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Feedback to INS

INS Online Privacy Notice

Welcome to our Internet-based feedback system.

In case you need to reach us via regular mail, our mailing address is:

Immigration and Naturalization Service
425 I ("Eye") Street, NW
Washington, DC 20536

For feedback about this website, the mailing address of the Web Manager is:

INS Web Manager
425 I ("Eye") Street, NW, CAB-4034
Washington, DC 20536

The Internet-based system (below) can be used to send short messages only for the following purposes:

"Respond to Federal Register (FR) Announcement",
"Comment on Website", and
"Make a Comment".

Please note: The Immigration and Naturalization Service does not handle Passports or most visas. These matters are handled by the U.S. Department of State. Please refer to the State Department's websites for Passport Services, Visa Services, or their information on Citizenship and Nationality. You may also ask questions or make comments to Visa Services or other addresses in the Department of State.

Please DO NOT send your A-Number or other case specific information.

Please check the appropriate category listing below for the kind of feedback you are going to send. Please do not use this Feedback feature to ask a question or to expect a reply. While all incoming messages are read, we cannot reply to most individual messages.

In some cases, we may wish to contact you about a comment on the INS Website. For this reason, we do ask you to include your return email address in the message you send.

However, if, after looking at the information on the INS Website, you have a question about this information or about your specific case, please do NOT use this Feedback feature or send us an email. Instead, please use our Case Status Online service or call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (1-800) 375-5283, or (1-800) 767-1833 (TTY) or see . This toll-free INS call center has additional information, and during their specified office hours, they can connect you to live assistance in English and Spanish. The NCSC customer service representatives will be able to answer your specific questions -- although, unfortunately at this time, they can NOT provide information about the status of your case over the telephone.

Please further note (below) that due to privacy and other considerations, we will not respond to any case specific request for information on the Internet except for Case Status Online for those cases filed at and adjudicated by an INS Service Center.

We thank you for your input and feedback.

Please select a purpose, then press 'next':

Your privacy is important. We may request an email address, which we will only use to acknowledge the receipt of your message and in very rare cases to contact you.

This is not a secure Website. Although unlikely, it is possible that information you send us could be accessed and read by other persons using the Internet outside the INS. You are strongly discouraged from sending personal information such as A-numbers or other information that you might not want others on the Internet to read. Please be aware that we will not respond to any case specific request for information sent over the Internet. The Privacy Act forbids INS (or any government agency or employee) to provide personal information about an individual without either (1) a written request or authorization from that individual, or (2) a request from an individual or agency authorized by the Privacy Act to see the information. Since INS cannot be certain of the identity of any individual requesting information via electronic mail, we will not provide such information.

Last Modified 10/04/2002