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Walkin' the Vanilla Alley...

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The Kiss * kimberly
Turkish Bath or: Collapse of Lust * Katrin Kremmler
Loving Thy Neighbor * Puddy Tat
One Night * PuddyTat
It Begins... * Lisa
a sweet taste of wine * kimberly
Letter Carrier * Cynthia
The Hunt * Diana Lee
Klingon Love * Diana Lee
Klingon Love - Level II * Diana Lee
Morning Mist * Diana Lee
Nightfall * Diana Lee
Dreaming of You * Lei
Merry Christmas! * Diana Lee
New Year's Names * Diana Lee
Luscious * Lei
The Party after the Party * Cheryl Snead
Sinking into You - an innocent Verse * Moi
For Stone * Cheryl Snead
The New Year's Party * Lei
Doing Dishes * Rebecca
Exploration * Rebecca
Various Stories * Rebecca
The Poetess * Cheryl Snead
Speed Trap * Diana Lee
The Massage - Part I * Deed
The Massage - Part II * Deed
It wasn't the darkest Night * Sappho
Tempting Sugar * Marie Brandt
Waking * PuddyTat
Ideal Scene * Story Teller
All in a Day's Work? * Poetess
Perfect Anniversary * Rags
A warm, tropical evening * Kellie
Love Poetry * Flo
Our Story * Ruff
Welcome Home... * Sappho
In the Car * Poetess
I love you more than 'Love' * Scary Cat
Taxi nach Paris (in German) * Ruth Gogoll
Taxi to Paris (English Translation)* Ruth Gogoll
Festival Fantasy * Story Teller
Alice's Story * Alice
Alice's Story - Part II * Alice
More then a Game * Susan
Up to my Ears * Kristyna
A Love Story * Anne Rosamond
Two Poems * Anne Rosamond
Twin Desire * Susan
Bed Games * Susan
Obsession * Haris Metaxa
Slave & Master * Haris Metaxa
Err... Phantasy 1 * Haris Metaxa
Pink Play * Haris Metaxa
Nike Re-Visited * Haris Metaxa
That First Meeting * Anne Rosamond
Debbie Debbie * Susan
Afternoon Pleasures * Melissa Marie Hawley
Strip Show * Susan
Playful Submission * Melissa Marie Hawley
45:25 (in German) * Ruth Gogoll
Jorgine * Patti Hayton
Love Letter * QT

My Enchantress * Cassiopia
Fantasy Proposal * Rags
Had a nice Dream last Night * Helen
A Change of Heart * Susan
Close Your Eyes... * Helen
Office Lights * JC
Margaritaville * JC
Explorer * JC
The Dance * Susan II
The Hidden Honey * Puddy Tat
The Bar * Redshoes
Tanz der Träume * Sylvia (in German)
Rainy Nights and Women * Redshoes
The Ride * Susan II
No More Paperwork Tonight * Patricia
The Rookie * Redshoes
Midnight Lover * Patricia
Impossible Places * Kat
Transactions * MM
A Sentence * Julie
Dance With An Angel * Patricia
Jasmine * Redshoes
Erotica * Cali
At long last... * Cassiopia
And so it begins...... * Sappho
The Curse * Cassiopia
Caramel Couch * Claire Cappelletti
The Counterpart - I - * - II - * J.R.
The Fire * Nicole
The Lake * Story Teller
Rainy Day * Connie
Mara * Patricia
You were there, Deb * Janine
Evvie's Encounter * FemEros
Blind Date * Susan
Virtual Love * Redshoes
My Lady, Isabelle * Krystale Spirite Moon
The Turban * Lara Nickles
Janette, By Chance * Anne Berger
The Fantasy * Clair de Lune
Sacred Mountains * Stephanie Stillwell
My Waitress * May
The Stream * Hazel P.
A Taste of Chicago * Canine
Ash * Siobhan
New Dawns * Skyclad Warrior Womyn
Forest Meeting * Skyclad Warrior Womyn
Memories of London * Canine
The Mile High Club * Najade
Ice Cream Sundae * Najade
Weekend Therapy * Najade
Kate and Rachel * Mary Cook
First Sight * Lois

Lezlove videos


...and into the Wilderness...


Linda * Cynthia
Punishment * Cynthia
Lei's Story * Lei
A Weekend Visit * Lei
Guilty * Tejas
Hotel * Willow
Tongue Tied * Bronard
Blindfolded * Kellie
HomeCumming * Mistyka Kathleen

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