More Changes
Posted by mneonix08 on 04.02.2003 at 18:04
As you well know Top VG Comix has transformed into Top Net Comix - a list for all webcomics! There have also been some other slight adjustments.

A) You can only vote once a day. No more of the fishy hours crap.
B) The rating system is no more! I was thinking, voting is rating enough. If a comic is good, it will get a lot of votes. If it isn't good, it won't. All the rating system does is make comics vulnerable to spite voting. People shouldn't spite vote. If you don't like a comic, don't vote for them.
C) You can still review a comic though, which I think very good. This way comic artists can get helpful feedback, instead of just meaningless stars.

Hope this improves the bCx experience! Also, expect big news coming up soon!
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buzzComix becoming UNIVERSAL!
Posted by mneonix08 on 03.02.2003 at 06:57
Due to TWC uncertain future I am going to be redoing bBx to make it ALL webcomic friendly, not just webcomics. I have PLENTY (and I mean PLENTY) of bandwidth so I'm not worried. BuzzComix has a top web comic list too that will be soon for all kinds of webcomics. I also have a forum and plenty of space so I can host webcomic's personal forums (and hopefully cut down on TWC space). So check it out and give me a shout at if you are interested in a hosted forum. Meanwhile you can sign up on the temporarily Top VG Comix (but soon to be changed to Top Comix). Ignore the rule that you have to be a video game comic. Hope this is helpful!
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I am officially and idiot
Posted by mneonix08 on 02.02.2003 at 20:33
It's official. I am an idiot. I, in customizing the Top VG Comix page deleted the function that records your "clicks out." THATS why everyone has had "0" hits out. . . . I am very stupid. Feel free to throw things at me. I will be trying to fix this ASAP.
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New Forum!
Posted by mneonix08 on 30.01.2003 at 07:24
K, there is a new forum up now! A much needed "Aboslutely Anything" forum in which you can . . . yup you guessed it . . . talk about absolutely anything. Danger: this could get a little crazy.
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Back to business . . .
Posted by mneonix08 on 23.01.2003 at 16:22
Finals are (finally) over and now I can start directing my attention to the needy bCx. There are going to be a few changes around here, so keep your eyes pealed. I would like to just remind everyone the bCx can host webcomic's forums . . . so help spread the word!
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bCx Now Will Host Member Site's Forums!!
Posted by mneonix08 on 15.01.2003 at 07:01
If you have a VG Webcomic and you are a member of bCx, you can now have your forum hosted by buzzForums!

You can have:
1) unlimited space to post
2) totally customizable template (that means your forum can look however you want)!!
3) be able to fully moderate your forum (delete, edit threads)
4) be able to assign others as moderators also
5) it is FREE!!

If you are interested in having your forum hosted by buzzForums just PM me or e-mail me at
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Server Having MySQL problems.
Posted by mneonix08 on 11.01.2003 at 18:11
Apparently the server of bCx (and Plugged actually) is having problems with their MySQL database. So Top VG Comix is going to be a little funky. So just be patient until this gets figured out.
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buzzComix launches 1.10.03!!
Posted by mneonix08 on 09.01.2003 at 20:53
Welcome to buzzComix's launch on 1.10.03!

"Well, what exactly is buzzComix" you ask. BuzzComix is site a few video game comic authors decided to make a couple months ago. Its objective is to create a community of video game players with a distinctly webcomic-slant. BuzzComix is about video games, but more specifically, about video game comic and their readers. For more info read the FAQ.

Now that you are here, register as a member of buzzComix on the forums! The true heart of buzzComix is the forum. There the Founders and members can discuss video games, post reviews and articles. Once you become a member of buzzComix show your buzzComix pride! Help spread the word. If you have a video game webcomic you can show your membership to buzzComix by including the buzzComix icon (look at the upper left-hand corners of the Founders' webpages for an example and on the FAQ for a discription on how to incorporate the icon).

If you have a video game comic you can also become part of the Top VG Comix -- a list exclusively for video game comics!

Stay and enjoy the ride as buzzComix launches off!
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