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2-07-2003 8:33 AM
The Savage Truth - "The Future of PRIDE"

Future of PRIDE?The death of President Naoto Morishita, along with rumored financial problems, look to be the determining factors in Dream Stage Entertainment’s, PRIDE’s parent company, decision to revamp the show.

Let's take a closer look at the ramifications of PRIDE closing shop or going to a more Japanese dominated lineup as has also been rumored. What affects would it have on the rest of the MMA world? [More]

2-06-2003 10:07 PM
PRIDE 25: Minotauro vs Fedor

PRIDE heavyweight champ Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira will finally defend his heavyweight belt against Fedor Emelianenko, who blew through Heath Herring in PRIDE 23. Rogerio Nogueira, the lighter brother of Monitauro, will face newcomer Kazuhiro Nakamura.

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Fedor Emelianenko vs Semmy Schilt
Rodrigo Nogueira vs Semmy Schilt. Follow the link to discuss PRIDE 25 with over 10,000 users in the Mixed Martial Arts forum. [More]

2-06-2003 9:03 PM
RITC 45 - Fulton vs Riggs, Dewees vs Moore

Edwin Dewees and Homer Moore will finally meet in the cage to determine the RITC Light Heavyweight Champion. Joseph Riggs will face "The Ironman" Travis Fulton. UFC 40 veteran Travis Wiuff will make his Rage in the Cage debut. [More]

2-05-2003 9:40 PM
UFC 41 Card Complete

The Rich Clementi vs Yves Edwards matchup reported on January 28th has been officially released as the 8th spot for UFC 41: Onslaught. The complete card is now:


2-05-2003 9:11 PM
KOTC: Invasion February 21 PPV

Next weekend's KOTC: Invasion features 11 bouts, and will be shown on DirecTV PPV at 9:00 pm EST.

  • Javier Vazquez vs Alberto Crane

  • Jimmy "The Titan" Ambriz vs Jonathan Ivey

  • Fernando Vasconcelos vs Shonie Carter

  • Bobby Hoffman, Paul Buentello, Sam Sotello, Brian Hawkins 4-man tourney

2-05-2003 5:05 PM
PRIDE Future? Grand Prix 2003

Due to the the sudden death of DSE President Naoto Morishita, rumors are circulating about the future of PRIDE Fighting Championships. Today, DSE released it's schedule for 2003 to confirm its future in MMA. DSE cited a successful 2002 highlighted by sell-outs for each event, and sanctioning by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

  1. March 16: PRIDE 25: Body Blow

  2. May 24: PRIDE 26

  3. August 10: PRIDE Grand Prix 2003: Opening Round

  4. Novemnber 9: PRIDE Grand Prix 2003: Final Round

2-05-2003 8:00 AM
WEF Championships - Obake Catalfo vs Oliveira

Tim "Obake" Catalfo will face Marcus Oliveira for the +225 title in the World Extreme Fighting Championships this Saturday. [More]

2-04-2003 1:29 PM
HOOKnSHOOT Teams with UFCF, Hume Fights Again

Matt "The Wizard" Hume recently returned to MMA with a submission over "PAIN" Peterson in December's HOOKnSHOOT. Now, Jeff Osbourne's HOOKnSHOOT is teaming with Matt Hume's UFCF on March 1, in Washington State. Matt Hume will be facing Rick McCoy in the main event. [More]

2-03-2003 9:54 PM
ICC 2 - Steibling vs Horn, Reed vs Menne

The lineup for International Cage Combat 2, taking place April 18 in Mineapolis, has been released:

And more. [More]

2-03-2003 1:26 PM
"The Crow" Loiseau vs Weir Likely for UFC 42

David "The Crow" Loiseau will likely face Mark Weir at UFC 42. Loiseau stopped UFC veteran Tony "The Freak" Fryklund at UCC 12 last weekend. [More]

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