DOOM 7650

v1.2 November 2002


Play the classic first-person shooter now on your Nokia 7650!

Take control of a lone marine in 9 levels of intense arcade action.



  • Full 'Shareware' version featuring 9 intense levels
  • 4 Channel Audio engine
  • Normal or Full-Screen Graphics


New in version 1.1

  • 'Nightmare' mode available
  • Strafe enabled - use the '+' and '#' keys to move sideways
  • Improved stability on higher levels


New in version 1.2

  • Start Mission Selection

  • 3 Additional Game Modes:

  • Chainsaw Massacre, Killer Arsenal, God Mode

  • Quick Reset, when not enough memory is available

  • High Quality Renderer (uses Bi-Linear filtering)

  • Landscape modes

  • Gane settings are automatically saved


Landscape Mode


Free Download


Total Download Size :

Total Installation Space Required : 1.45Mb / 1.7Mb (with sound)
Memory Required for Playing : 2.1Mb
Main Program Installation File :


Doom 7650 is split into several .sis installation files, in order to aid installation.
Doom 7650 does require a large amount of memory for installation, and the installation will not
work correctly if there is less than approximately 2000K of free space on the phone.

The files are as follows - please install in the following order:

doom.sis Main application
doom-core1.sis Main data file, part 1
doom-core2.sis Main data file, part 2
doom-sounds.sis Sound data (optional - sounds will not play if not installed)
doom-lev1.sis Levels 1-4 & 9 (optional, if doom-lev2.sis is installed)
doom-lev2.sis Levels 5-8 (optional, if doom-lev1.sis is installed)

If any component is removed, all of the .sis files will need to be installed again.


Enabling Sound

One of the following must be installed to enable sound with DOOM 7650


Terra Force



If you enjoy playing DOOM, please support ID Software by purchasing the full version of DOOM or the Quake series. This port of DOOM is not supported in any way by ID Software.




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