Ready, Set, Goemon! Working Designs To Bring Mystical Ninja Goemon Back To North America!

May 22nd, 2002 (Los Angeles, CA)

Robot ninjas, magical felines, and samurai from outer space - it's just another day in the life of Goemon, the mystical ninja! And now he's coming back to North America, courtesy of Working Designs' acquisition of Mystical Ninja Goemon, the popular Japanese adventure series' most advanced installment yet!

Mystical Ninja Goemon continues the "Goemon" franchise that has been established in Japan since the 8-bit era. While this will be the series' fifth chapter released in the United States, it will be the first to take advantage of the current generation of powerful gaming technology. Developed by the legendary Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe, Mystical Ninja Goemon follows titles such as Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Goemon's Great Adventure.

"Goemon is a fabulous series that's never quite received the recognition it deserves here," said Victor Ireland, president of Working Designs. "With Mystical Ninja Goemon, we hope to change that. There are very few 3D action-adventure games with well-established characters, and fewer yet with a story and gameplay as immersive and interesting as Goemon."

Set in a wild, action-packed, and often comical version of feudal Japan, Mystical Ninja Goemon is an intense adventure that combines thumb-spraining platform action and real-time fighting with the puzzles, magic spells, special weapons and leveling-up of a roleplaying game. As Goemon, players will explore castles, caves and countrysides, and battle through obstacle-laden environments, from fiery pits to frozen glaciers, and even to outer space! Along the way, they'll encounter famous friends such as Goemon's rotund crime-fighting partner Ebisimaru, ninja woman Yae, and Sasuke the robot. Goemon is also aided in his quest by a friendly white tiger that can grab items, solve puzzles, and attack enemies at the direction of the player.

Due to the series' Japanese setting and theme, Working Designs plans to retain many of Mystical Ninja Goemon's Japanese aspects, while enhancing and localizing it for the English-speaking audience. The game is scheduled to ship with a full-color manual and premium foil-stamped packaging. Other packaging details, release date, ESRB rating and pricing have yet to be determined.

Working Designs is a California-based company that publishes CD software for the PlayStation® game console and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. They specialize in converting CD software from Japanese to English, and enhancing the graphics, gameplay, and audio before releasing the titles in the United States, and were the first third-party CD-ROM publisher in the United States.

"MYSTICAL NINJA GOEMON" is a trademark of Konami. All rights reserved. Original Game © 1986 2002 Konami. Published by Working Designs under license by Konami. English Translation © Working Designs 2002. "Working Designs" is a registered trademark of Working Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. "PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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