"Enhancing The Survival of Today's Youth!"

Time Proven Therapies that Achieve Permanent Changes!

Our purpose is to increase the child's awareness and abilities. For that reason, no drugs or medications are ever used.

 1. Change of environment: "It will be no accident if the child goes wrong: the contemporary society is tailor-made for a child's failure." Children are exposed daily to the negative influences of peer pressure, media hype, drugs, and oppressive elements. A safe, drug-free environment allows children to "just be themselves," and to be with other children who are improving their lives. Soon, they become very productive and happy.  

2. Education: "The process of learning is not just piling data on top of more data. It is one of obtaining new understandings and better ways to do things." Almost all  changes in children's behavior can be traced to a point where they started having problems in school. Through one-on-one tutoring we clear up what they missed and bring them to the point where they feel good about learning. Using innovative study technology, they become able to recognize the actual barriers to study as they occur. This ensures that they can understand and apply any subject.

The student feels a renewed enjoyment of study and a desire to change his or her life for the better. When the child is back on track and moving well, he or she can continue educational endeavors with confidence and certainty.  

3. Control of the physical environment: "Morale is boosted to high highs by accomplishment. In fact, it can be demonstrated that production is the basis of morale." Knowing the joy of doing a job well is something many of today's children have never experienced. To succeed in life one needs to be able to confront and handle the physical environment. Good, constructive production increases a child's pride and self-respect. Living life in front of a TV or video game is not the way to survive.


Our methods are based on the research and technology developed by
L. Ron Hubbard
--Author, Educator and Humanitarian.

 All the above quotes are from L. Ron Hubbard's works.


Success Stories
“Being here has helped me in all kinds of ways. I have caught up through two grades in a few subjects and am going to get caught up to 9th grade in every subject. I could never do this in a public school. No one helps you like this place does
 Student, age 15


"I did this course and used the study technology to help me. I took the exam and passed it with 100%. I had a lot of wins."
Student, age 17 




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