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What is XFree86?

The XFree86 Project, Inc is the organisation which produces XFree86 , a freely redistributable open-source implementation of the X Window System which runs on UNIX(R) and UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux, all of the BSD variants, Sun Solaris x86, Mac OS X (via Darwin), as well as other platforms like OS/2 and Cygwin.

XFree86, the product, provides a client/server interface between display hardware (the mouse, keyboard, and video displays) and the desktop environment while also providing both the windowing infrastructure and a standardized application interface (API). XFree86 is platform-independent, network-transparent and extensible.

With XFree86 a user cannot only choose the desktop environment they prefer, but because we are an open-source project, users can also modify and update their systems as they see best. As XFree86 has always been an unabashed supporter of freedom of the user desktop, so we encourage users to customise and personalise their desktops with the application of their choice, whether it be KDE, GNOME, Enlightenment, Blackbox, AfterStep,Window Maker, fvwm or twm.

Our goal at XFree86 is to have X run on every platform available, including those we do not currently support, as the best windowing system available on that platform.


Headlines are:

X11 for MacOS X

[7 January 2003]

Apple, a leading innovator in graphics systems, has announced support for X11 under Mac OS X, offering a complete X Window System implementation based on XFree86, the de facto standard for X11. More information is available at Apple's web site.

XFree86 Snapshot available

[21 December 2002]

The snapshot, which should become the 4.3.0 release after bug testing and their appropriate fixes have been applied can now be found in our repository. It is tagged in our public CVS server as xf-4_2_99_3. Inquiries and issues should be directed to the Xpert mailing list (you need to subscribe before posting); bug fixes should be clearly marked that they are pertinent to this release and submitted to Binaries will becomes available as they uploaded by our members; this should be completed by 24 December 2002. If bandwidth is a problem please use our mirrors.


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XFree86 is always desirous of more mirrors whether it is for HTTP access or FTP access. If you are interested in becoming an official XFree86 mirror, please tell our MirrorAdmin and put Attn: New Mirror Site @ Your Geographic Location in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you. The public download area is accessible via rsync at and is intended only for our mirror sites, as the connection limit for rsync is relatively low. Hosted by ISC

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