]
· Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts are splitting. (Am I the only one that looked at that headline and thought, "Who the hell is 'Heath Naomis?'" [Page Six]
· Director Danny Boyle is having trouble shooting the sequel to Trainspotting because the actors—Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller—look too healthy. "I need them to look like they've burned themselves out, but they've all been using face cream and Vitamin E lotion." [Cindy Adams]
· Time's bi-annual fashion mag, Time Style & Design launches on the 10th at Gotham Hall. [Liz Smith]
· Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared in court yesterday to seek redress for the Hello! photos that showed (among other things) Zeta-Jones stuffing her face with cake and waving a knife around. Senator John Kerry finds out that his grandparents were Jewish. [NY Daily News]
· Christopher Hitchens, gossip columnist: The Hitch says he thinks Bill Clinton was a CIA plant during their days at Oxford. He adds that they had a girlfriend in common—"who's since become a very famous radical lesbian." Also—Joe Lieberman's press secretary Jano Cabrera on John Kerry's revelation that he's Jewish: "Oy vey. All this talk about who is Jewish and who isn't is absolutely meshuga. That said, there's only one candidate in this race with a real lox box." [Reliable Source]


Chelsea Clinton at "McKinney"

Per this morning's Page Six item reporting that Chelsea Clinton has been offered a job at "McKinney": (That's McKinsey. M-C-K-I-N-S-E-Y.) A spy reports that during the recruitment workshop, Chelsea's effort at teamwork consisted of forming a team with her boyfriend, Ian Klaus, and the partner in charge of the presentation.


Manhattan Tupperware invasion

The madness continues: I've been informed that a play about a Tupperware party gone terribly awry opens in April on 42nd street. Excuse me for a moment; I think my head is going to explode.
Sealed for Freshness


"Classy adult sex toy party"

Tupperware party, meet Spiceitupperware party. We probably wouldn't use the words "classy" and "sex toy party" in the same sentence, but we have to admit, this sounds a lot more like the New York we know.
Spiceitupparties [via]


Magazine ad dollars up, thanks to TiVo

Folio's Michael Learmonth predicts that the growing TiVo phenomenon may cause ad dollars originally marked for television spots to shift to magazines. This may a good time for magazine entrepreneurs to pitch paranoid TV execs for funding.
The attack of TiVo [Folio]


Courtney Love, naked

Courtesy of Q Magazine. Ms. Will Someone Please Pay Attention to Me also set various things on fire and, as documented by the photos, got a bikini wax in a room full of people.
Courtney Love @ Q Magazine 3/03 [ via Kottke]


To-Do List Monday

1. Have a drink at the 40-person bar at Jean-George's new Chinese restaurant, 66.
2. Hear A.S. Byatt at Symphony Space.
3. Catch the Trachtenburg Family Slide Show at Tonic.


Stewart Hitch's missing paintings

Bodega by HitchFriends of the late Soho artist Stewart Hitch are looking for his paintings, which were reportedly given to an acquaintance for safe keeping years ago. The acquaintance, Ralph Iorio, has since disappeared and friends fear this means that the paintings are being sold to people who are unaware of their value. Says Laurence Futterman, the lawyer for Mr. Hitch's estate, "I think it is every artist’s nightmare to end up on the wall of a suburban Levittown dining room."
The lost legacy of Stewart Hitch [NYT]


A Noo Yawk accent

More evidence of the film industry's obsession with New York: a Canadian firm that specializes in helping actors filming in Canada pass for New Yorkers. Christoper MacCabe "advises his students to chew gum in the front of their mouths to help perfect their New York accent. Frequent phrases that he tackles are 'fegettabowit,' 'how yuh doin'?' and 'tamarra' for tomorrow."
A guy in that Canadian film sounds like a Noo Yawka, eh? [NYT]


Gym fashion

When choosing an NYC gym, it's important to evaluate a number of variables that contribute to a good workout experience. The range and number of training programs offered and the quality of available equipment are important, but let's be realistic. The primary question is, inevitably, "Will I look good in this gym?" (The all-important corollary: "Do other people look good in this gym?") Along those lines, the Post tackles the harrowing dilemma of what to wear in gym-type environments.
Working out your style [Post]


AOL death knell

AOL lost 170,000 users in the last quarter. Somewhere in Atlanta (or Florida), Ted Turner is smirking.
AOL reports first drop in subscribers [AP via Anil]


Chinese New Year's, NYC

Chinese New Year's
Chinese New Year's parade []


11 digit phone numbers

The new eleven-digit phone numbers have propelled the New Yorker's Roger Angell into a reverie of nostalgia for long-lost exchange names, many of which—WIckersham, VAnderbilt, BOgardus, etc.,—"suggested brokerage firms or Waspy lawyers."
Dial again [New Yorker]


Cinematic New York

The Morning News analyzes the definition of "New York movie" and breaks the component parts into categories with appropriate examples. After all, it's hard to argue that NYC isn't the center of the world when you constantly see your backyard on the big screen.
An extremely incomplete taxonomy of cinematic New York [TMN]


Gossip roundup

Courtney Love· Courtney Love calls fashion houses around the world in the wee hours of Friday morning demanding "perfect clothes" for Elton John's upcoming benefit for the Old Vic theater. [Page Six]
· Ted Turner officially moves to Florida. [Page Six]
· Page Six says Chelsea Clinton has been offered a job with "McKinney, the powerhouse consulting firm." Note to Page Six: that's McKinsey. [Page Six]
· Conde Nast employees, fascinated with the intricate workings of the Metrocard system, take public transportation. Juuuuuust kidding. [Page Six]
· Playwright Larry Myers is penning a play about the Raelians. [Page Six]
· Cindy Adams handicaps the BAFTAs; says Chicago will win. [Cindy Adams]
· Lara Flynn Boyle's tutu at the Golden Globes was an inside joke, as Jack Nicholson's other woman was a dancer, albeit "hardly the kind that trains at Juilliard." Rapper 50 Cent on Mariah Carey: ""I wanted to hit that...[Eminem] said he was finished [with her] so ... I just thought he was gonna hook me up." Bernie Goetz wants to build "squirrel houses" in New York. [NY Daily News]


Mayor Mike gossip

A friend of mine emailed Friday's A-List link to several people with the preface "You can kiss the next four hours of your day goodbye." Just in case you missed the Mike Bloomberg item here it is: "Into being dominated." Now doesn't that make mayoral press conferences much more interesting?


Gossip roundup

· Universal isn't hosting its annual post-Grammy bash for fear of a rap-rivalry shootout. [Page Six]
· Page Six discovers the Hipster Handbook. [Page Six]
· Tina Louise was spotted tearing open a box of envelopes at Staples on Broadway and Broome, "taking a few to the cashier, and getting annoyed when she was informed she'd have to buy the whole box." [Page Six]
· Courtney Love strips during a photo shoot ("By the time the shoot was over, Courtney had set fire to things, poured Champagne over her head and had her bikini line waxed in a room full of people."); John Edwards is schmoozing moneyed New Yorkers; and Sharon Bush was having dinner at Le Cirque during the brother-in-law's State of the Union address. [NY Daily News]
· Ted Turner's getting married and ex-Sicor chief, Carlo Salvi, has purchased a stake in the Women modeling agency. Salvi's determined to make it work, as he's been the "pigeon" on other deals and needs to prove himself. Friends insist it's not about the girls. [The Word]


Scorsese's lifetime achievement award

LAT movie critic Manohla Darghis suggests that Martin Scorsese may be getting the DGA lifetime achievement award because people feel sorry for him. "I think that what the Guild is really doing here is rewarding Scorsese for having survived Gangs of New York and, in particular, for having survived uber-producer Harvey Weinstein."
Ask Manohla Dargis [LAT]


Janis Spindel, matchmaker

Janis Spindel hosts "intimate dinners" with groups of 16 men and 16 women that function as a sort of communal blind date. At $200 a pop, she's got another major revenue stream to add to her one-on-one matchmaking, for which she charges $10,000. It's basically like going to a party where you don't know anyone and then competing with strangers for the most desirable person in the room. Sounds like Sex-and-the-City meets Lord-of-the-Flies.
Paying for it [Post]


Lease-holder criticizes WTC plans

Larry Silverstein, who holds the lease for the World Trade Center claims that none of the proposed design plans are "viable and safe." He also says that the occupied parts of the buildings should be no more than "65 to 70 stories" high.
WTC plans slammed [Post]


Mob history

Gangrule has everything you ever wanted to know about organized crime in New York. Check out the map gallery.
GangRule [via Kottke]


NYC music scene

High-decibel art installation or post-punk dance band? Sometimes it's hard to tell. The Guardian discovers the Williamsburg electroclash scene and pronounces it just bizarre enough (in that Warhol-esque sort of way) to be cool. Exhibit A: "...a man sporting only a luxuriant moustache, wraparound sunglasses and a pair of underpants." His name is "Prance" and he does Prince covers, but changes the words. "...instead of Controversy, he sings Contrapussy." Exhibit B: This Is My Robot Friend, who "dresses in a light-up robot suit and sings a song called I Know What Women Want." And, of course, you have Fischerspooner (see saturation coverage in the Village Voice)—they of recent Kylie Minogue collaboration. I'd make fun, but I've personally condoned and even encouraged the formation of a band tentatively titled, "Ramsey Grissom Sucks," whose entire repertoire of original work consists of a ballad with the lyrics I can't concentrate on anything/I can't concentrate on anything/I can't concentrate on anything/I'm going to go play some video games.
Future sound of NYC [Guardian via Rafat Ali]


Cindy Adams, friend of the indicted

Cindy AdamsNY Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams says that she got her start by befriending "whoever was going to the can." The tradition is apparently still alive: "When the city desk called me and asked me, `Can you tell us where Lizzie Grubman is?' well, of course I couldn't tell them where she was, because she was sitting in my living room at the time."
At lunch with Cindy Adams [NYT]


Barbara Corcoran

Frederick W. Peters, the president of Ashforth Warburg Associates, on Barbara Corcoran: "[She] obviously wants to see her face on phone kiosks, and she's done an incredibly effective job of branding herself and the company. That said, I think there is a certain amount of sour grapes among people in the industry about her. High-end brokerage in New York was traditionally a genteel world, for many years dominated by ladies in minks with keys. She's had a lot to do with changing it to something much more egalitarian, and that inevitably rubs people the wrong way."
How a D (for Dyslexia) pupil rose to realty's A-List [NYT]


Back with a vengeance: the Tupperware party

It pains me to have to say this, but Tupperware parties are back, and the NYT says they're fashionable. Yes, I know. I don't buy it, either. They did, however, find a few women who appear to be normal in every other respect to vouch for the existence of said Tupperware parties, and even managed to get appropriate quotes like, "The sandwich keepers have always been a big hit...Your sandwich actually looks the way it did in the morning: the peanut butter sandwich is not squished." [Ed. note—Please tell me this Tupperware thing is intentionally ironic so I can stop banging my head against the wall and screaming.]
Tupperware parties for the cosmo set [NYT]


Radar: big promises

Maer Roshan: "Radar won't be content to sit on the margins of American culture. Instead, it will noisily demand its place at center stage. We will fearlessly cover celebrities as we would any news subject, and won't sacrifice accuracy for access." Note to Radar: If you live up to that, we'll be impressed. (Enamored, even.) If you don't, we'll be ruthless. Love, Gawker.
Radar Media LLC [Radar]


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