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is my tribute to the collaborative power of the Internet. In 1994, I submitted a message to the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.books that read in part:
My proposal is this: I would like for each of you to decide on a single book that you would most like for the world to read for inclusion in the list. The book that, for you, was the most influential, or thought-provoking, or enjoyable, or moving, or philosophically powerful, or deep in some sense you cannot properly define, or any other criteria you wish to set.

I will include your name and email address, along with any commentary you care to include on why you chose this book above all others.

In the years since then, submissions have continued to roll in, despite the fact that I have done little in the way of advertising. The list now offers nearly eight hundred books, submitted by over one thousand people. Huge thanks to Ronald J. Kimball for adding the last few hundred submissions after I fell behind. So the floor is open for your submissions once again!

New! Statistics on the submissions, including the most widely recommended books.

Note that most book titles and all authors are linked to Amazon Books, an online bookstore. If the title is hyperlinked, you can order the book immediately via the Internet! In addition, the names of the list contributors are linked to their email addresses when available, so you can easily contact those with interests similar to yours.

Because the links to Amazon were automatically generated, in some cases the link will be to a book of the same title, but by a different author. If you observe this and send me a note, I will fix it. In addition, some of these books are probably carried by Amazon, but the title did not match their title exactly, and so I could not glean the ISBN. Finally, the choice of WHICH version of the book to link to is currently arbitrary.

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The One Book List:

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