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Top 10 Network SF TV Shows
Touched by an Angel 4.9
Futurama 3.5
Charmed 3.2
Enterprise 2.8
Buffy 2.7
Birds of Prey 2.1
Twilight Zone 1.9
Sabrina 1.9

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 1/6/03 - 1/12/03

9:00am ET, 10-January-03

 SCI FI Adapts Marvel Series

The SCI FI Channel is developing Brother Voodoo and 1000 Days, based on two Marvel Comics series, in a deal with production company Reveille and Marvel, the network announced. Both projects will be executive produced by Reveille head Ben Silverman, Marvel Studios chief executive Avi Arad and Rick Ungar, president of Marvel Characters Group. Universal Television Group owns a stake in Reveille.

Brother Voodoo will be a live-action two-hour movie/backdoor pilot about the adventures of Jericho Drumm, a doctor and voodoo priest. After his brother is killed, Drumm returns to his childhood home in New Orleans, where he is drawn back into the dark subculture of black magic. Hans Rodionoff (Clive Barker's Saint Sinner) will write the screenplay.

1000 Days is based on Marvel's Strikeforce: Morituri and will be a live-action two-hour backdoor pilot movie from writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Set in the near future, 1000 Days follows a group of soldiers who gain enhanced abilities, but only for a limited time: They die 1,000 days after joining the force. Holloway and Marcum will executive produce the series.

Universal Television Group and SCI FI are both owned by Vivendi Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.

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