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Currently for sale.....Oneleggeddogmobilitydevice  Stabeler's Mini snowman Gail_Porters_arse

This month's Special offer!!..........



The amazing service to those poor animals that don't get a chance to get out, smell fresh air or chase a stick/ball/frizbee. Yes, you guessed it, the amazing, insightful, truly inspired.......



Yes, that's right, poor fido will no longer need to hop around on his last remaining leg, rubbing his nose in his own faeces during a wrong turn, he'll be able to pee just like all his friends, cocking his one leg up a tree. 

Just imagine, cute little fido, chasing the postman with only the smallest of mechanical squeaks!*

*Requires regular maintainance

How can you deny little Fido, or  cute little Rover this opportunity?!!!

Special Offer! Make his world, for a mere discounted price of £150!** Special Offer!

Buy The Oneleggeddogmobilitydevice™!

**Normal price £151

Stabeler's Mini Snowman™!


No garden? Don't want to go out?

This amazing little guy will keep you amused for hours!*

*May require freezer room access

Yes, that's right, no need to make your own snowman, buy Stabeler's Mini Snowman™! and you won't have to go out for freezing fun! 
Kids love him!

Just imagine, placing this small frosty chap in your window box, or in your freezer, and you can dress him up all you like! you can even put the zub zero guy in your drinks!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity! Limited stock!

Special Offer! Bring some frost into your life for a special price of £100** Special Offer!

Buy The Stabeler's Mini Snowman™!

**Normal price £101



Got a large behind? Not enough wolf whistles?*

Get the amazing 


*May require builders

Place this specially designed rear wonderment over your current model, and see the amazing change!!  
feel the wonderful buttock pleasure of adorement! make all you're friends jealous! You'll have the best rear-end in town!!!

Can be stored anywhere!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity! Limited stock!

Special Offer! Don't deny yourself the chance of a life time for a mere £50** Special Offer!

Buy The amazing Gail_Porters_Arse™!

**Normal price £51


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