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Drive Fitness
Programs to help analyze, monitor, & restore the health of your drives.
Drive Fitness Test | Data Advisor | SMART Defender

Drive Fitness Test (v3.30)
This download creates a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick, reliable method to test SCSI and IDE hard disk drives. The Drive Fitness Test analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (However, Drive Fitness Test is bundled with some restoration utilities that will overwrite data). Version 3.30 includes the support for the latest drives. The users guide PDF covers how to use Drive Fitness Test and the included utilities.

Additional Documentation: PDF Users guide | White paper | Data sheet

Supports SCSI and IDE drives
Currently, the Drive Fitness Test does not support Microdrives, or Travelstar E drives.

Analyzes drive fitness
  • Three modes of operation:
    -- High confidence level Quick test (unmatched in the drive industry)
    -- Full media scan
    -- Exerciser
  • Performs real-time analysis of you drive to quickly determine whether the drive has a problem.
  • Identifies system problems such as cables, temperature, etc.
  • Automatically logs significant drive parameters to track potential impacts to the operation of the drive.
Restores drive fitness
Note: these utilities will overwrite customer data and allow repair of bad sectors.
  • Erase Bootsector utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Boot Sector)
  • Low-level format utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Disk)
  • Filesystem-based Corrupted Sector Repair (use DFT Utility option: Corrupted Sector Repair) 
  • Drive information
  • S.M.A.R.T. Operations for IDE hard disk drives

Download Drive Fitness Test
Note: This download creates a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. You can create the diskette under Windows or under Linux, using the Linux version, but you must start your system with the DOS bootable diskette to run DFT. DFT can only be used with x86 based processors.
Download now Download Windows diskette creator (1964KB) - creates DOS bootable diskette | Readme | Having trouble creating the bootable diskette?
Download now Download Linux diskette creator (1475KB) - creates DOS bootable diskette | Readme

Ontrack Data Advisor™
Data Advisor is a self-booting, easy to use, diagnostic software to determine data access problems. It analyzes file systems, boot sectors, Master Boot Record, memory etc. It guides the user through traditional or new Remote Data Recovery (RDR) services.
Go to Ontrack download page *registration required

SMART Defender (v1.02)
SMART Defender is an easy to use Windows program that monitors SMART-capable IDE and SCSI hard disk drives. The program reduces the risk of system down time by assessing the reliability and predicting hard disk drive failures. This latest release now supports self test of our SCSI drives. (SMART Defender is a replacement for EZSMART.)

  1. Smart Defender is a Windows only program. There is no support for Unix or LInux.
  2. RAID controllers (ATA or SCSI), including JBOD configurations, are not supported.  Smart Defender does not detect RAID drives.
Download now Download SmartDefenderSetup.exe (1823KB)
Utilities to help you install your new drive
Disk Manager 2000 | DriveGuide | Feature Tool

Disk Manager 2000 (v9.61)

Disk Manager 2000 provides step-by-step installation instructions to help you install an one of our IDE hard disk drives. Disk Manager 2000 also allows an older system BIOS with a drive capacity limitation (e.g., 528MB, 540MB, 2.1GB, 4.2GB, 8.4GB or 32GB) to use our IDE drives above those limits. For Award BIOS 4.5x see the Ontrack Data International solution for 33GB BIOS lock-up.


Windows XP / 2000 users: Chances are, you won't need to use Disk Manager. Since Windows 2000 and Windows XP scan the bus itself, ignoring the BIOS, your Operating System should see the full size of the drive. If you are installing a drive on system using the Award 4.5x BIOS, the you should still follow the Ontrack Data International solution for 33GB BIOS lock-up advice to avoid having your hard drive hang during the drive detection stage of system startup (boot).

Windows systems (download installs on your system):
Download now Download DiskManager 2000 (7085 KB) | Readme

Diskette versions: (download creates bootable diskette)
Download the diskette version of Disk Manager 2000 if you do not have Windows installed on your system or if you have a problem downloading the Windows systems version.   The diskette version creates a bootable diskette that includes Disk Manager. The bootable diskette also contains the Drive Fitness Test (DFT).
Download now Download Windows diskette version (1661 KB) | Readme 
Download now Download Linux diskette version (1440 KB) | Readme Linux

DriveGuide is no longer available for download. Disk Manager 2000 replaces DriveGuide and provides the function for installing our hard disk drives.

Feature Tool (v1.70)
The Feature Tool allows you to control some of the features in our newer Deskstar and Travelstar high performance ATA hard disk drives. This version adds support for our latest drives (including 48-bit addressing for capacities beyond 128GB). The Feature Tool allows you to:
  • Enable or disable the read-ahead or write cache.
  • Change the drive Automatic Acoustic Management settings to the:
    • Lowest acoustic emanation setting (Quiet Seek Mode), or
    • Maximum performance level (Normal Seek Mode).
  • Change the predefined capacity of the drive. This option can be used in situations where there is a BIOS limitation and the drive is not recognized. See the PDF Users Guide for specific details.
  • Switch the Ultra DMA mode (replaces the IBMATASW utility)
  • Change Advanced Power Mode - allows you to change between the lowest power consumption and the highest power consumption (maximum performance level).
  • Show Drive Temperature - shows the current drive temperature in Celsius and Farenheit.
Download now Download Windows version (1788 KB) | Having trouble creating the bootable diskette?
Download now Download Linux version (1440 KB)

More information...
  • PDF Feature Tool Users Guide - contains instructions for creating the bootable diskette under Windows and Linux, and information on how to use the program.
Optimize your drive
Tools to optimize and customize our drives
Power Booster | See the Feature Tool listed above for more tools.

Power Booster
This utility works with our Travelstar drives. Power Booster is a utility for laptops that gives users direct control over the Advanced Battery Life Extender power settings for our mobile disk drives. Power Booster allows any computer with an ATAPI 4 mobile disk drive and running Windows 95/98 to directly control advanced power management features of the drive. Advanced Battery Life Extender is an advanced power savings implementation and Power Booster is a user interface to it. Additional details are provided on the download page.
Go to download page
Productivity tools for hard disk drive related businesses
Ultrastar/Deskstar/Travelstar Tools developed specifically for resellers and OEM system integrators
DDD-SI (v 5.43)
DDD-SI is an easy-to-use Windows software package we developed for Ultrastar, Deskstar, and Travelstar system integrators. This tool allows you to modify, optimize, initialize or test our industry leading hard disk drives for integration. Single or multiple hard disk drives need to be outside of their target System. Once DDD-SI is configured, you can easily:
  • Optimize a disk drive
  • Analyze / repair a disk drive
  • Initialize a disk drive
  • Assist with disk drive integration
  • Provide production line support
  • Provide information for remote assistance
Link How to obtain a copy of DDD-SI
Link Version 5.43 update for existing DDD-SI installations
PDF DDD-SI User's Guide
Hard disk drive utilities feedback
Help define future Drive Fitness technology and other utilities!
We value your input about the tools and utilities we provide to support your drive.  These utilities are provided to:
  • Make the installation of your drive easier
  • Analyze drive problems and restore drive fitness
  • Optimize our drives for specific applications
Your feedback can help us improve the service, support, and development of future generations of Drive Fitness and other technologies. It should take approximately 5 minutes or less to complete. Use the general feedback form to provide feedback or comments on utilities in general.  Use the utility specific feedback form to provide feedback or comments on a specific utility or download.

Important link Go to the general feedback form
Important link Go to the utility specific feedback form

Thank you for participating. All responses will be used for research and development purposes.
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