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    The Wreck of the Penguin

    Bruce Collins
    Wreck of the Penguin cover

    New Zealand's worst 20th century shipwreck! The Penguin sank near Wellington in 1909 with the loss of 72 lives. This is the first book about this dramatic disaster.

    112pp. Quarto 210 x 280mm.
    ISBN 1-877228-28-1

    If you have comments about the book, questions, corrections, or new information re the Penguin and descendants of people involved in the wreck, please email Roger Steele at or write to Box 9321 Wellington.

    Sound samples

    In the meantime please listen to these exciting items:

    • George Francis - excerpt from an interview with a survivor. Courtesy Doug Francis. The full transcript of the tape is in The Wreck of the Penguin.
    • Arthur Thompson - excerpt from an interview with a survivor. As played by Jim Sullivan on Sounds Historical, National Radio. Courtesy Radio NZ Sound Archives, Box 1531 Christchurch

    • Dark Angel - excerpt from a song by Wild Geese. Courtesy of Wild Geese. CD available from Replay Radio, Box 123 Wellington. "I strongly recommend the whole CD - itís excellent" - Roger Steele, publisher and music connoisseur.
    • Pelorus Jack - a song by Phil Garland, from his 1998 CD A Sense of Place. (CD SLC-250). Courtesy of Kiwi Pacific Records International Ltd. P O Box 826, Wellington, New Zealand. 

      First sighted in 1888, the dolphin nicknamed Pelorus Jack would often accompany ships across Cook Strait. A photo appears in the book together with a story about his encounter with the Penguin.

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