Guns N' Roses Riot First Union Center Philadelphia, PA

UPDATE December 7th: Both Philadelphia, PA Shows Cancelled - Bring your tickets back to point of sale Monday 10AM for refund! There will be no other set date!

~~~ Fans duck from chairs thrown from above ~~~


~~~ Somebody Fueling A Small Fire ~~~ exclusive! 1st Official Guns N' Roses Statement:


Flyer was handed out at the show to incoming fans. Guns N' Roses were to play The Spectrum across the street on Sunday December 8th, 2002. If you bought tickets for the Sunday show up front, it would only cost you $10.


*Note: Most of the chair throwing etc. happened within the seating area's. Although it was it was dangerous at times on the lower section, there was minimal damage. I guess the staff treated it like a Flyers game & let everybody vent in The Ring! We are sure the venue made a phat profit.


At 11PM fans start to boo & word quickly spreads that the soundboard was just covered meaning there will be no show! At 11:03PM Chairs start to get ripped out of the floor. At 11:09PM, the place was TRASHED! A couple minor fires on the chairs happen but put out quickly. Chairs & Garbage Cans start to pile on top of the covered soundboards. Chairs were thrown at the stage. We estimate just under 100 people were involved in the riot on the floor section.

~~~ Crazed "Fan" Heaves Chair At The Stage ~~~

~~~ Chairs Were Thrown At The Stage ~~~


Event Staff: Announce Show Cancelled after the inside was torn apart. They handled things well just letting people tear up the place & not coming in with riot gear. Things got dangerous when chairs came flying down from upper levels. People had to run & dodge flying chairs & just about anything else that can be thrown! The staff only took down a couple people but mostly let them wreck the place!

When Things Were Calming Down, Some People Just Couldn't Help Themselves...


TICKETS: HOLD ON TO TICKETS UNTIL SECOND ANNOUCEMENT THIS WEEKEND! REFUNDS AT POINT OF PURCHASE MONDAY 10AM! If you paid by credit card online, you will get a refund from ticketmaster


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