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Twenty-one years of new-technology vision, management and programming experience.

(this is the technical, not the business resume)


9/00 � 8/01���� Manager, Accenture Inc

         Technology strategy and design work for eCRM, online collaborative software, clustered processor mini-supercomputer, multi-terrabyte clustered database applications.


4/98 � 9/00���� Owner, Terrabyte Consulting

         Wrote C++/Corba /PHP/mySQL based web site tester with dedicated back-end server.

         Wrote up-time monitor residing in Windows tool tray.

         eCommerce demo at incorporates most major web technologies: ActiveX, JavaScript, Authenticode, SSL, TCP/IP native transport, etc.

         Wrote ad-sifting HTTP proxy with SSL tunneling.

         Wrote self-extracting executable maker with LZ compression for web delivery.

         Wrote FTP uploader that redirects web pages to a dynamic-ip page.

         Picture thumbnail maker for personal pages.

         Improved version of Microsoft�s OCX registering software regsvr32.


10/98 � 4/00�� Owner, Terrabyte Consulting

         This consulting was primarily large-scale management.

         Advised Canadian ISP on structure, ASP opportunities.Assisted negotiation.

         Wrote Risk Management SQL database, improving dept. efficiency 30%

         In spare time, wrote HTTP v1.1 web server

         Created distributed ecommerce marketing platform to integrate sales directly with applications.


5/98 � 10/98�� New Technology Producer, Eclipse Entertainment, Inc.

Parts of this work are still under NDA

         Microsoft internet libraries including wininet and urlmon.

         Windows COM and ActiveX protocols, plus integration with MSIE4.0

         Internet streaming techniques for moving most-relevant data to client machines in order.

         Managed three technology demos, plus streaming design and the development of compression for 2D, 3D and audio data.


8/95 � 4/98���� President, Titanic Entertainment, Inc.

For the project �Torment,� a 3D hardware accelerated action title,

         Coordinated the design of all technical and artistic aspects of the game.

         Ran the team to create a demo with varying LoD, morphing, dynamically lit terrain and 3D animated flying and running characters.

For the project �NetStorm,� a latency tolerant Internet game (available upon request)

         Ran the project from inception to completion, coordinating programmers, artists, in-house and online quality assurance, localization into three languages, 3rd party sound and music contractors, and the creation of six servers world-wide.The project used C++, 80586 assembly and Perl on both Win95 (clients) and Linux (servers).

         Prepared all documentation, design specifications and schedules for the project.

         Co-designed kernel-based latency-tolerant rapid transaction and prediction process system.

         Wrote fair-play artificial intelligence for the units.

         Implemented HTML interpreter which included the ability to define in-script variables and manipulate them to act on simple conditionals.

         Wrote sound layer above Microsoft Direct Sound.

         Implemented particle systems for fire, smoke, explosions, reverse-disintegration and clouds.

         Devised specialized 16:1 compression systems to minimize data transfer over modems.

         Wrote least-distance path finding across unstable graphs.

         Implemented CD checksum and virus detection program for consumers to validate disks.


4/95 � 7/95���� New Technology Co-Director, Origin Inc. an Electronic Arts Company

Co-directed with Zack Simpson (my future partner in Titanic Entertainment) to manage the growing technology needs of game developer Origin Systems, a 300 person company.All code was C++.

         Organized the seven member �Online Scouts� to document competition on the Internet.

         Created proof of concept for Ultima Online by hacking Ultima VI code.

         Managed tool creation for new technology products.

         Created tools including pkzip-like compresser, IFF file manager, virtual file system

         Wrote text-based, networked bug tracking system.

         Created Voxel-based terrain system. (hobby)

         Created simulation of macrophage (cell) combat and breeding (hobby).


2/93 � 3/95���� Director of BioForge, Origin Inc.

Conceived and created the product �BioForge� managing a core team of ten from inception to ship. Localized into four languages. The project used a DOS 386 extender and was C++ and 80x86 assembly.

         Wrote exchangeable-skeleton and single-skin animation system with real-time linear interpolation between poses using fully texture-mapped figures.

         Designed 3d animation and world management scripting system plus compiler.

         Created pose editor called �Salsa� including real-time display of fully rendered character as data was gathered from the �Flock of Birds� on-body electro-magnetic detection system.

         Created system to parse 2D scenes from 3D renders and position, sort and detect collision of 3D characters within the scene.

         Implemented compression that saved company $50,000 in shipped media costs.

         Maintained various code libraries for rendering, file management, music, art formats, etc.

         Wrote tool to augment scandisk and detect internal circular FAT references in files.

         Wrote Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program to take VGA screen snapshots.

         Invented text-based window management and display system, fairly similar to HTML.

         Modeled natural selection code for single-celled organisms.(hobby)

         Wrote flowing-water simulation (hobby)

         Created high-speed rendering engine for texture-mapped tubular structures. (hobby)


6/92 � 2/93���� No Title, Origin Inc.

Produced the Ultima VII add-on �Forge of Virtue� with a team of three.Wrote foundation code for future 3D efforts with a small team.

         Discovered B-Step 80386 processor bug manifestation in Ultima VII. Created b-step detection tool to ship with future products.

         Wrote many core libraries to overcome the shortcomings of DOS for supporting games.Libraries were used on four other Origin products.

         Created patch program to modify the distributed executable of Ultima VII and �add in� a new island and entirely new characters, puzzles and dialog.


12/90 � 5/92�� Lead Programmer Ultima VII, Origin Inc.

Managed coding of U7�s then-revolutionary game engine and integration with world builders and art team.Introduced C++ to Origin. The U7 engine was later re-used to create the sequel �Serpent Isle.�

         Created and maintained core libraries for palettes, virtual file management and more.Set coding goals and schedules.

         Wrote caching systems for extremely large world and art databases.

         Implemented translucency code for cloud shadows, stained glass windows and more.

         Set standards for game engine creation.Educated team about C++ benefits and usage.


6/90 � 11/90�� Programmer Wing Commander I, Origin Inc.

Wrote Ship Intelligence, ship controls, asteroid fields and more for the original Wing Commander.

         Wrote goal and maneuver based artificial intelligence for missions, capitol ships, enemy fighters and wing men.

         Created asteroid fields and collision and dodging routines.

         Implemented user interface and HUD routines and display mechanisms.

         Completed save/load and in-base graphics.

         Created navigation system with dynamic label placement.


4/88 � 5/90���� President, Demarest Consulting

Ran a one-man contract consulting firm with clients such as Johnson and Johnson Inc, Party City Franchises and Ohaus Scale Corp.Sold the business in 1990.

         Created complete custom inventory database and reporting system for Party City Franchises.

         Invented integrated weighing system for Johnson and Johnson sausage weighing process.

         Worked on team creating integrated weighing applications for Shedd�s Spread margarine.


9/84 � 5/89���� Degree in English and Sociology from University of Vermont.

Spent a lot of time coding.Took a semester off to found Demarest Consulting.

         Created overhead, 2D space battle and exploration game in my free time.

         Wrote rogue-like ascii-based dungeon delving game with randomly generated levels, monsters and treasure.


5/84 � 5/89���� Early job experiences

         Worked for a summer at AT&T using their RAMAS databasing and reporting software

         Worked through highschool writing applications and entering all class scheduling on a Wang 2000 minicomputer.

12/79 � 8/84�� Hacker, Demarest Home

         Started writing code the moment I got my TRS-80 with 4K and a cassette tape drive.


Hobbies: Rock climbing, SCUBA diving, cycling